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    Sower Monument Complete! Phew!

    That was a tough one. Definitely harder than Corona Trials. I think I ended up with 62 deaths...!

    In regards to the mechanics you tried, I really noticed the different spawning in the final area. (more discussion on that in the spoilers, with minor spoilers)

    Having a dark space around the "outside" of the mansion, with no mobs anywhere, forcing them to spawn just in the final hole, proved to make that area even more difficult. Sneaky!

    I think I forgot about the ability to spam the sword which probably showed in the death count ;) The food mechanic was good - its always satisfying when food goes straight to your hearts. Although I'm not sure I ever made sense of the food bar replacement.

    Also calling it a "mini" map is definitely selling it short - it ended up taking me over 14 hours to complete (37 episodes, around 22 mins each, plus lots done off camera). That's not much less than what it took to complete Corona Trials (40 episodes). I think it would be more descriptive to classify it as at least a half-ctm, and even that may not be quite right.

    Despite all those deaths though, I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was very challenging. Thank you so much for all your hard work! I'm looking forward to trying out Calamity Canyon soon.

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    Hi render. Just wanted to say thanks for the maps - I'm loving Corona Trials. Three episodes in! Thanks for doing such a great job - I always admire the effort map makings go to!

    (Shameless lets play plug in spoilers...)

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    (Remember to get ObsCore here as well! It's required for ObsTrophies to work!)

    What is ObsTrophies?

    ObsTrophies adds Trophy drops for mobs added by other Mods. Currently it adds Trophies for nearly all Advent of Ascension mobs, all Lycanite's Mobs, most Twilight Forest Mobs, all Animals+ Mobs, most DivineRPG Mobs, all Natura Mobs, most Ender Zoo mobs, all Dark Menagerie mobs, most Mutant Creatures mobs, most Erebus mobs and most Betweenlands mobs. Even more Mod compatibility is planned. ObsTrophies is inspired by OpenBlocks' trophies, Headcrumbs, Twilight Forest and Advent of Ascension, all of which add trophies or statues as rewards for defeating mobs.

    Too Many Words! Show me a video!

    Ok! Check in the spoiler! More videos available on my Youtube Channel

    What Mobs does it add Trophies for?

    ObsTrophies adds Trophies for:

      • nearly all Advent of Ascension mobs: Hunter mobs, NPCs and Minions included! There are no Trophies for Bosses as Advent of Ascension already has statues for those, and none for Pixons.
      • all Lycanite's mobs
      • most Twilight Forest mobs (including some bosses)
      • all Animals+ mobs
      • all DivineRPG mobs except bosses (DivineRPG already adds statues for bosses)
      • all Natura mobs
      • all Dark Menagerie mobs
      • most Mutant Creatures mobs (all Mutants, not pets or Spider Pig)
      • all Ender Zoo mobs except the Fallen Steed
      • nearly all Erebus mobs (including bosses)
      • nearly all Betweenlands mobs
      • All Abyssalcraft mobs (including bosses)
      • most Aether II mobs
      • most Mowzies Mobs
      • all Exotic Birds mobs

    Here is just a sample!

    Example ObsTrophies

    How do I get Trophies?

    To get a trophy simply kill a mob that has a trophy and there is a chance it will drop one. The chance is determined by how the mob is killed and who kills it. ObsTrophies adds some special swords to increase your chances of getting a trophy.

    Expand to see your chances

    • If a mob dies by any means other than a (real) player it has a 1% chance to drop a trophy
    • If a player kills a mob with a weapon other than a sword (e.g with a Bow and Arrow), it has a 2% chance to drop a trophy
    • If a player kills a mob with nearly any sword it has a 5% chance to drop a trophy
    • If that sword has Looting I on it, the chance increases to 8%
    • Looting II, the chance is 10%
    • Looting III, the chance is 15%
    • If a player uses one of ObsTrophies' special swords, the chance is 30%
    • with Looting I, 35%
    • with Looting II, 40%
    • with Looting III, 50%
    • If a player uses one of ObsTrophies' super special swords, the chance is 80%
    • with Looting I, 85%
    • with Looting II, 90%
    • with Looting III, 100% - you are guaranteed to get a Trophy!

    What are these Special and Super Swords and how do I get them?

    ObsTrophies adds some swords to help you improve your chances of getting a trophy. The particular sword to use

    depends on the Mod the Mob belongs to and what chance you want to have. Each sword requires you to craft the hilt and blade separately, before crafting them together into the final sword.

    Here's the stats for them and how to craft them:

    DivineRPG sword recipes

    The Erebus Swords

    Betweenlands Swords

    I can't remember all those numbers!

    Thats ok! Each sword has a tooltip with the Mod to use the sword on and the chances of a trophy drop, with and without looting.

    What else do the Trophies do?

    Other than look pretty, right clicking a Trophy will play the Mob's sound! Scare your friends!

    You can also resize your trophies! Shift Right Click will increase the trophy size, Shift Left Click will decrease it.

    Trophies will also react to redstone. Give them a redstone signal and they will play the Mob's sound. Scare your friends even more!

    You can add a trophy stand to your trophy:

    • Right-click a trophy with an Oak Wood Slab
    • Then right-click with nearly any block and the texture of the block will be used on the stand
    • Most vanilla and Modded blocks can be used
    • Slab and Block are not consumed
    • Break the trophy to remove the stand

    How do I install the mod?

      1. Download and Install Minecraft Forge for 1.7.10 from here
      2. Download ObsCore from here
      3. Download ObsTrophies from here
      4. Place both ObsCore and ObsTrophies in your mods directory
      5. (Optional) Download and Install Advent of Ascension from here
      6. (Optional) Download and Install Lycanites Mobs from here
      7. (Optional) Download and Install Twilight Forest from here
      8. (Optional) Download and Install Animals+ from here
      9. (Optional) Download and Install DivineRPG from here
      10. (Optional) Download and Install Ender Zoo from here
      11. (Optional) Download and Install Natura from here
      12. (Optional) Download and Install Dark Menagerie from here
      13. (Optional) Download and Install Mutant Creatures from here
      14. (Optional) Download and Install The Erebus from here
      15. (Optional) Download and Install The Betweenlands from here
      16. (Optional) Download and Install Abyssalcraft from here
      17. (Optional) Download and Install Aether II from here
      18. (Optional) Download and Install Mowzies Mobs from here
      19. (Optional) Download and Install Exotic Birds from here
      20. Play!

    You don't need all the mods installed - you can have one, some, all or none. You'll only have trophies for those mods that are installed. If none are installed then you'll have no trophies! Go get Advent of Ascension, Lycanites Mobs, Twilight Forest, Animals+, DivineRPG, Mutant Creatures, Natura, Dark Menagerie, Ender Zoo, The Erebus, The Betweenlands, Abyssalcraft, Aether II, Mowzies Mobs and Exotic Birds.


    - ADDED "Abyssalcraft" integration
    - All mobs and bosses
    - Use new "Cataclysmic Sword" and "The Devourer" for increased trophy drop chance
    - Swords crafted with Abyssalcraft items
    - ADDED "Aether II" integration
    - Most mobs (excludes Moas and Slider)
    - Use new "Cumulo Cutlass" and "Statospheric Sword" for increased trophy drop chance
    - Swords crafted with Aether II items
    - ADDED "Mowzies Mobs" integration
    - All mobs excluding Foliaath
    - Use the (existing) "Lightning Sword" and "Weeping Sword" for increased trophy drop chance
    - ADDED "Exotic Birds" integration
    - All mobs
    - Use the (existing) "Lightning Sword" and "Weeping Sword" for increased trophy drop chance
    - ADDED Trophy stands
    - Right click a trophy with an Oak Wood Slab to place the trophy on a stand
    - Slab is not consumed
    - Right click a trophy on an Oak Wood Slab stand with nearly any block to change the stand texture to that block
    - Block is not consumed
    - Break trophy to remove stand - trophy will drop without stand (stand will disappear).

    - ADDED null check when getting Dimension during onLivingHurt due to Pokeball mod issue.

     The "Swamp" Update
     - ADDED "Erebus" integration
     - Most mobs and bosses
     - Use new "Entomologist's Sword" and "Bug Squisher Sword" for increased trophy drop chance
     - ADDED six new swords
     - "Entomologist's Sword" and "Bug Squisher Sword"
     - Used for increased trophy drop chance for Erebus mobs
     - Crafted with Erebus items
     - "Sword of the Mire" and "Marshslayer's Sword", and "Rusty" versions of both
     - Used for increased trophy drop chance for Betweenlands mobs
     - Crafted with Betweenlands items 
     - Swords are NOT nerfed in the Betweenlands
     - "Rusty" versions have very low durability and sharpness
     - "Rusty" versions must be crafted into non-rusty versions 
     - any damage "Rusty" versions can be used to get undamaged non-rusty versions
     - FIXED "Lightening Sword" Sharpness being the same as the "Weeping Sword"
     - "Lightening Sword" sharpness has been reduced
     - FIXED Missing DivineRPG and Animals+ trophies.
     - ADDED code so if a trophy can't find its matching entity then an upside-down pig is drawn.
     - ADDED redstone control
     - On receiving a redstone signal a trophy will now play the mob's sound once (if it has one)
     - ADDED "Natura" integration
     - All mobs
     - Use the (existing) "Lightning Sword" and "Weeping Sword" for increased trophy drop chance
     - ADDED "Dark Menagerie" integration
     - All mobs
     - Use the (existing) "Lightning Sword" and "Weeping Sword" for increased trophy drop chance
     - ADDED "Mutant Creatures" integration
     - All Mutants (not SpiderPig or Minions)
     - Use the (existing) "Lightning Sword" and "Weeping Sword" for increased trophy drop chance
     - ADDED "Ender Zoo" integration
     - All mobs except Fallen Steed
     - Use the (existing) "Lightning Sword" and "Weeping Sword" for increased trophy drop chance
     - ADDED "Advent of Ascension" Skill Master trophies (e.g "Hunter Master", "Infusion Master")
     - FIXED trophies dropping if broken by a player in Creative Mode.
     - ADDED "Divine RPG" integration
     - All mobs except bosses
     - Use new "Seraphic Sword" and "Sword of Divinity" swords for increased trophy drop chance
     - ADDED two new swords
     - "Seraphic Sword"
     - "Sword of Divinity"
     - Used for increased drop chance on Divine RPG mobs
     - Crafted with Divine RPG items
     - FIXED "Lightning Sword" and "Weeping Sword" not increasing drop chance for Animals+ mobs
     - FIXED crash on servers when clicking a trophy (SORRY!)
     - ADDED "Twilight Forest" integration
     - Most mobs are trophies.
     - Use new "Dawn Breaker" and "Smoking Dusk" swords for increased trophy drop chance
     - ADDED two new swords
     - "Dawn Breaker"
     - "Smoking Dusk"
     - Used for increased drop chance on Twilight Forest mobs
     - Crafted with Twilight Forest items
     - ADDED "Animals+" integration
     - All mobs are trophies
     - Use the (existing) "Lightning Sword" and "Weeping Sword" for increased trophy drop chance
     - ADDED Resizable Trophies!
     - Shift right click a trophy to increase its size
     - Shift left click a trophy to decrease its size
     - Breaking the trophy will return it to its default size
     - NOTE hit box & collision box sizes do not change when resizing.
     - ADDED some error handling to entity rendering within trophy (just in case).
     - CHANGED "Weeping Emerald" recipe
     - now only uses one ghast tear.
     - FIXED "Weeping Sword" increasing trophy chance for AoA mobs
     - ADDED "Lycanite's Mobs" integration
     - All Lycanites Mobs can be obtained as Trophies
     - Requires different (new) swords for increased Trophy drop chance - see details below
     - ADDED new items:
     - "Lightning Diamond"
     - "Weeping Emerald"
     - Used in crafting of new swords
     - ADDED two new swords:
     - "Lightning Sword"
     - "Weeping Sword"
     - Used for increased trophy drop chance on Lycanites Mobs
     - In future will be used for other Mod mobs if Mod doesnt add new items
     - Existing "Frightener Sword" and "Sword of the Medusa" are still required for Advent of Ascension
     mod increased drop chances.
     - ADDED Tooltips to Swords
     - Displays information for which Mods the swords increase trophy drop chance with
     - Also shows what that chance is, with no Looting or Looting I/II/III
     - ADDED config file: config/obstrophies.cfg
     - REMOVED excess log spam
     - CHANGED mod name to "ObsTrophies". Mod ID unchanged.
     - UPDATED AoA Trophies
     - CHANGED translation & rotation values for various render types (eg when equipped as seen
     in third person, when equipped in first person)
     - FIXED breaking trophies not dropping correct one
     - CHANGED hardness & resistance so trophies arent as hard (can easily be broken by hand now)
     - Initial Release

    What other Mods are you planning to make Trophies for?

    My wishlist list currently includes (in no particular order):

    • AbyssalCraft (done in latest release!)
    • Thaumcraft
    • The Aether II (done in latest release!)
    • Mo Zombies
    • Elemental Creepers
    • Father Toast's Special Mobs
    • Galacticraft
    • Tropicraft
    • Mo Creatures
    • OreSpawn
    • Grimoire of Gaia
    • Hardcore Ender Expansion
    • Jurassicraft
    • Fossils and Archaeology
    • Paleocraft
    • Witchery
    • Elemental Witches
    • Arcana RPG
    • Chocolate Quest
    • Dungeon Mobs
    • Atum
    • Mowzie's Mobs (done in latest release!)
    • Laser Creeper Robot something something
    • Terrafirmacraft
    • Primitive Mobs
    • Eternal Frost
    • Farlanders
    • Candycraft
    • Mo Chickens
    • Extra Golems
    • Caveworld
    • Aquatic Abyss
    • Mists of Riov
    • TragicMC
    • Myths and Monsters

    Can you add Mob X from Mod Y?

    Probably! Leave a suggestion. Don't worry if I don't respond - I am reading your comments! You just may find the trophy in the next update. Keep an eye on my Youtube Channel for previews!

    Can I use this in a Modpack?

    Yes! Let me know which one so I can have a sticky beak!

    How does the mod work?

    Thanks to the awesomeness of Forge, all I need to store with the trophy is the entity id. Then I can just say "Hey Minecraft! Draw this mob here!". That's a pretty big over-simplification, but essentially its what it boils down to. Big thanks to OpenBlocks - it is open source and helped me figure out the render side of things (everything else I knew how, but that part is pretty important!). All trophies also only take up a single block ID.

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    ObsAoA - An add-on for Advent of Ascension


    ObsAoA is an add-on for Advent of Ascension that has a number of features to help improve your Advent of Ascension adventure.


    Installation Instructions

    1. Download and Install the recommended 1.7.10 version of Minecraft Forge
    2. Download and Install Advent of Ascension
    3. Download and Install ObsCore (a minimum version 1.4.1 is required)
    4. Download and Install ObsAoA
    5. Have Fun!


    Also see my youtube channel for more!

    Change Log

    Version 1.0.0 - Initial Release
        ADDED Achievements (dynamic)
            - Dynamic creation of Acheivements for all Advent of Ascension Weapons
            - Weapon identification is done using known AoA class names and reflection
            - Achievement Pages (Weapons classification) based on those known classes
        ADDED Records
            - Bosses with Music now drop a record that plays the boss music
            - Record drop is guaranteed
        ADDED FMP integration (dynamic)
            - All AoA Blocks that render as normal will be multipart-able
        ADDED Ore Dictionary Integration (dynamic)
            - Matching AoA Blocks are registered as:
                - logWood
                - plankWood
                - treeLeaves
        ADDED New Blocks
            - Smooth versions of common AoA stone blocks
            - Smooth versions obtained by smelting AoA stone
            - Smooth versions can be crafted into Stone Bricks
            - Applicable AoA stone:
                - Crystevia Rock
                - Creep Stone
                - Unstable Stone
                - Primed Stone
                - Haven Stone
                - Abyssal Stone
                - Precasian Stone ("High")
                - Precasian Stone ("Low")
                - Mysterium Stone
                - Barathos Hellstone
                - Baron Stone
                - Toxic Stone
                - Lelyetia Stone
                - Greckon Stone
                - Borean Stone
                - Dustopia Stone
                - Iromine Stone
                - Deep Rock
                - Gardencia Stone



    ObsAoA adds achievements for all Advent of Ascension weapons. Whenever you pick up a new weapon, you will get the achievement. Achievements are grouped by weapon type, with an achievement page per type. Achievements are dynamic, meaning that if Advent of Ascension updates and adds new weapons, they will automatically be registered as achievements without having to update ObsAoA.



    ObsAoA adds records for all Advent of Ascension bosses that play music in the background. Whenever you defeat the boss, a record will be dropped allowing you to play the music in a jukebox whenever you wish. Thanks to Endervikin for the idea!


    Forge Multipart Integration

    ObsAoA registers all valid Advent of Ascension blocks with Forge Multipart (FMP). Now you can create microblocks with AoA!

    FMP Integration

    Ore Dictionary Registration

    ObsAoA registers all valid Advent of Ascension Wood, Planks and Leaves with Forge. Now you can use AoA's planks to make sticks. Yay!

    Ore Dictionary Registration

    New Blocks

    ObsAoA adds smooth and brick versions of many of Advent of Ascension's common stone blocks. Simply smelt the Advent of Ascension block to obtain the smooth version added by ObsAoA. The smooth version can be crafted into a brick version. All new blocks can also be used with Forge Multipart.

    New blocks 1

    New blocks 2

    Got a suggestion? Leave it in the comments below!

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    Quote from TheTrueTPK»

    Here is an idea I have for the recipes for the Alternate Bows. You don't have to use it. But just an idea.

    Nice! Good balance with the recipes. I'd better do some research into bows!
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    I've added a list of mods that I'm planning to integrate with to the op, including all the suggestions you've made so far. I've probably forgotten some even from my list so leave more suggestions! I'm also in the middle of integrating DivineRPG as we speak, however the rest of my weekend is booked up so it will still be a while off for the release. But here's a preview

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    Hi Xolova, Love the mod mate - still haven't explored all the current dimensions so no rush on the new ones!

    I made a resource pack that puts the boss textures on their respective statues. I think it looks better, and shows off the detail of the models and textures which are missed with just the gray stone texture. Gold statues are unchanged. I've had a request by a viewer to release the resource pack for download. But it does use your boss art so I wanted to check with you first. Would it be ok? Not sure where I'd host the pack, but I won't use any adfly or similar money-making links with it.

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