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    Quote from Emoticone1111

    Out of curiousity... why exactly is magic considered satanic? I've read parts of the Bible and it was never really mentioned. This confuses me, since some of the things God and Jesus have done could be considered magical...

    Like MANY things in the Old Testament, the subject of magic is one of those things that you have to do some research on in order to understand what is actually being said about it. The Bible talks about things like killing witches and magic being used for dark purposes, but it's not a subject that is totally clear cut.

    If you look at what actual ' class='bbc'>witchcraft and the "magic" involved in it have been throughout history (and into the modern day), you can see that it is a practice involving Satanic and/or darker pagan rituals to invoke the power or favor of Satan or beings other than God.

    You can probably see why that type of activity would be deemed "evil/Satanic/blasphemous/etc" and thus be forbidden by the Bible.

    Unfortunately, the lack of a "know thy enemy" approach to teaching practitioners of the Christian faith about what is meant by the references to witchcraft or magic, and why they are deemed evil has resulted in modern day western cultures lacking a clear understanding on the issue. As a result we have too many radicals who try banning Harry Potter and any other movies/books/games that feature magic, because they don't understand the difference between pagan rituals to invoke favors from Satan, and a half-elf battle mage casting fireball on the evil lich.
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    I would assume that the zombie wouldn't acknowledge the presence of such a incorporeal entity since zombies seem to typically be motivated solely by the need to consume living organisms and/or spread their zombie virus to new hosts. A ghost provides neither sustenance nor a viable living host for the zombie virus and thus should not interest zombies in the least.

    Ghosts on the other hand, would likely possess the means and the motive to engage zombies in either battle or other interaction since they would have more cognitive reasoning and more of the mental faculties in check.

    However, I would assume that since zombies wouldn't have the means to hurt the ghosts, it would be the ghosts that win. Alternatively, the ghosts may just decide to possess the zombies and seize control of the bodies for themselves.
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    Quote from JACJP

    When I download the mod with a CLEAN minecraft.jar It resets my music and sound to OFF, then when I try to adjust them my Minecraft crashes, can someone help?

    Without a crash report there isn't much we can do to help. Have you tried using the MCPatcher installation method?
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    Here's how I predict something like this going:
    1. People complain for a while, but to little effect.
    2. Then someone at /b/ figures out how the engineers at the ISPs are deciding which downloads to target for investigation.
    3. /b/ then launches a massive trolling campaign that exploits those methods so as to flood the engineers with every piece of gore/snuff/****ed-up-****/etc… that /b/ has in its arsenal and that they can find.
    4. A relatively short time afterwards a mass walkout/quitting occurs amongst ISP (and possibly a rise in suicides in that field too).
    5. The ISPs finally realize the horror they have unleashed upon themselves and either refuse to continue monitoring downloads, or simply start pretending that they still monitor them (but really don't).
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    Quote from toast_burner

    I think you're forgetting why people are discussing religion in the first place. It's because of religious people saying same sex marriage goes against there religion therefore they think it's their god given right to force their views upon everyone else.

    Oddly enough, the Bible actually says that adhering to and/or trying to use the parts of the Old Testament against homosexuality is a ticket to Hell. In Galatians it is stated that to do so is an act of rejecting Christ.

    After all the research I've done on this matter I've found that the Bible doesn't actually endorse the persecution of or discrimination against homosexuals. That being said, the only ways I can think of that someone claiming to be Christian could possibly believe that the homosexuality is against their religion is if they haven't much (if any) of the Bible, or have disregarded (either blatantly or through being misled by religious leaders) certain parts crucial to understanding what is actually being said in the Bible.

    I realize that many people try to counter this particular type of argument with claims about how there is debate over which parts of the Bible are canon, but that's where the logic gets even more muddied by those arguing against homosexuality. Unless these individuals are adhering only to the Old Testament or throw out all of Galatians (which means they cannot eat pork, shellfish, etc…) then they are still going against the parts of the Bible that they claim to believe.

    Galatians is the part of the Bible where it became okay to do things that were previously prohibited by Leviticus (i.e. - wear clothes made of mixed fibers, eat pork or shellfish, etc…). It is also the part that says that if you attempt to adhere to or enforce any part of the Old Testament that is used against homosexuals, you are blatantly rejecting Christ.

    On a related note:

    If you really want to send anti-gays for a loop when they try citing the Leviticus in their arguments against homosexuality you can just bring up the discrimination against anyone with a disability/deformity or is unusually ugly. In addition to the things Leviticus says about homosexuality it also very clearly states that anyone who is impotent, unusually ugly, disabled, has poor eyesight or is deformed if not allowed in a house of God, because it will damage the sanctity of such holy places.

    In other words, Leviticus was very discriminatory towards anyone who was different or didn't meet the held idea of "normal". As I recall, one part even says that you and your descendants aren't even allow to convert to worshiping God if ANY of your ancestors was born out of wedlock.
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    Quote from Seinithil

    For anyone that's saying the Bible says it's wrong, just ponder this: The Bible was written by humans, not God. For all we know the translations could be inaccurate. Maybe someone slipped something extra in.

    If you want to get into technicalities, that's essentially what happened. Leviticus was a book containing rules for the priests, yet people constantly quote it as though these rules apply to ALL practitioners of Jewish-Christian faiths. However, what not many people realize is that Leviticus also states very clearly that a person is forbidden to approach an altar of God (go to Church) if they are: abnormally ugly, crippled, handicapped, disfigured, infertile, missing part of their body, or have poor eyesight. The stated reason behind this being that the presence of people with disabilities/disfigurements in a temple of God will "defile" the sanctity of it. It stands to reason that homosexuality was just another perceived "abnormality" that the writers felt needed to be prohibited among priests.

    In other words: Leviticus is extremely discriminatory towards anyone who perceived to have disabilities/disfigurements or who is seen as being too "abnormal".

    However, in the New Testament verses are added (In Corinthians) that state that trying to adhere to any of laws that were in Leviticus, trying to hold anyone else to those laws or judging anyone according to them is now an act of rejecting Christ's sacrifice.

    The only other mentions of homosexuality in the New Testament are in Romans and Timothy, and even these do not actually condemn homosexuals.

    In Timothy 1:9-10 the verse that lists (in many modern versions of the Bible) homosexuality as being among the things that will prevent a person from going to Heaven is actually a mistranslation. The original version was written in Greek, wherein the mistranslated word was actually a Greek term for "male prostitute". This in itself is referring to an ancient practice in Greece where young males worked as prostitutes.

    If you look more into this, it was a very similar case in the reasons behind the verses about homosexuality in Leviticus. The verses about this in Leviticus referred to the practice of prostitution at the temples of other faiths in the lands that Moses and his people traveled to and/or through. One of the notable forms of prostitution in these cases involved the availability of homosexual prostitutes in addition to the other types of prostitutes. However, these parts just got altered or taken completely out of context in order to meet the agendas/views of those in power.

    Finally, there is Romans 1:26-27. These particular verses refer to Christians who abandoned their faith in God and became Pagans. The only references to sex in this part refer to the ancient Pagan rituals they participated in, which involved orgies (hence the man-on-man and woman-on-woman action).

    However, it has been pointed out by various scholars that the exact same reasoning/logic behind the interpretation many Christians have of these passages would also mean that they must concede that it means it would be "sinful" for homosexuals to engage in heterosexual behaviors (sexual behaviors). The reason for this is that those who cite Romans to condemn homosexuality use the argument that homosexuality is "wrong" because it is "unnatural" and that Paul felt that it was sinful for people to engage in such unnatural that go against heterosexual nature. This of course ignores that fact that it would be going against their nature in the same way for homosexuals to engage in heterosexual behavior.

    While many people will argue that it's only unnatural if it someone engaging in homosexual behavior, science has consistently proven that homosexuality is far from unnatural.

    So it all technically boils down to this: If you're a Christian and cite anything from the Old Testament to condemn homosexuals or homosexual behavior, it's an automatic ticket to Hell and an act of rejecting Christ. The only other parts of the New Testament that remotely address homosexuality are actually referring to prostitution and Pagan rituals.
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    Quote from DavisRyan2

    I need help. Downloaded and installed as shown. No black screens, but it doesn't work. It says because "metadata not found." I am on a mac. Also for any other mods I try to use this happens.Please help I would love to use this mod. Also it says to have the mod author supply a mod .info file

    I run this mod (and quite a few other mods) on a Mac too. What I found to work well for installing and running mods on Mac is the MCPatcher method (can be found in the Troubleshooting section at the bottom of the first post) since it makes it very easy to put all the files where they need to go and remove/overwrite the correct files.

    The "metadata not found" message could be referring to the metadata in the Minecraft .jar, which many installation instructions say to remove certain files from or the entire folder. Macs handle this differently though, and many (if not most) of those instructions are actually written for people playing on a PC.

    If you use the MCPatcher method you won't have to worry about messing with those files or that folder though, since the patcher takes care of all those details for you. All you have to worry about is selecting the mods to install, choosing which order they get installed in and which files overwrite which (not as complex as it sounds since it typically suggests the correct options for that and all you have to do is click a button to agree to that option).

    However, the .info file part has me wondering if you took the correct files out of the .rar file. Did you open the .rar file that this mod comes in before attempting to install it?

    I know .rar files can cause problems for some Mac users due to not all Macs have programs on them that will open that file type. Fortunately there is a very highly recommended program for Macs called "UnRarX". It's a free small program (only about 2.5 mb) for Macs that doesn't come loaded down with extra features, only a simple tool for unpacking .rar files.
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    Quote from zjh911

    I installed everything perfectly, and yet none of the mobs will load. I tried re-installing 5 times and the same things keeps happening. Help?

    You'll need to post an error report in order for anyone here to figure out what is causing the problem. In all likelihood, you are probably missing one or more of the required mods needed to run this one.

    Quote from KingSaif

    Hello, I really need help with getting this mod to work. Here are the steps I've done before.
    Delete .minecraft folder, and re-install a COMPLETELY fresh one.
    I've installed all of the mods needed, followed like 10 different YouTube videos on how to install it, and the animals won't spawn.
    The items are in Creative mode and it says the mod is loaded on MC Forge, but there are no mobs, and it doesn't inform me at the left, like it usually does, that MoreCreeps&Weirdos has been launched. I have downloaded this mod tons of times before in the past successfully, I just don't understand why it won't work now. I honestly think it's MC Forge or CustomMobSpawner. Can someone please help :( ? Thank you!

    Have you tried using the MCPatcher installation method detailed in the Troubleshooting section at the bottom of the first post?

    Another possibility for why you're not seeing mobs could be that you either started the world on peaceful or are playing on peaceful (which can cause mobs from this mod to not spawn).

    Quote from DarkDIce68

    My issues:
    Items icons don't have their custom icon (raygun is a gold helm, frisbee an egg)
    Custom sounds don't work (don't hear mods sounds or anything)
    Pretty sure that's it... anybody is welcomed to help me

    Also it's hard to read through 610 pages of replies... someone message me to help me fix these issues

    It sounds like the problem has something to do with your sprite indices and Audiomod. Do you have all of the required mods installed, and are the all the most recent version of them?
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    Quote from freakstritch

    The initial Ponies that you buy from the Pony Girl are breeds 1-3.. If you breed those, you have a chance for 2 extra levels. Breeding your highest Ponies will result in better breeds, with the best breed being the Diamond Pegasus.

    I will fix the mating death bug, but you should be seeing in increase in breed levels if you have a successful breed.

    That's good to know then.

    Another question I have: do both ponies involved in the mating need to be given the love potion or does just one need it?

    Quote from 77Defender

    Crafting the money...BEST.UPDATE.EVER!

    Technically, the ability to craft money in this mod has been around for a while before the image on the first page showed how. It's still great that the recipe was made better known to players though.

    I was planning to set up an automated money printing factory in one of my bases, but never got around to it. Then again, a matured schlump is another really great way of getting plenty of money. Recently I had a two story house near the edge of a massive automated quarry I was digging, and in the attic I grew a schlump who provided a considerable amount of money.
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    JibberZen's Functional & Aesthetic Blocks

    NOTE: This mod is currently only in version 0.3 and as such does not have a download for it yet. There are also still plenty of main features to be added, so a download of this mod will not likely be available until there are at least a decent number of the biggest main features finished.
    Addendum to notes: After playing around a bit with some other mods and learning more about some of the issues surrounding mods that add items/blocks/etc to the game I am strongly considering learning how to make this mod (both as a whole package and as smaller individual packages) compatible with the Forge API. For those of you not already aware of what that is, it is similar to Modloader in that it helps mods compatible with each other. However, the Forge API also helps make it possible to use more block/item/sprite IDs than Minecraft normally allows. I still plan to find a way to make alternative versions of each of my mods here that can be used without it since many players seem to have problems getting things like Modloader to work on their system. ;)


    12/17/11 - Removed the ability of endermen to pick up some of these blocks to better reflect the way endermen work in 1.0.0.

    • Introduction
    • Blocks
      • Metal
      • Rusted Metal
      • Wood
      • Marble/Stone
    • Future Content Plans/Ideas
    • Terms & Conditions
    • Copyrights


    If you're like me then you love Minecraft and the huge selection of mods available for it, but are picky about which mods you use. I'm the type of player who is somewhere between wanting to keep his game play vanilla and wanting to mod it quite a bit. Sadly, I am fairly new to creating mods for Minecraft, so this project is still in the very early stages until I learn more about programing it. This is not me asking for anyone to step in and do the coding or other work for me though, as I would very much prefer the opposite. Perhaps it is how I have been brought up or taught by my professors, but I'm the type of individual who prefers to actually learn how to do this type of work himself. I still welcome constructive criticism though, or even a tip or two on tricks for improving some element of my work.

    This is a mod I initially started designing mainly for myself. However, I quickly realized that I would need to make it available for download if I were to set up a private SMP server for myself/brother/friends to play together on. Rather than just releasing a small mod package with a few custom recipes and new block types designed for my own needs I decided that I should make the released mod have more options available in order to appeal to more players. I also decided that in order to further increase the appeal of this mod I should break it up into smaller parts so as to let anyone interested in trying it pick and choose which parts they want instead of forcing them to download a plethora of recipes/items/blocks that they likely would never use.

    That being said I'll now go into what all this mod package currently includes and what I plan to include in it.

    Look in spoiler for better previews of currently included block types that I have completed the textures for.
    (Warning, large image inside this spoiler.)

    From top to bottom the blocks are:
    - Marble
    - Carved marble block
    - Metal plating
    - 4 Bolt plating
    - 8 Bolt plating
    - Rusted metal plating
    - 4 Bolt rusted plating
    - 8 bolt rusted plating

    The textures I am using for each of the custom blocks in my mod were made by me from scratch. As a major in digital art I prefer to do the textures myself rather than take them from other people or take cheap shortcuts like scaling down photos of textures. ;)


    :Iron: Metals :Iron:
    How many times have you found yourself wanting to create a structure of some sort in Minecraft that looks like it is made from metal blocks, or is covered in reinforced metal plating? If you are like me, this is a frequent issue you run into and iron blocks or special texture packs don't quite do it for you.

    My answer to this problem was to create a selection of new block types and recipes for them that add new metal blocks to the game. Better still, instead of just making them re-textured "clones" of existing block types these new blocks are designed to have different levels of durability so as to make them even more useful. After all, why should you have to settle for unsightly obsidian blocks for making your sticky piston fortress gates when you could use some shiny reinforced metal (that is also just as strong as obsidian) in place of the obsidian? I say you shouldn't have to.

    Currently I have two base types of metal designed for this mod: reinforced iron, and rusted metal. At this stage in development both types have the same durability levels. The only differences are the recipes for creating the base metal blocks for them and their appearances.

    Metal Recipes:

    Base Metal Plates: can be used as is or upgraded to stronger, bolted versions.
    Recipe: 3 iron blocks in a row produces 32 metal plate blocks.
    Type: Solid block
    Physics?: No
    Maximum stack: 64
    Blast resistance: 30
    Movable by endermen?: No

    4 Bolt Metal Plates: Stronger than metal plates or iron blocks, but still much weaker than obsidian.
    Recipe: 1 metal plate block in the center of the crafting grid, with 4 iron ingots positioned around it (1 in each corner) produces 16 4 bolt metal plate blocks.
    Type: Solid block
    Physics?: No
    Maximum stack: 64
    Blast resistance: 3,000
    Movable by endermen?: No

    8 Bolt Metal Plates: Currently the strongest type of metal block I have planned. These have a blast resistance equal to that of obsidian, although in the final version it might be a bit stronger for the purpose of factoring in other people's mods with stronger explosives.
    Recipe: 1 base metal plate in the center of the crafting grid and surrounded by 8 iron ingots produces 16 8 bolt metal plate blocks.
    Type: Solid block
    Physics?: No
    Maximum stack: 64
    Blast resistance: 6,000
    Movable by endermen?: No

    Base rusted metal plates: can be used as is or upgraded to stronger, bolted (rusted) versions.
    Recipe: 3 iron blocks in a row with a bucket of water above the center block produces 32 rusted metal plate blocks.
    Type: Solid block
    Physics?: No
    Maximum stack: 64
    Blast resistance: 30
    Movable by endermen?: No

    4 Bolt Rusted Metal Plates: Stronger than rusted metal plates or iron blocks, but still much weaker than obsidian.
    Recipe: 1 rusted metal plate block in the center of the crafting grid, with 4 iron ingots positioned around it (1 in each corner) produces 16 4 bolt rusted metal plate blocks.
    Type: Solid block
    Physics?: No
    Maximum stack: 64
    Blast resistance: 2,000
    Movable by endermen?: No

    8 Bolt Rusted Metal Plates: Currently the strongest type of rusted metal block I have planned. These have a blast resistance slightly less than that of obsidian, although as with the non-rusted version, in the final version it might be a bit stronger for the purpose of factoring in other people's mods with stronger explosives.
    Recipe: 1 base rusted metal plate in the center of the crafting grid and surrounded by 8 iron ingots produces 16 8 bolt rusted metal plate blocks.
    Type: Solid block
    Physics?: No
    Maximum stack: 64
    Blast resistance: 5,000
    Movable by endermen?: No. (It may be rusted, but I still don't see endermen being able to pry these out of a wall.)

    :stair: :cobblestone: Marble/Stone :cobblestone: :stair:
    I am well aware that there are plenty of existing mods out there that add new types of stone and even marble to the game. However, some of the materials that I want to add to my mod include marble and stone, but after several years majoring in art in college I just don't feel comfortable taking other peoples block mods to use in mine (with their permission of course). There's also the issue the the 16x textures of existing marble and stone mods that I have seen do not seem like they would fit well with my own art style.

    Some of the designs I am working on for stone blocks are for decorative purposes and use existing blocks as the base materials to create them. Other designs though, such as marble, use new blocks as the base materials. This means that I will have to learn how to code a smaller mod to incorporate some of these new blocks into the generation of maps.

    Marble Recipes:

    Carved Marble: Carved marble blocks are designed to be able to be used as is or further upgraded to more ornamental designs.
    Recipe: 6 marble blocks positioned along the bottom 2 rows of the crafting grid produces 16 blocks of carved marble.
    Type: Solid block
    Physics?: No
    Maximum stack: 64
    Blast resistance: 30
    Movable by endermen?: No.
    Note: I have not yet decided how I will implement the base marble block into the game with this mod. More than likely I will try to find out how to make a smaller mod that generates marble blocks in the game like normal blocks.

    :Logs^: :wood: Planks :wood: :Logs^:
    Again, this is an area where there are already existing mods that create new types of wood or planks, but I have opted to design my own. Currently all of the designs I have for new planks use existing wood and plank blocks in the game as the base materials for creating the ones I am working on. This way there is no need to add new trees to the game or modify the existing ones just to make my mod work out.

    The main goal with my designs for new planks and wood blocks in my mod is to introduce more options for decorating a structure. Plenty of us have been in situations where it seems like our character's house or fortress would look much nicer if the planks used for the wall/ceiling/floor were a little cleaner looking, or available in a different color. Sure there's wool blocks, but for some of us even that isn't an acceptable venue in terms of aesthetics. That's where the inspiration for this part of the mod came from. So far though I have only finished the textures of two of these designs I've been working on.

    Look in spoiler for some examples of the two new plank designs being used.
    (Warning, large image inside this spoiler.)

    - The top image shows Fine Planks in use.
    - The bottom image shows Stained Fine Planks in use.

    Plank Recipes:

    Fine Planks: Fine planks are a cleaned up, smoother looking version of your standard planks block.
    Recipe: 1 block of sand placed directly above a default plank block produces 1 fine plank.
    Type: Solid block
    Physics?: No
    Maximum stack: 64
    Flamability: Identical to that of default planks.
    Blast resistance: 15
    Usable as furnace fuel?: Yes

    Stained Fine Planks: A darker hued variation of the fine planks block.
    Recipe: 1 Ink sack placed directly above a fine planks block on the crafting grid produces 1 stained fine plank block.
    Type: Solid block
    Physics?: No
    Maximum stack: 64
    Flamability: Identical to that of default planks.
    Blast resistance: 15
    Usable as furnace fuel?: Yes

    It should be noted that I do have plans to look into better ways to craft the planks, so I am open to ideas for that at this point. I will continue to update this thread with information about new blocks/items/features as I complete the textures and other elements to their designs. Currently this task consists primarily of finishing the textures and coding the blocks, although I intend to update the thread with previews as the textures are completed.


    Despite the relatively limited number of blocks shown in the preview pictures there are actually quite a few items/blocks that I plan to include in my mod package (also available individually of course). Some of these blocks/items are probably still well out of reach for me given that I am still fairly new to mod making due to their complexity. Truthfully, the level of complexity is probably fairly trivial to some of the more experienced mod makers out there, it's just that I still have things to learn before making them.

    At any rate I'll give a bit of a synopsis of some of the things I either have in the works (a good portion of which I would like to include in some of the first releases of my mods) or are planned for when I am able to make them.

    Metal (expansion):
    "Vents" - These are effectively metal blocks of both rusted and non-rusted varieties that appear to have vents built into the sides and/or top and bottom. Though this may seem a little pointless in terms of functionality based on that description I actually plan to make it so that fluids can pass through these blocks in the direction the vents are facing. So effectively a player could construct a room, hallway, etc… that can be flooded with water or lava and then drained. All without having to create unsightly holes in the walls/ceiling/floor. A bit frivolous, I know, but it seems like the sort of thing that might come in handy for at least some projects or that some players out there might enjoy playing with.

    "Signs" - Yes, there are already signs in the game. There are even some texture packs that change some paintings into what look like metal signs. What this particular mod does is add actual metal signs to the game. Great for those times when a wooden sign just doesn't look right in a metallic setting or you need a more realistic/authoritative warning sign in an area. Initially I was just thinking of making a sign that works much like regular wooden ones, but is made of metal. This concept was quickly expanded upon in order to prevent this idea from becoming a boring rehash of wooden signs.

    Metal signs are intended to cater to those who want signs that fit in with a more "industrial" setting or in someplace like a laboratory/research facility in Minecraft. They are also meant to provide players with more options in regards to marking certain areas as "dangerous", "unexplored", "off limits", etc. To this end I would like to include a variety of metal signs for various purposes. Depending upon what items are added to the metal sign will determine what the appearance/style of the sign is. This part is still in the planning stages, but will likely involve crafting a plain basic metal sign and then adding specific combinations of dye or other items to that on the crafting table.

    Some of the sign types I'm planning to initially include are some of the more generic signs a person might have use for. Such as signs trimmed with black & yellow warning stripes, small square signs (for when only a little bit of writing is needed on it), standard iconographic signs, etc. Depending upon how much I know about making these types of mods when I get to this part I may try to make additional sign sizes that cover more than one block.

    Marble/Stone (expansion):
    "Carved Tiles" - This is another selection of content I plan to include with some of the first releases of my mods. From early on in the designing of the marble blocks I wanted to include a selection of decorative marble/stone blocks. Sometimes it can be a pain to find a style of flooring for a base, house or road. Not everyone likes their roads or floors to be made of plain stone/cobblestone/dirt/planks/gravel/etc, myself included. This is largely the reason I wanted to produce more of a variety of flooring options. While many of the designs I've come up with so far are not ones I would likely use personally, I do want to make sure there is a wide enough variety for potential users to choose from to suit their needs.

    As the name would suggest this will involve crafting stone tile blocks from marble or stone (I will likely use smooth stone for this). As with the fine wooden planks, I have run into an issue with how to make the crafting process for these blocks easier and less wasteful of resources. At first I thought about using recipes where the base material is placed in a specific spot on the crafting grid and pickaxes (any type) would be placed in a set pattern around it to produce specific decorative tiles. Needless to say, this would have been much too complicated and used up tools very quickly. In other words: the costs far outweighed the product. As a result this recipe system was scrapped.

    Now I am looking into other methods of easily and intuitively crafting the decorative blocks. Currently I am leaning towards a system of right-clicking the base blocks with custom tools, similar to how sandpaper will work.

    "Marble Bricks" - I have some mixed feelings on this one. Creating the texture itself for marble bricks is a simple matter. That means it should be fairly simple to create a nice looking marble brick block. However, earlier testing of how objects such as stairs and fence posts use their corresponding material textures have revealed that this can be rather tricky when I get around to making marble stairs and such. Not tricky in terms of programming, but how the texture is applied to the object. Unless the texture is designed to meet specific specifications the object will come out not looking all that great.

    Of course one possible solution may be to create new block/object types that are otherwise identical to the models for stairs/fences/etc, but use an alternative placement of the textures so that they look decent. However, as I explained before I'm not exactly too skilled yet with the programming element of mod making yet, so this could be a little out of my league for a while.

    In short: I'll be trying to come up with a brick pattern that looks good and can also work well when applied to stairs.

    "Marble Stairs" - As part of my series of marble blocks I plan to include stairs made from marble. Initially I was just thinking about using marble brick blocks, similar to how the way stone brick stairs currently work. Then the idea occurred to me that it could look nice if there are also stairs made from just normal (not carved or turned into bricks) marble blocks.


    These are just ideas for mods I would like to create at some future point in time, but lack the programming skills needed to make them currently. As the material in this section are not likely to be completed anytime soon. ;)

    "Freezer/Fridge" - One of the things I thought would be fun to add to the game is a new type of chest that looks like a freezer or fridge. Yes, I know that there are already mods that add modern luxuries like this to the game, but I just wanted to do one in my own style that is simple to craft and use. In other words: nothing too fancy, just cool looking chests for aesthetic purposes. :P

    Rather than making them restricted to horizontal placement like normal chests though, I want to make these so that they can be stood on their end to create a chest that looks like a refrigerator. For example: if a player wanted to make a small or big freezer they would place the "freezer" chest blocks the same way they would normal chests. If they want to create a refrigerator, they just place one freezer chest block on top of another.

    MOD - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.
    MOJANG - Mojang AB
    OWNER - , Original author(s) of the MOD. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp) the OWNER has full rights over their MOD despite use of MOJANG code.
    USER - End user of the mod, person installing the mod.


    2. USE
    Use of this MOD to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.

    This MOD may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of this mod must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of this MOD (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.

    This mod is provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of this MOD require advance written permission of the OWNER and may be subject to certain terms.

    © 2011 Jibber-Zen
    Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
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