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    Ruin SMP has been online since November of 2010, and we are still growing.

    We have 20 available slots now, up from the previous 10. We use Bukkit, worldguard, and a few other nifty mods.

    Ruin SMP is a creative build server with an economy and protections/zoning.
    Our admins have been with the server since it began, 6 months ago. They are dedicated, and helpful.

    server: smp.ruincommunity.net:25571
    website: www.ruincommunity.net

    we have ventrilo *and* mumble voice services for members, as well as additional bonuses for regulars.
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    November 30th:

    Ruin SMP is ONLINE - as of 8:50pm eastern.
    We are listed in mcserverlist
    We are stable.
    We do not crash every 5 minutes.
    We do have functional hMod
    We do have functional protect

    Mobs and animals are disabled.

    no need to specify port.

    I jumped the gun. The server seems to die after 3 or 4 people connect.
    I'm doing my best to sort it out, I can get it running stable without hMod, and I am working on keeping it from
    dying with hMod on.
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    Has anybody started something like this yet?
    I have a growing banlist, containing the names of quite a few griefers.

    Would it be a good idea to share such a list with the community?
    Perhaps we could have some sort of "Central database", containing pre-built banlists,
    We could all contribute to it, so server admins could download a list, thus preventing known baddies
    from joining our servers to begin with.
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    Ah, that's awesome.

    Thanks for the quick reply too =)
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    It had been down for a few hours lastnight,
    A memory leak apparently had caused it to crash.

    At the moment, everything is fixed and patched properly.

    Health is disabled, so are monsters and animals.

    The server is running stable once again, all protected zones are back, and the map has been reverted to the last backup before the latest patch. (All grief damage has been removed).

    Our website is also up and functioning, using phpBB

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    So, Ive looked around (unfortunately, search functions on many forums don't seem to work),
    and I can't find it on the actual mcserverlist site,

    What is GC?

    How does it work?
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    posted a message on The "Can I host a server with this connection" thread
    I suspect if you are capable of hosting 25 people on a 1mb up connection, and lag does not begin until around 20 people join, you are either lying or mistaken.

    If you are on the same LAN as your server, you will absolutely not see any of the bandwidth lag that outsiders do. This can lead you to think there is no lag, when there is.

    I strongly suggest you try running iftop, or ntop (linux), and watch those for a while, when your server has users on it. While watching iftop, I discovered the average user while simply "playing" will consume as little as 8kb of bandwidth, or as much as 600-700kb. The heavy spikes show up when the player "zones" into an area, and the server has to send them a "chunk".

    When a new player joins the game, that individual can consume as much as 1.1mb while they load.

    With 5 players actively roaming around and building, My upstream bandwidth sits at a pretty steady 300-400kb, with spikes going as high as 1.5-1.8mb (The discrepancy here results from the fact that not all players will be spiking out at the same time, one or two might load an area while the rest are sitting in approximately one place, building something etc).

    After 8-10 people are online, outsiders begin to see bandwidth lag.

    All the while, I am on my LAN connection to the server, and see no lag at all.
    A Local Connection can transfer near 100mb per second, (Typical large file transfers across my LAN can run as high as 80mb/sec) This is why LAN users see no lag, while WAN users do.

    Anyhow, I suggest ntop and iftop - ntop will provide a web based GUI that you can monitor from a PC other than the server, which is very handy. with iftop, you need to run it as root, and must be run in console (ssh, or otherwise). iftop does display a more "live" overview of bandwidth usage, where as ntop will only refresh when you refresh the web gui. (but ntop can keep logs, and is capable of displaying a lot more information).
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    Ruin SMP is open for business.

    Our staff wants to make your time with us enjoyable.

    We have an unlimited resource mine, open-pit and underground. You can mine as many resources are you like.

    We offer free tool kits to get you started.

    Our operators and Administrators have extensive knowledge in the MineCraft universe, and are ready to offer assistance.

    If you wish to create something special, ask about receiving your own special protected zone.

    Our world is fresh, and waiting for you!

    < ruin.webhop.net > (default port, 25565)

    web: http://ruin.webhop.net (site is "functional" and provides information, it is in development and will look prettier soon).

    - Server start date: Nov 22 2010
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