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    Quote from Starmute

    1. Explain further.
    2. Rethink your idea. It's not good or bad yet - elaborate on it.

    Quote from Flipnoter

    It's a good idea in general but the crafting material and recipe may need to be rethough as diamond is quite expensive to use for a door.
    Could you also provide more information like max amount of imputs, what can be used in the imputs, and what happens if you do the wrong combonation too many times.


    My Biggest problem is that these are indeed (Unless you have Bedrock Walls) Useless. Just Break the wall next to the door? I have seen many threads about code doors. Diamond, Obsidian, Other Doors with code locks. either break the door to enter or break the code pad and remake the code.

    What they said. A Diamond Door is pretty cool I have to say, but I don't understand this 'box' thing.
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    I guess it would be quite handy, but then at the same time, I don't really know. I say it is a nice idea. I honestly could care either way if it was included or not.
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    Errr....nooooo. I don't think so. Magic in Minecraft sort of seems a bit strange to me. So, for Vanilla Minecraft, no. For a mod, sure! I would check it out as a mod.
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