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    posted a message on Importing MC JSON files for website?
    Quote from Greatone123»
    This time I'm not using PHP, just plain html. However if I need to I can use whatever, just I can't find anything useful.

    Most of the stuff I've looked up their JSON isn't formatted the same way that MC's is. All the examples I've seen the Array is named and then that name is used through out the code, MC doesn't name the array since the entire file is one large array. Then the next question would be if it was possible to pull a file, from the info in another file like I referenced?

    I'm not really sure how you would do it with just HTML, but here is some PHP to help (if I understand your issue correctly).

    This will load the .JSON file, then convert it into an array that you can use.

    $jsonData = file_get_contents('whitelist.json');
    $array = json_decode($jsonData, 1);
    foreach($array as $item) {
     echo 'Username: ' . $item['name'];
     echo 'UUID: ' . $item['uuid'];
     echo '\n';
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    posted a message on Help me to make a website
    Quote from archibalde1»
    free website without the coding

    Enjin, Webs, Weebly, Wordpress, etc
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    posted a message on A website won't load.
    First, I had no idea where this would go so I just posted this thread here.

    Okay, so about a month ago, I could load mineplex.com in my computer with no trouble. Now, it just gives me a blank, white, screen with nothing on it. No matter how many times I refresh it still won't load. I've tried clearing my cookies and browser data, and it still doesn't work. I tried restarting my computer numerous times. It also won't work on any browser I have. I have no DNS problems, and I am not connected to proxy servers. I also tried restarting my internet. Anyone help?

    Ping mineplex.com and tell us what you get.
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    posted a message on What are log.gz files?
    They are just logs and can be deleted.

    .gz extension is gzip, which means they are just compressed, similar to .zip or .rar
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    posted a message on Can't connect to my Minecraft server using OVH for hosting..
    OVH offers unmanaged servers, meaning they won't help you with software issues.

    Although my experience with OVH is that there are no default firewalls and it's up to the user to setup iptables, etc.
    What operating system did you install?

    You can try to use this to make sure it's not just you:

    Also try running the command netstat -tulpn to see what ports / processes are in use and make sure your server (java) is actually running.
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    posted a message on Redirect sub domain to ip + a port
    Quote from Ivantacus

    Thank you for answer!

    We use hetzner.de and have full access to zone file so both cname and srv should work right?
    The ip is where website is hosted and where dns is. Domain is registered with godaddy.

    When I do rr.domain.com (same for sf.moddedfun.com) in browser it doesnt take me to ip1.domain.com. If I put ip1.domain.com it works in browser and sends me to I changed zone file about 7h ago.

    We want subdomains to be rr and cl on and sf and as on

    I'm not sure I understand it correctly I have it like this now, I changed 2 ips and domain in this example.

    Hetzner zone file:

    ip1 IN A
    ip2 IN A

    rr IN CNAME ip1.domain.com
    sf IN CNAME ip2.domain.com

    _minecraft._tcp.as IN SRV 0 5 25570 ip2.domain.com
    _minecraft._tcp.cl IN SRV 0 5 25570 ip1.domain.com

    If it's not working you could always try skipping straight to A records instead of CNAME:
    rr IN CNAME ip1.domain.com
    sf IN CNAME ip2.domain.com
    rr IN A
    sf IN A

    Also be wary that it could take up to 24 hours to propagate new entries.
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    posted a message on Redirect sub domain to ip + a port
    Depending where your DNS is, the setup may be a little different.

    First you're going to want to make two A records and two CNAME records:

    This will make IP accessible by server1.example.com
    This will also make IP accessible by server3.example.com
    Since you wanted default port 25565, I'll assume you don't need to worry about the ports?

    Now for server2 and server4 - you wanted ports, so you need to use SRV records:

    These records will make server2.example.com access s1.example.com (IP, but on TCP port 25570
    Similarly, it will make server4.example.com access s2.example.com (IP, but on TCP port 25570
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    posted a message on Anyone have experience with AdCraft?
    $50,000 USD.

    Just kidding, but I imagine it's less than a cent per ad per player.
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    posted a message on Is mojang planning on releasing a legal version of the eula?
    The 'legal' version will always be:

    The blog posts are just about what is to come in the future.
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    posted a message on Any way to hide a Server?
    Are you hosting it or are you renting space from a hosting company?

    If you're hosting it, you could always use Hamachi and put a password on the room.
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    posted a message on Remove the boxes around quotes when posting
    Quote from jokrage

    I find it nearly impossible to multi-quote with the new forums. It puts annoying blue boxes around the quotes which makes it extremely difficult to move quotes around. Another annoying part of those boxes is that once you edit the text inside of them, there's no going back outside the box. If there's no text or empty spaces to click on, you can't move the line that marks where you are typing. Pressing enter just increases the size of the boxes.

    Please add an option to turn the blue boxes off, or even remove them completely.

    It's probably easier to do your editing in plaintext mode.
    Just click the [BB] and edit the post how you want it formatted.
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    posted a message on Looking for //SPONSORS// Need 1GB Bunjee Cord Server!
    Quote from B3N

    Quote from lacrossedude212

    I'm not someone who is going to host you but if you want a company to help you
    1. Give them more information
    2. Give them some donations (50% - 85%)

    Why would we give you almost nearly 100$ a month so you can pay for a 1GB server nearly worth almost 5$ ish?

    Why would we give you a server "nearly worth almost 5$ ish" if you can pay "almost nearly 100$ a month"?

    Anyone who could sponsor you a 1GB server - most likely a hosting company or a large sever network (comme moi) - has no need for beta access and/or VIP ranks.
    A hosting company does not need beta access nor VIP ranks, and anyone who owns a large server network already has unlimited /commands on their own server, so why would they want to play at your server?
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    posted a message on How do I setup paypal for donations?
    Now, I don't think you should be running a server or accepting donations because:
    1. You're running the server from your own computer, which is costing you nothing. (You're 14 so I assume you're not paying the electrical bill either.)
    2. You're 14 and don't have your own PayPal account - If you are using a parent's account, and something goes wrong, such as a chargeback, the PayPal account can go negative (Yes, even if you don't spend any of the money, because PayPal does have fees for chargebacks.) and your parents could lose money. Also, if you don't fix the negative balance, you start getting phone calls from debt collectors and your (parents) credit rating will drop. This is pretty likely if you're running the server from your own computer - AKA it is not long term and if you let it die after a month, people will start charging back.
    3. You can't figure out how to get it setup - If you can't figure out how to setup such a simple system, I don't feel you should be using it. But if you must know, you just login to your Buycraft account and go to Webstore > Gateways > New Gateway and continue with the setup instructions from there.
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    posted a message on Permissions Guide
    Quote from Sir_FailZane

    Okay Here is the link to Pastebin http://pastebin.com/YzTt2vbH

    You're permissions look fine, it's probably an issue with Essentials.

    Are you sure you have the config setup with the kits properly?
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    posted a message on Permissions Guide
    Quote from xpek20

    Ok i fixed them but now I am getting this
    Here's the error.log: http://pastie.org/9145994
    and the users.yml: http://pastie.org/9145999
    I've done something really wrong with the spacing but I can't find out what

    I recommend that you look at the original post on this thread where it says 'Spacing is key'
    Would definitely help you in the future


    Quote from Sir_FailZane

    I'm having trouble with my permissions I'm using Pex and the problem is with kits I add the kit permissions and then I reload/restart the server and then let a default member/player try the permissions and it does not let them and I'm almost 100% sure that there right same for my Moderator rank and all of the Donator Ranks can you look through my perms and see what's wrong?

    You need to paste your .YML on a site like Pastebin, because MCF messes with the spacing format.

    Quote from Alizrak

    Ok, before I try to run it... should it look like this? http://pastie.org/9146820

    Fast Travel

    Your formatting looks correct :IPA:
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