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    posted a message on I was bored. So I drew a masterpiece.
    Quote from Dr_FancyPants

    My god....

    This is the best thing ever since.....


    :D Why, thank you for the feedback good sir/ma'am.
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    posted a message on While we're getting sound updates...
    While you do make absoulte sense, I don't think Obsidian sounding like glass would be added. Why?

    Our eyes decieve us very much so. It can change what we feel very easily. The community of Minecraft is used to seeing Obsidian as this very hard rock. Its appearance gives us the sense that its a rock, and mining it will sound like mining stone and other materials. But, if it sounds like glass, people would be very caught off guard, since they remember Obsidian being some sort of pure rock material.

    The iron blocks I support 100%. The Obsidian, however, though it makes sense, wouldn't work too well.
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    posted a message on Wither Bones
    Quote from Godzilla200088

    You should also be able to brew a Wither potion with these by adding them to a Mundane potion.

    Perhaps. But, since Wither Skeletons will often drop Wither Bones, it would provide people with this Wither potion quite easily. Maybe the Wither Bones can corrupt a potion, sort of like how Fermented Spider Eye does that?
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    posted a message on MOAR! REDSTONE!

    No support. I have more to say regarding your grammar and what not, but I'll pass for today.
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    posted a message on Woodcutting and Farming Experience
    Quote from Alden589

    Ok I will go back and make it look better. You have a good point.

    I don't see how this is different from mod grinders. You can get infinite experience from sitting there. You don't have to even wait much. With farming you have to wait for it to grow. Maybe I should change it to say you don't always get experience from farms and You get less from tree farming. I thought it seems ok because you can get a lot of experience really quickly from killing mobs you find underground and at night. Ever since mining for experience was added they made it a lot easier to get experience. Breeding is something that can be renewable and so is fishing. There is a limit to ores but that is the only way to get experience that is limited. I think that this seems like its very fair. Let me know if there is a way I can make it seem better.

    While you do have a point that Mob Grinders and breeding follow the same format, trees are such an abundance.

    Mob Grinders are difficult. You'd need to find a mob spawner and a perfect spot. Breeding requires wheat, which needs to be farmed, and two animals. Same goes with fishing, you need to go do things before you can acquire it.

    Cutting trees, on the other hand, would be incredibly too easy. Start a new world. Spawn in a forest. Chop the trees down. Tons of experience rewarded. Even with this 10% chance, that's for each wood log, so you'd have a 40-50% chance of getting experience from one tree. Way, WAY to easy.

    No support. And organize your topic please. It bothers me very much so.
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    posted a message on more "ores" (not what you think just read)
    Quote from Delthyn

    More variety in every-day stone would be appreciated. Maybe re-name this "stone variety" or "extra stone" instead?

    Another thing we need is a red sandstone block. Go look a picture of the Grand Canyon and tell me if we don't need that in Minecraft.

    Yes. Red sandstone. Yes, yes, YES.
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    posted a message on Wither Bones
    Hello fellow citizens of the world! I, Jim_Puff, have come up of something called Wither Bones.

    What are these, you may be asking. Well, similarly to regular Skeletons, Wither Skeletons drop Wither Bones.

    Wither Bones are an extraordinary object, used for many things.
    • 1. Wither Bones when rightclicked on Nether Wart, will instantly grow it. The Wither Bones do not need to be crafted into Wither Bonemeal.
    • 2. Wither Bones, when given to Stray Wolves, will automatically tame them. The wolves won't be the ordinary wolves, however. It'd be black wolves, with a very small health bonus and attack bonus. They do not get any extra Wither effect upon hit, since that'd be a tad overpowered. Wouldn't a dark wolf just look amazing? Also, Wither Bones will automatically tame aggresive wolves, and will turn them to the dark wolf variant. Currently, aggresive wolves can't be tamed with regular bones. The Wither Wolf idea is from Kaiser Corax. Thanks! :)

    If you guys come up of any more ideas, then please share them!

    Welp. What's done is done. Feel free to bash this thread to the ground, support it, +1 it, bookmark it, etc. All feedback is appreciated! :)
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    posted a message on Capture the Flag [Multiplayer Game Mode]
    Quote from HardcoreHeroics

    What is the IP to this server? I would like to join

    Its a suggestion, not a server.

    I support, by the way!
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    posted a message on Anyone played Spore?
    Haha, I also played it today as well. A bit upsetting that EA stopped with it.
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    posted a message on The reason of Minecraft and it's materials.
    Quote from an1m8r

    Nice, I'd love to see an explanation of the nether blocks. I mean soul sand can make WITHERS now, that deserves some lore, but great work so far?

    Well. Soul Sand is called soul sand. Perhaps, this 'big bang' ripped the universe, creating three dimensions(Overworld, Nether, End).

    Unstable forms of bacteria and matter went to the Nether, where new beings were born. These bacteria had the same genetic makeup as many Overworld mobs, but adapted to the new, intense environment. Many bacteria died, and were decomposed into the Netherrack, thus creating Soul Sand. Soul Sand is filled with decomposed, dead organisms that failed to survive the environment. One eventful day, the Nether's temperature changed a bit, and microscopic organisms went in, with a poison we coined 'Wither'. These organisms went into the Soul Sand, and created Wither Skeletons. The Wither Skeletons' heads were recombined with Soul Sand to create a new lifeform, we call as the Wither.

    As for the End, the End is the very center of the universe, the most un-changed part. Endstone used to be an abundance in the universe, until the big bang occurred and most of it was wiped out. In the very center of the universe, very intelligent bacteria formed what we call, Endermen. These Endermen used tears in the universe(portals) to enter the Overworld, which is why they haunt it. The Endermen were so smart, they used bacteria and genetically engineered it, causing it to go unstable and create a terrifying organism we call the Enderdragon.

    There ya go! :D
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    posted a message on New Potions and Enchantments! [Hoopla for all the support!]
    Quote from ___MeRliN___

    Ok got a few more ideas, sorry a bit late but well:

    Reflection Shield:

    -Chestplate Enchant

    -Effect for each level: 10% Chance to reflect any sort of projectiles back to the oponent.

    -Enchant level 1 is unommon

    -Enchant level 2 is very uncommon

    Max Enchant Level: 2


    -Boots Enchant

    -Not combineable with Feather Falling
    -Incompatible aswell to Protection IV, Protection III

    -3 Enchant Levels

    -Very uncommon enchant

    -Effect for level 1: Casts a small explosion doing 0.5 hearts damage to near mobs/players when receiving fall damage, effect starts working at 4 blocks fall height, each 2 blocks from that starting limit grant 0.5 hearts more explosion damage, limit is set with 5 hearts damage, so if you fall 22 blocks deep you are dead but you also damaged all nearby mobs/players. Personal note I hope you got that right, hard to explain if english isnt first language :/

    -Effect for level 2: Effect from level 1 + Nearby mobs and players are ignited for 3 seconds

    -Effect for level 3: Effect from level 1, 2 and in addition mobs and players receive knockback equal to knockback I


    Bow enchant:

    -Max enchant level: 1

    -Effect: Shooting arrows gives you a repulsion effect, means you are "jumping" 8 blocks backwards, usefull to get distances to creepers, players or if aimed on ground, reaching higher area.

    -Uncommon Enchant

    Also updated Corrosion Aspect for swords I suggested earlier:

    -Sword enchant:

    -Max Enchant levels: 2

    -As common as fire aspect

    -Effect for each level: 3 Armor durability points for each gets destroyed on enemies armor on each hit instead of one. That way other players most likely loose armor while combat

    -Incompatible to fireaspect

    Poison Catalyst Potion:

    Indigrent: No idea yet, something rare maybe... maybe a mushroom stem block, means requires silk touch

    Upgradeable to Level II effect? No
    Extendable Duration? No

    Needed potion to craft: Splash Potion of Harming II

    Effect: If this potion hits a mob the mob becomes Poison Catalyst for 2:30 minutes: Each other mob/player enclosing it till 3 blocks distances receives a Posion II effect for 8 seconds. Poison Catalyst does not show any visible "bubbles", means you wont notice if a mob or player got that effect. This effect basicly allows "infecting" mobs near for instance a faction base. If the faction members leave base to get wood, or start a raid or whatever they would get infected and weakened, so others can ambush them easilier.

    Additional note: Poison Catalyst Effect only applies to one mob hit by it so you cant mass infect animals.

    Thats it (for now)

    I'll read it all later, but thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

    Quote from gulden2

    I really like Leech and Unbreaking for Sword and Brisk for the Bow!

    Thanks! ^_^
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    posted a message on The Legend of Zelda
    Majora's Mask. The music, the atmosphere, the story. It was amazing.

    What I especially loved was that as time ticked away, the music of Clock Town changed to a more, eerie tone.

    Day 1: Happy and normal.
    Day 2: People start questioning the moon, but are still happy.
    Day 3: People are much more concerned, but relatively are still happy. What affected me the most, is that the eerie tone of the music made you feel bad for the people, as they were calmly living there lives as their impending doom is simply minutes away.
    Final Hours: One of my favorite song pieces in the game. Simply, amazing.

    I hope they release Majora's Mask on the 3DS. I'd be the first to buy it.
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    posted a message on My Indie Voxel Game
    Damn. This looks intense.

    I'm pretty excited. And, other than the cubes, it doens't give me a Minecraft feel at all. Awesome. Great work.
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    posted a message on Pokemon Games For DS
    Like the above posters said.

    Also, B/W 2 says to have lots of content, so that may be something to try. You get to fight the Kanto gym leaders! :D
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    posted a message on Anyone hear of Pokemon being attacked by PETA?
    I call this absolute ­bull****.
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