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    Oh shoot, I was on minecraftsix? Crazy, thanks for letting me know. And yeh, I'd be up for a gander at your texture pack. How done is it? Also, rode your coaster. You weren't kidding about the lag. My poor machine can't handle the juice. Had to turn off all my other programs, and give minecraft 14 gigs of RAM. Golly.

    The some parts are a slow, but things get more fun when I couldn't see what was around the next corner. The cobweb line was a 2001 space odyssey trip. Gave me time to sit and wonder, is there a block in existance he hasn't used? Oh and then the flashing glowstone eyeball, that was great! Oh I spoke too soon bout the space odyssey, the beacon tunnel was that part. Really just, the whole thing uses tons of ideas. I'm not a coaster connoisseur, so it all feels new to me. Like the floating tracks. The amount of time put into shows with it's length and volume of stuff. Extensive.

    Oh and, that's my one and only resource pack.

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    I know some people file host on Deviant Art. But generally, there are plenty of small places, forums and such else to go, however the more popular websites are a curated service by the owners and admins. So like say me, if I was interested in showing myself elsewhere, I could write theses guys http://resourcepack.net/contact-us/ and ask if they'd like to host my pack. Other than that, you can join facebook groups, deviant art groups, and be social there.

    Credit Avery? Hahahah, yeh. I figured someone might ask me about that. But all it is, is that I made this pack as a gift for her years ago, and the "Avery.zip" file just kept the same name over time as the minecraft versions ticked ever upward. When I went public with it, I never considered coming up with a new title for it because, in my eyes it will always be hers. She's my muse, so having her name in the title I think gives her credit for being my inspiration.

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    //if this looks out of date, go check planetminecraft//

    Every stone unturned. Blocks, Items, Mobs, Armors, Models, Blockstates, Language, Audio. Wait? No audio? We removed the audio because of copyright reasons? Okay. everything else though...
    This resource pack is trapped in "95% done" limbo hell. Which means FUTURE STONES UNTURNED.
    I've been working on this since alpha and well... I guess it's time to go public here for the 1.11 update. 5 years in development?... Time well spent.
    So what exactly does this pack do? Glad you asked! I spent hours typing this up just for you.


    ::Google Drive:: 1.12.0

    ::Google Drive:: 1.11.2 Legacy


    If you don't like reading all the spoilers bellow, you can just thumb through the image gallery. It's Whatevs


    3D Rails
    3D Ladder
    3D Iron Bars
    3 kinds of fences
    3 kinds of crops
    4 step Brick Stairs
    Alternate Fence Gates for Cobblestone Walls
    Cactus flowers
    Fuzzy Leaves
    Hillside Grass (lol, does anyone still remember that mod from alpha?)
    Hoppers actually make contact with chests
    Jukebox has a button to release records
    Decorative Structure Blocks (For creative building fun)
    Some plants look like seeds when in hand
    Saplings looks like seeds when in hand
    Saplings have 2 growth stages
    Torches with stands and wall mounts
    //Beacon (double sided textures)
    //Brewing Stand (made model more bilaterally symmetrical)
    //Cake (reduced size)
    //Cauldron (better uv mapping than vanilla)
    //Cobblestone Wall Post (uv mapping)
    //Cocoa Blocks (Shoot, I don't remember what I did to it.)
    //Column Blocks(better uv mapping than vanilla)
    //Comperator (uv mapping)
    //Detector Rail (depresses like pressure plates)
    //Doors (better uv mapping than vanilla)
    //Dragon Egg (reduced poly count)
    //End Portal Frame (sunk the eye in more)
    //Fence Gate In_Wall (removed. you'll see a bunch of errors in your launcher, but its fine. ITS FINE)
    //Flower Pot (shade false)
    //Flower Pot Cactus (sand)
    //Flower Pot Empty (no dirt)
    //Frosted Ice (water_still forms inside with age)
    //Glass (removed cullface)
    //Hopper (better uv mapping than vanilla)
    //Item Frame (uses Oak instead of Birch)
    //Iron Bars Cap (removed)
    //Iron Bars Cap Alt (removed)
    //Jukebox (added nubs)
    //Lapis Block (changed to cloumn model)
    //Lever (on/off light)
    //Mob Spawner (double sided textures)
    //Mycelium (random rotation homologous with vanilla grass)
    //Noteblock (added nubs)
    //Planks (changed to column model, but only some)
    //Piston Head (uv mapping)
    //Piston Head Sticky (uv mapping)
    //Pumpkin (bottom texture better than vanilla)
    //Red Sandstone Stairs (uv mapping)
    //Redstone Block (shade false)
    //Redstone Dust (tintindex removed)
    //Redstone Up (better model than vanilla)
    //Repeater (uv mapping)
    //Redstone Torch (uv mapping)
    //Sandstone Stairs (uv mapping)
    //Silverfish Blocks (alternate textures)
    //Stem (tintindex removed)
    //Stone Brick (uv mapping)
    //Stone Button (smaller than Wooden Button)
    //Vine (varient underside)
    //Web (square block)
    //Wooden Trapdoor (uv mapping)

    //Arrow (better 3rd person handheld position than vanilla)
    //Blazerod (3rd person handheld position)
    //Bone (better 3rd person handheld position than vanilla)
    //End Crystal (block model in inventory instead of vanilla icon)
    //End Rod (inventory icon like other torches instead of vanilla model)
    //Shears (better 3rd person handheld position than vanilla)
    //Shulker Shell (block model in inventory instead of vanilla icon)
    //Sunflower (inventory icon like other flowers instead of vanilla Sunflower Front model)

    ::Randomized Textures::

    2x Bedrock
    3x Birch Planks
    5x Bookshelves
    3x Cactus
    5x Cobblestone
    3x Cobblestone Mossy
    2x Dandelion Flowers
    3x Dead Bush
    2x Emerald Ore
    3x Houstonia Flowers
    4x Iron Ore
    3x Jungle Planks
    2x Ladder
    3x Lapis Ore
    2x Oak Log
    2x Poppy Flowers
    3x Quartz Ore
    5x Red Sandstone Chiseled
    3x Reeds
    5x Sandstone Chiseled
    2x Stonebrick Cracked
    3x Stonebrick Mossy
    3x Tall Grass
    3x Waterlily


    Most Ores, Refined Ores, and Ore Blocks shimmer periodically
    Magma shifts a bit like Lava
    //Beacons (flash)
    //Command Blocks (runway lights)
    //Furnaces On (flicker)
    //Glowstones (flash)
    //Glowstone Dusts (sparkle)
    //Gold Nuggets (shimmer periodically)
    //Gold Swords (shimmer periodically)
    //Golden Carrots (shimmer periodically)
    //Golden Melons (shimmer periodically)
    //Jukebox Sides (shimmer periodically)
    //Nether Portals (flash)
    //Pumpkin Faces On (flicker)
    //Red Stone Dusts (smoke)
    //Redstone Lamps On (flash)
    //Structure Blocks (flash)


    Alex (my old skin from 1.7)
    Banners (Wither Skull changed to rune. Enchanted Golden Apple changed to rune.)
    Blaze (smoke only)
    Chicken (fixed vanilla Z fighting)
    Endermite (mandibles)
    Ender Dragon (it's "ender amphiptere" now)
    Evoker Fanges (ender dragon mouth)
    Guadian (removed tail)
    Illigers (mini iron golemns)
    Llama (removed ears)
    Magma Cube (no spring)
    Mooshrooms (look like mycelium)
    Parrot (head feather diversity)
    Pig Saddle (Sugoi)
    Polar Bear (armored)
    Saddle (fixed vanilla Z fighting)
    Snowman (floating)
    Squids (scary)
    Steve (my old skin from alpha)
    Stray (ice golemn)
    Villigers (mini iron golemns)
    Wither (one head)
    Witch (mini iron golemn)
    Zombie Pigman (nether golemns)


    Circuitry Theme
    Custom Panorama
    Armor (decreases in an inward direction homologous with health)
    Crafting (replace knowledge book with brain)
    Horse (broken cause mojang)
    Donkey (broken cause mojang)
    Mule (broken cause mojang)
    Llamas (broken cause mojang)
    Realms ready (last time I checked at least. can't check anymore, trial version ran out.)

    ::Item Degradation::

    4 stage Carrot On A Stick
    5 stage Flint and Steel
    4 stage Gold Tools/Weapons
    2 stage Iron Tools/Weapons
    2 stage Shears
    3 stage Stone Tools/Weapons
    2 stage Wood Tools/Weapons


    Credits (replace legal names with their more familiar internet aliases. ex. Notch instead of Markus)
    Credits (added credit to textures made by fans. ex: xyZenTV for the toastrabbit.png)
    Credits (added credit to the creator of this reasource pack. HAH)
    End Credits Story (now it makes even less sense)
    End Sky (got rid of static)
    en_av.lang custom English Language (really confusing)
    Font (custom)
    Paintings (includes pretend mirror. false Oak Wood Planks wall. hyperlight drifter cameo. etalyx cameo. Vladamir Fock was a great man)
    Particles (crit shots are xp orbs)
    Rain (decreased visibility test???)
    Splash Screens (reduced to 24 lines)

    ::You read description pages, I like you. Have this.::

    Chicken audio (available ::HERE::)
    Creeper audio (available ::HERE::)
    Dragon Music (available ::HERE::)
    Whats with the "Notes" folder? (I don't get it? is this some kind of joke?)


    -Recommend Better Grass OFF-
    -Recommend Natural Textures OFF- (already possible in vanilla)
    Biome specific Skies and Fog
    Banner and Sheep Colors fit resource pack's color palette
    Enchant specific Enchanted Books
    Mundane Enchants don't Glitter
    Biome and Height specific Randomized Mob Textures
    2x Bats
    2x Bears
    6x Chickens
    4x Cows
    6x Creepers
    8x Iron Golems
    2x Parrots
    2x Pigs
    4x Sheep
    6x Skeletons
    4x Slimes
    9x Snowmen
    4x Squids
    4x Vindicators
    2x Zombies
    //Armor Colors (tweaked to match dye colors)
    //Banner Colors (tweaked to match dye colors)
    //Bat (dusted with glitter when at diamond level)
    //Durability Colormap (red to yellow to green)
    //End Fog (black)
    //End Sky (dark purple)
    //Fog0 Colormap (generally light blue)
    //Melon Stem Colormap (tweaked to match block color)
    //Mycelium Colormap (tweaked to match block color)
    //Nether Fog (dark purple)
    //Nether Portal (ctm obsidian border)
    //Redstone Colormap (irrelevant)
    //Sky0 Colormap (generally light green)
    //Sheep Colors (tweaked to match dye colors)
    //Shulker (unique texture when either a mob or purple box)
    //Sign Text Color (dark brown)
    //Spawn Egg (tweaked to match entity colors)
    //Wolf Collar Colors (tweaked to match dye colors)
    //World0 Lightmap (night vision is pink)
    //World1 Lightmap (PINK)
    //World-1 Lightmap (reds)

    Snowed effects on some other blocks. Like dirt/gravel (Mojang said never)
    Pumpkin and Watermeloon particle texture is the wrong color (currently incapable)
    A totem animation thats different than the hand held item (currently incapable)
    Custom Redstone wiring textures like in the old days, T- T (currently incapable)
    Use the Zombie Pigman Armor Set hidden in the .zip (need Mojang to bring "add-ons" to the Java version)
    Cuter baby animals (need Mojang to bring "add-ons" to the Java version)
    Sunflowers that make use of the predicate override clock variable so they close at night. (Mojang said never)
    3D rails have some Z fighting I'm not sure I'm happy with (currently incapable)
    Redstone Wires that actually connect with trapped chests (currently incapable)
    Remove the glint on potions and spash potions (currently incapable)
    RIP Bunk Beds (Jeb killed it, he said he'll bring it back but it's too late. You hurt me.)


    -It's a Mystery-

    ::SFX DLC::

    ::Google Drive:: AddonPack02

    //Enderman (teleport Sound)
    //Shulker (silent)
    //Wolf (silent)
    //Zombie Pigman (feline and fox vocals)

    ::MCPatcher CIT DLC::

    ::Google Drive:: AddonPack03

    Chainmail Armor (rename to anything with "Nether" in the name and enchanged with Thorns)
    Diamind Armor (rename to anything with "Bulwark" in the name and enchanted with Binding)
    Elytra (rename to anything with "Bat" "Dragon" or "Vex" in the name)
    Gold Armor (rename to anything with "Snow" in the name)
    Iron Armor (rename to anything with "Heavy" in the name)
    //Bow (enchant specific textures for "Power" and "Infinity")
    //Diamond Axe (enchant specific texture for "Shapness V")
    //Diamond Hoe (enchant specific texture for "Shapness V")
    //Diamond Pickaxe (enchant specific texture for "Shapness V")
    //Diamond Shovel (enchant specific texture for "Shapness V")
    //Diamond Sword (enchant specific texture for "Shapness V")
    //Fishing Rod (enchant specific textures for "Lure" and "Luck")
    //Gold Helmet (tename to anything with "ceremonial" in the name)
    //Leather Boots (rename to anything with "Fur" in the name)
    //Leather Chestplate (rename to anything with "Shirt" in the name)
    //Leather Helmet (rename to anything with "Antlers" in the name)
    //Leather Leggings (enchanted with Projectile Protection)
    //Wooden Sword (rename to anything with "retribution" in the name)

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    Don't take it from me too seriously. I'm no pro. But I am up early this morning, so if you aren't keen on waiting for Alvoria to see this here thread and set you straight, I'll spill what I know.

    I don't think what you want to pull off is possible. Think like, see... If a block doesn't already come with the functionality to face a direction, you probably can't force it to with resource packs alone. Take for instance, there was this one time I wanted to play with the way snow would land on grass and change it's side texture, well I thought it would be neat if other things like dirt or gravel had this feature. But that's the key to it, you're adding a feature. So even though I gave gravel the same the blockstate code grass had, nothing would show up properly in game. This is because gravel doesn't ever ask the game if there's a snow layer above it. So even though I supplied the information for as to what to do when there's snow up there, the game doesn't really ever ask that question. See what I'm saying? SO, it's with this knowledge, I would bet to you, the block you are trying to give orientation to won't work out. The specific block you textured into a printer probably never even asks the game what direction it should face. Like it probably doesn't ask the game if there's snow above it.

    As stated above, I've never personally attempted what you are after, nor researched the subject of orienting blocks. So don't give up on your dream just yet. But YO YEAH. Suns setting bro.

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    *The sound of padded feet running through a hallway can be heard stomping over head. But, it's followed by a what can only be described as a surgical table being thrown down a staircase with all it's tools and gizmos flying all over the place in a deadly symphony. It has it's charm, and musical merit, yes, but the misplaced squeak of a rubber chicken ruins the composition, as well as the image in your head. None the less, the victim of this misfortune is undaunted as they seem to have slammed, face first, into your closed door. You continue to listen, as you are now firmly distracted from your previous task, and you hear the sound of someone who hasn't trimmed they're nails in a couple weeks desperately claw at your door. Finally hitting their mark in the quest to grab the handle, the nob turns and a strange boy in a dinosaur costume bursts into your environment. The abomination tries to speak through heaving lungs. The lad's only maybe 3 feet tall and he's too exhausted and breathy to talk clearly, but your can see he's gesturing with a pointed finger up at the "Thread's Title". This continues for a good 78 seconds before his harsh gasping for air starts to become language.*

    "Aye Fellas. Ayo! Fellas. I got a story, like a stupid story to tell ya's."

    So I imagine the lot of you are here because you're like me, and you like to blow some time making texture packs. But sometimes you can't do things like you want to because, it's hard coded or impossible, and you just have to suck it up. Let Mojang daddy tell you how to live your life. But not today friends. Today I feel like I grabbed Microsoft's car keys and ran away with them before the windows 10 law enforcement agency caught up to me. My shame was great, but those brief moments while on the run, were joy.

    Now I'm totally cool to admit, that yes. This knowledge I'm about to share might just be common, and that this independent discovery is one that's already been made before. That my Google search skills aren't up to snuff. And to be plain, it isn't even much of an achievement. But if you've read this far, we've already agreed to waste a fair bit of time together. So! let's get onto the meat...

    There are a couple threads you can find around here and other places, referencing a "witherarmor.png" found within the minecraft/textures/models/armor folder from yesteryears. As we know, this texture is the shield the Wither uses when he becomes invulnerable to projectiles. But if you go searching for it in versions/XXX/XXX.jar you won't find it in the armor folder, nor any folder for that matter. It seems to not exist. It's probably just something they patched out as the development came closer to it's public release.

    At this point in the game, I assumed then, that maybe the boys over at the minecraft coding factory just forgot about this file's visibility publicly. And that if I put an image file by the same name in the same location that it appeared in that one particular snapshot (sometime around the Christmas chests release) that I might get lucky and be able to alter the texture in my resource pack. But, if you try to modify this texture at the time of this posting you'll have no effect in game. The Wither maintains his yellow-banded-head-shield weirdness regardless.

    For some reason, I decided not to give up at that failed experiment and thought... Well, maybe they just moved it. Now my odds weren't good 'cause, honestly the only consistency they seem to keep in their naming conventions and folder organization is that everything is lowercase. But AYE, stick the .png into the wither folder under minecraft/textures/entity/wither and see what happens. Cant hurt, right? So I ran the game again and the wither was still unaffected. But I had one more idea I thought I'd try before giving up on this gamble. Why not rename the file to "wither_armor.png". Makes sense to me, "wither_invulnerable.png" follows this format. And so does the charged creeper shield.

    Pop it in and BOOM. It worked. (reference images bellow... he's blue now cause testing... Yeah, you get the idea, here.)

    Now as I stated in the "humble paragraph". This isn't some huge triumph. But I got a thrill out of it. I put it all into a resource pack, with the vanilla texture ::HERE:: so other people can play with the wither's armor texture easily.

    But yo yeah. Thanks for the read, fam. I'll let you get back to it.

    *The little dinosaur boy still seems to have trouble reaching for the door handle as he leaves you be. Tsk. Must be clumsy.*

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    Is nobody here taking the end of the world seriously? You fools. There's no preventing the impartial march of time. All things must come to an end! The Judgment day is coming. Our civilized "forum society" is a puffed up bubble waiting to burst. We need to be prepared.... Doomsday Prepped... The answer to all our fears, is to start "minecraft prepping" you guys. Holy bacon sauce batman. We need to start collecting adventure map files and mods to make life more comfortable in a post mojang apocalypse! Where cane I buy a "fallout shelter server" for me and my family to play together in? Do we even have those? I'm not going down with this ship, you hear me!!! I'm gonna live!!! I'll be king of the minecraft community capital wasteland of 2020!!!

    In all seriousness. I'm going to pretend I've given everyone here their fill of fear mongering posts for a couple days at least. Let's go back to being normal. Hey,wouldn't it be cool if minecraft added guns? right guys? guns are cool right?

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    First, you are going to want to open up the vanilla .jsons. Navigate to like... C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\versions\1.11

    and open "1.11.jar"

    Then inside that, go to.... assets\minecraft\models\item

    At this point. You'll learn the way I learned. Study what Mojang did. Open up the like, "wooden_sword.json". Try to get used to seeing it. Try and figure out what all the parts do. A big tip, I can tell you right now, is see where it says...

    // "parent": "item/handheld",//

    Go find handheld.json and open that up too. Follow the monkey trail.

    So anyway. If you have trouble working and experimenting on your own...

    Then read the first paragraph of this:: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Model ::

    Then you can skip down to this:: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Model#Item_models ::

    Now once you get an idea of what's happening here, this next statement will make sense to you...

    You're gonna want to create a new "handheld.json". Do not overwrite the vanilla "handheld.json". Call the new one like "handheld_sword.json" or something. You see how in vanilla the fishing rod (Open up "fishing_rod.json") is parented to it's very own "handheld_rod.json"? This demonstrates, that any item, can be "parented" to it's own third person model. So inside "wood_sword.json" You can parent it to your own custom "handheld_sword.json". It's magic really.

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    The problem with a lot of high res work is how these will look in third person. If you go and check right now, witness how your player's hand is being mangled by the hilt. You are going to want to increase the size of the game's model to fix this issue, as increasing the texture's dimensions doesn't effect it's actual size. It's an easy thing to forget.

    Just to save you some trouble. Not everyone knows how to edit the third person model to fit their textures. SO!!! For a 128x128 you are going to want to leave a 40x40 area in the bottom-left(south-west) corner for the players hand to occupy.

    The Maya/Aztec/Incan sword you've got there does this well enough already. But the Iron and Diamond could use some love.

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    So I'm humming over my mess, and I notice a part of the UI looking out-a place in comparison to the freak organization method I had established for myself. I did a google, and a forum search here and came up empty handed. Somebody out there.... Where the heck is this "slider.png"?

    As you can see from my photoshop skills. The typical slider you see in minecraft, I got covered. Huh! But but, the slider you see when thumbing over that statistics menu, is beyond my reach. What gives?

    PS. I've already accepted my fate that Mojang has simply overlooked this element of resource packs

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    It depends on where you live. Calling the entirety of the continent "America" is correct based on your language and location. However, in other areas, the continent. America isn't considered one continent, it's two. North America/South America, together known as "The Americas". the USA in particular is one of those areas, and denizens of the entire continent are never referred to as such, but instead as either, North Americans, South Americans, or even Central Americans.

    It's fair to use the common terminology of the people the box is being sold to. While this may be confusing to some people outside of that area, that is simple unfortunate casualty of language.

    If you think this is bad, wait till we colonize Jupiter's moon Europa. And they are only selling boxed copies of minecraft 3.0 to Europeans.

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