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    posted a message on Improved Stair Recipe
    Quote from Kaiser Corax

    This would make sense in shape, but it would make the recipe overpowered. We'd be getting four staircases for only three wooden blocks.

    The OP says that it would provide only two stair blocks.
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    posted a message on Improved Stair Recipe
    I guess it makes sense. Support, although I wouldn't care if it was added or not.
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    posted a message on Add monster spawn change
    If you're worried about Creepers blowing stuff up or Endermen picking up blocks, there is a command for the command block that prevents Mob Griefing. When activated, Creepers will still blow up, but no blocks will be harmed, and Endermen cannot pick up blocks.
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    posted a message on New Potions and Enchantments! [Hoopla for all the support!]
    Quote from Abecedarius

    Why is the Smelting enchantment only for pickaxes and shovels? I would love to have an axe that smelts logs into charcoal when cut. Plus this would keep the running theme of giving all three gathering tools the same enchantment.

    P.S. I know Cacti aren't technically axe-related, but perhaps the Smelting enchantment would allow them to drop Cactus Green instead.

    I suppose so. I'll update the thread later, then.
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    posted a message on Superman or Batman?
    I'd say Batman...for the following reasons:

    Batman's universe is much more dark and gritty, giving it a more realistic tone, and telling us that the world is truly a dark place.

    Also, Batman gives 'normal' people the feeling that everyone could be a hero and one who can protect one another from the true horrors that exist.

    Anyway, Superman, although I do like him, is more whimsical, I suppose, due to his appearance and supernatural abilities.
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    posted a message on The Minecraft Magazine {OUT NOW} - Free
    Damn. Looks amazing. Keep up the good work man!
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    posted a message on Redo the Wither Skeletons
    Yup. I was thinking about this as well. Support.
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    posted a message on New Potions and Enchantments! [Hoopla for all the support!]
    Quote from FrozenS2M

    My ideas:
    Pickaxe/Shovel: Earthquake
    Max Level: 2
    Cannot also have Looting
    Effect: When you break a block it causes a 1-2 block radius damage (1/2 Heart for each level)

    Armor: Slippery
    Max Level: 3
    Helmet cannot have aqua affinity
    Effect: Allows to move through water and cobwebs faster.

    Potion of Happiness
    Mundane Potion+Golden Apple (Gold Nugget one)
    Effect: Makes it so mobs are passive, and players cannot attack. Will not work for Boss Mobs.
    Duration: Potion of Happiness I 1:00
    Potion of Happiness II 2:00

    Potion of Sadness
    Potion of Happiness+Fermented Spider Eye
    Effect: Give a random negative potion effect.

    Potion of Camouflage
    Potion of Invisibility+Spider Eye
    Effect: Disguises player to random mob. (Passive/Animal mob 50%, Hostile Mob 30% (39% on SSP), Another Player 19%, Boss Mob 1% Vehicle 10% )
    Duration: Potion of Camouflage I: 1:00
    (Extended): 3:00

    Potion of Crazy
    Awkward Potion+Nether Wart
    Effect: Unable to control player, will move randomly for both players and mobs.
    Duration: Potion of Crazy I 0:30
    (Extended) 45:00

    Potion of Predicting
    Potion of Crazy+Fermented Spider Eye
    Effect: Moves player/mob when about to be hit, will not avoid hazards like lava 45% of the time.
    Duration: Same as Potion of Crazy

    Hope you like my ideas, I know they aren't the best.

    Eh. A lot of them are a tad overpowered or just very strange. Thanks for the suggestions, regardless.
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    posted a message on Redstone Blocks, a Redstone Revolution
    As long as it happens, I'm happy. You have my approval.
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    posted a message on Rare Drops For Passive Mobs
    How do sheep drop lambs when they die...

    Lambs are young sheep...
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    posted a message on What should the Enderdragon egg do?
    Why, the Enderdragon Egg DOES do something!

    It makes one hell of a trophy!
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    posted a message on New Cave Spider Drops
    There already is a way to make potions of poison.

    I'm 'eh' about the antidote.

    Poison arrows? No thank you. That would be overpowered.

    Also, Cave Spiders and Spiders drop Spider Eyes, when consumed, poison you. No need for venomous fangs or talons. And, by the way, I thought talons only came from birds. :|
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    posted a message on ~New Commands For MC~ (Now with a POLL!)
    What about /hunger

    This would have, similarly to /health, three variations:

    /hunger add [number]
    /hunger subtract [number]
    /hunger set [number]

    I support, by the way!
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    posted a message on I was bored. So I drew a masterpiece.
    Quote from Amirsacc

    I liked this very much, the value is probably to go up a lot at the end of this year. It's probably already more worth than Mona Lisa.

    Indeed. *Sighs*

    It's difficult being a genius.
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    posted a message on Wither Bones
    Quote from Kaiser Corax

    I'd prefer if when used on a wolf, it makes it some kind of dark wolf - perhaps even just purely aesthetic, to show off - or maybe with a slight damage/health bonus. Afterall, wither skeletons are fairly rare.

    Hmmm. Maybe. Maybe. Ok. I like it. I love it. I shall update this post!
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