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    posted a message on Rarest Item You Own
    A First Edition, Shadowless Charizard Pokemon Card and a First Edition, Shadowless Venasaur Pokemon Card.

    I have them in a picture frame on my wall in my room. So magnificent.
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    I feel rather joyful. Today was a pretty darn good day.
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    posted a message on Saddest video game moment.
    Episode 5's ending of the Walking Dead game.

    Clementine must shoot a bitten Lee as he is slowly turning into a walker. Made me cry.

    Quote from Oss_Spy

    After Ganon captures Zelda, visit the guard in the back alley of Hyrule in Ocarina of Time. It's pretty sad.

    The one that dies? Then yes, that is quite saddening.
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    posted a message on Anyone used to play ROBLOX?
    I remember, the only place (a game someone creates) I usually played was Sword Fight on the Heights by one of the ROBLOX staff, oh and Undead Rising...I think. Other than those short lived fun moments, I hate ROBLOX. Ahhh...memories.
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    posted a message on Anyone used to play ROBLOX?
    My god. My life...wasted...on Builder's Club.

    I joined when ROBLOX was relatively young, and when it didn't have Builder's Club yet.

    Now, it changed so much, and I realized how much time and money I wasted on it. Anyone else used to play it, or still play it?
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    When I finally survived 30 minutes of Dark Souls.
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    posted a message on New Potions and Enchantments! [Hoopla for all the support!]
    Quote from MrBale

    Very cool, now we just need to get Mojang to read these suggestions. (Unless they already do?) +1

    Quote from Kalker3

    Your ideas are quite good +1!

    Thanks guys! :)

    Quote from IAreNinja

    Frostbite-sword enchantment that slows the target for 2 secs and has a small chance 5% or less of freezing the enemy solid
    gains 1 sec per enchantment level
    max lv is 5

    Spark-sword enchantment that damages enemies for 1 heart (2 damage) in a 2 block radius around the own you hit
    radius get larger by 1 block per level
    max lv is 5

    static-bow enchantment same as spark but starting radius is 1

    I don't know, seems a bit OP in my eyes.

    Quote from Glowstonesword

    Hey, these are some GREAT ideas you have here.

    I have an idea for a bow enchantment, though:

    Explosive Arrows: Causes arrows to create a small explosion, dealing less damage at lower levels than a normal arrow but doing splash damage.

    Max Enchantment level: III

    I: Deals one heart less damage than a normal arrow. Deals splash in a two-block radius.
    II: Deals the same damage as an arrow. Destroys the block it hits. Deals splash in a three-block radius.
    III: Deals one heart more damage than a normal arrow. Destroys blocks in a 3x3 cube. Deals splash in a four-block radius.

    Cannot be paired with: Anything that increase damage on a bow. Can be paired with: Fire aspect, chill, Infinity etc.

    The third level is very overpowered, as every arrow shot will do damage. Maybe, some sort of cluster shot of some sort, in which when one is hit, damage can be dealt onto nearby people?

    I don't support blowing any blocks up with arrows.
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    posted a message on Adding the missing potions. 1000 supporters and counting!
    Very nice ideas! Support!
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    posted a message on New Potions and Enchantments! [Hoopla for all the support!]
    Quote from Bbq302

    I can't find the download link

    Haha. :3

    As much as I wish this was a mod(or even in vanilla Minecraft), this is a simple suggestion. This is the Suggestions Forums. Mods can be found in the Mods Forums.
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    posted a message on New Potions and Enchantments! [Hoopla for all the support!]
    Thanks for all the ideas, feedback, and appreciation! Sorry I never replied back to this post, I was getting busy with some stuff.
    Quote from Dwer_1


    I did the icons for the blindness potion!

    Thanks! :)

    Quote from MegaHackerist

    Seems like you need another enchantment for the Shears. Why not this:

    Skinning allows the player to obtain items from a selected mob when "shearing" them.
    Max Enchantment: Skinning II

    Skinning I
    A sheared mob will take half a heart of damage for each right-click, with a 20% chance of
    "skinning" that mob, obtaining 1 of its common drops.

    Skinning II
    A sheared mob will take the same amount of damage as Skinning 1, but will have a 10%
    chance of obtaining 1 of its common drops.

    I'm a bit iffy about that one. It seems like...torture...to me.

    Quote from praecipitator

    Potion of Flying can be nerfed by preventing the player from attacking while active. I would even go as far as preventing any kind of interaction. As soon as you fire an arrow, or hit something, or place a block, you fall down. Same thing happens if anyone else hits you. The fall could stun you as well for a few seconds.

    This way you could still use it to fly up a ravine or travel large distances, but it wouldn't be of much use in combat.

    edit: hmm, a corrupted potion of flying could be used to bring down flying mobs, except you can't possibly hit a ghast with a splash potion. Alternatively, it could become a Potion of Swimming, allowing you to move faster and breathe in water

    I don't know. In a PvP situation, you could fly away from your oppenents to safety, which, I say, is a bit cheap. Therefore, I'd rather not have a flying potion of some sort.

    Quote from Dwer_1

    I have a little idea for a potion: the potion of slipping.
    UPDATE: While you have the slipping effect and you select an item, you will lose your item like if you press Q
    It's a bad effect, because you can't stop yourself easily!

    Potion of Swiftness+ slippery ball
    Potion of Slipping (0:30)
    Effects: Make you slide over blocks like if you are on ice.
    Can add redstone?: Yes (1:30)
    Can add glowstone?: Yes

    Potion of Slipping+ glowstone
    Potion of Slipping II (0:15) (+redstone= 1:15)
    Effects: You slide with a 2x speed

    Effect Icon: Potion Icon:


    Slippery ball= 4Snowball+ 1Slimeball

    P.S. I don't know why the effect icon is smaller than the potion icon...

    Interesting, but I don't want to create entirely new items for one single potion.

    Quote from iBurger

    Add Potion of Stunning, what this does is when a mob/player is hit with it, they are "glued" to the ground until the potion wears off. The player can still swing the sword and shoot arrows at you. The same goes with mobs. The longest you make this potion last is 8 seconds. The potion can be made using Awkward Potion + Maybe Yellow Dye? or Cactus?

    Interesting as well, but I am too not incredibly fond with this one either. I mean, it seems very punishing, even with such a small duration time.

    Quote from Twister

    Bow enchantment

    Venom - Chance to deal poison effect for 10 seconds upon impact.

    Higher tiers increase this chance and the duration of the poison effect by a couple of seconds.

    Conflicts with the flame enchantment.

    Poison? I was always iffy about poision enchantments. I just don't know. It seems OP to me.

    Quote from praecipitator

    Enchantings for Carrot on a Stick?
    Unbreaking makes sense, other things might influence the pig, like, making it faster, or able to walk on water, or even fly short distances

    Also, potions:
    - Water Breathing: brewed with raw fish.
    - Water Walking: brewed with a lily pad (yes, i stole that idea somewhere else). Extend it with redstone, or enhance with glowstone, allowing you to walk on lava without burning as well.
    - Slow Fall: recieve less fall damage -> survive falls from greater heights, twice as high or even higher. Crafted with a golden feather (feather+8 nuggets), since regular feathers are too common, and increasing the survivable height by only 25% or so would be lame.
    - Climbing: "spiderman mode", all vertical surfaces work like ladders or vines. No idea what ingredient, though. Non-fermented spider eye? spider silk? slimeball?
    - Iron Flesh: just increases your armor rating. Ingredient: iron bar.
    - Poison resistance: prevents poisoning by cave spider. Ingredient: milk, or maybe potion of poison+fermented spider eye?
    - Fire Breath: shoot fireballs out of your mouth :D i.e. you get a ranged attack without a bow. Won't harm blazes. Ingredient: Fire Flower (Red flower+blaze powder). Maybe also frost breath, by using a snowball instead of the blaze powder.

    I must say, I laughed at this. Reason? Fire flower. Haha :3

    Anywho, I believe there is a water breathing potion, or am I wrong? Water walking seems a bit OP. Feather falling boots enchantments are the same thing as Slow fall. Climbing seems a bit OP to me as well. Iron Flesh seems interesting. Poison resistance COULD work. And the Fire Breath...no. Fire flowers? No. That's just...silly.

    As for Carrot on a stick enchantments. Damn, why haven't I thought of that? I'll add some later. :)
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    posted a message on New Potions and Enchantments! [Hoopla for all the support!]
    Quote from Judoka7654

    It's probably just me being a n00b, but where's the download link? :(

    Download link? What do you mean?

    Do you by any chance believe this is a mod? If so, this is a mere suggestion. There is a whole mods section if you're looking for it.

    And, don't worry. All pros were once noobs....I think...
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    posted a message on Viacom+Mojang - Slime me now!
    Eh. I'd prefer an enchantment to do this. No support.

    Off topic: Why the hell is your avatar a ROBLOX character? I remember when I used to play ROBLOX...my god...many years wasted.
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    posted a message on Looking for Builders!
    Quote from Roy1589

    I'm tracking down the issue. I believe its an error with the application itself (not my fault). Thank you for letting us know. If anyone else has this trouble please let me know!

    No problem. I put the months of experience to 1, but I made a sidenote in one of the answer boxes explaining why I did so.
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    posted a message on Looking for Builders!
    I'm trying to sumbit my Admin application, but for months of experience, it says to set to 0 if none. I did, but it asks me to place a value in.

    Is this an error?
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