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    posted a message on Cool things to build with redstone
    Saw another Fairly Oddparents pic and had to post. As far as Redstone things go, I like setting up different styles of Adventure maps. Basic traps are easy and the more complex things are hilarious to watch. For a survival world, alarm systems are fun, YouTube has some nice vids on them. My personal favourite Redstone thing I build in almost all of my worlds is extremely simple. A hidden vault. Just a piston door with a hidden button, but its still nice.
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    Not a bad world. Lots of different things going on in it. Definitely like the idea of all of the little huts linked together through the trees. Never been good at doing that.
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    posted a message on The Story of Arcathia. A Minecraft Adventure Series. (Large WIP 100+ Hrs.)
    I have begun working on creating custom sounds, though, I am unsure how they will turn out.
    Also, I have been throwing around the idea of making story videos.

    Anyone want to leave some feedback on the idea and process thus far? It is rather lonely talking to oneself.
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    posted a message on The Story of Arcathia. A Minecraft Adventure Series. (Large WIP 100+ Hrs.)
    Added some more Screenshots of the map.
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    posted a message on The Story of Arcathia. A Minecraft Adventure Series. (Large WIP 100+ Hrs.)
    Quote from ammar18

    Looks neat. Ill download :3

    Thanks. Follow along to keep updated on when it will be released. Should be soon now. I only have minor cosmetics to finish up now.
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    posted a message on The Story of Arcathia. A Minecraft Adventure Series. (Large WIP 100+ Hrs.)
    The Story of Arcathia:

    For many years the land of Arcathia has been quiet. Left alone to tend it's fields and grow, tucked away from the rest of the world. The history of this place, once vital in the world's very existence, has been lost to the dusty back of some forgotten library.

    There are some, old and dying now, who remember, however. And they weep for the future as they watch their peaceful land begin to fall into ruin, though no one else notices. Life goes on without the slightest inkling that something greater was happening, something Evil.

    Sickness has become more common in Arcathia, more Monsters are being reported, people go missing from their homes at night. However, these occurrences are slight, taking place over many years, and only the watchful eyes of the Elders have taken notice. They mourn as the land succumbs to this new blight.

    The town of Gilliand, once the site of one of Arcathia's most brutal battles, is one such area. The town's lord, Micheal, has sent out messages throughout the land of Arcathia, calling for heroes to help defend his town from an infestation. However, many of these messages never made it. Their carriers lost to the land.

    It has been four months since the messages were sent out, and you have finally arrived at the gates of Gilliand. Weary and tired from your journey, you lightly tug the reins of your pack mule and enter the town, shrouded in the darkness of night, you find the Tavern and pay for a room. You have no idea how important your role will be. And your arrival has not gone unnoticed.

    Welcome to Gilliand, adventurer. May your soul be pure, and your heart steady.

    What is The Story of Arcathia?

    The Story of Arcathia is a Minecraft Adventure Series that takes place all across the land of Arcathia. The history of this land is vast, and can be found scattered across each map in the form of books.
    Each map in the series will take place in a different part of the world, but do not mistake that to mean they will not be linked.

    What Can I Expect From The Story of Arcathia?

    You can expect all of the following:
    • Custom Items
    • Custom Mobs
    • Puzzles
    • Redstonery Stuff
    • Intricate Story
    • Special Lore Books that tell the history and story of Arcathia.
    • Intense battles
    • Beautiful Scenery
    And many other features.

    Alright, Sounds Swell, What's the Catch?

    There isnt a catch. This series is 100% vanilla Minecraft, meaning there are no mods used.
    The map was designed using the John Smith Legacy Resource pack, but it is not required to play.
    I will post a link for it below.

    Okay, I'm convinced. Where Can I Get The Map?

    You cannot, yet. I still have much to do.
    You can, however, follow the progress of the map by going to the links below.

    Links and Stuff:

    The Story of Arcathia is still very much a WIP. However, I am almost finished with the first map.
    I will update this post with all the necessary things as I go along. Please let me know what you think.

    I have made a quick example of one of the puzzles below. It also serves to show about the Lore Books.

    The Puzzle is finding four locations within one central area and solving each mini-puzzle or combat scenario inside of each of the four locations. Once all four challenges have been completed, there will be a fifth location that will become revealed.

    Finding these locations, while not impossible, is difficult if you do not have the Lore to refer to.

    I decided to make a song that is sung in the town of Gilliand, about four "Brothers" who saved the town from some kind of an attack or attacks, thus branding them heroes of the town, as the clue. You will use this clue in conjunction with some of the other Lore you will find around the map in order to solve the puzzle.

    I am excited to finally be posting something about this build on here, and I hope that you will all be excited about it as well. I will leave you now with the "Song of Gilliand".

    “Four Brothers, bound in arms,
    “Kept the peace in times of alarm.
    “When songs were sang of victory,
    “They sat in silent company.
    “Each held their own account,
    “And their burden was of no small amount.
    “One partook to the wine,
    “Another stood against the test of time.
    “The third took his life,
    “And the last was lost to strife.
    “Their duties left undone,
    “They have now become one.
    “Vigilance now holds their watchful gaze,
    “Until the end of their immortal days.”

    The Song of Gilliand.
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    posted a message on [32x] Golbez22's Medieval Resource Pack
    I squealed with joy a little when I saw this. I think I have just found my new default pack. I have always used John Smith, but... now... *Faints*
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    posted a message on [Challenge] Dungeon
    I have been tinkering with this for a little while now. I like it, there are a few small things I would change, but they are more personal tweaks to make it a little more interesting for me.
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    posted a message on THE ORIGINAL! ::Desert Temple Guardian:: {{Day1625+}} NEW IMAGES! 11/8/2016
    One of the best ideas I have seen in a long time. I have always found the pyramids to be lacking. I fully support this idea. I really hope it comes to fruition.

    Dingo you should make another thread about a jungle temple guardian!

    The guardian should look like this:

    Health points
    80 (x40)

    Attack strength
    8 ()



    15-20LVLS (Because jungle temples are more rare than desert pyramids

    Moves like an ocelot but a bit less faster.

    Same as the gold golem guardian

    I want to make a post on the forums with this, can I do it if I credit you?

    Not a bad idea at all.
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    posted a message on The Story of Gilliand. A Minecraft Adventure Series. (Major WIP, 60+ Hrs)
    The map is being re-done. I am making a new thread soon. So, you all can delete this one or let it die.
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    posted a message on How to make a mob spawner that ONLY spawns Wither Skeletons. Works in the overworld. No Mods required.
    If you have NBTEdit, you can spawn a Skeleton, then, using the COPY and PASTING of the Skeleton's ROOT Compound, you can place that into the Spawner.

    Sounds complex, but here it is, step by step:
    When I say save and Exit, I do not mean MC. I Mean the NBTEdit Menu, for those of you who use the In Game version.
    1. Create a Spawner: Entity ID 52
    2. Place it down, and then open up NBTEdit. I use the In game version.
    3. Once in, go to EntityID and change it from Pig to Skeleton.
    4. save and exit the spawner. You now have a skeleton spawner.
    5. Now. Spawn a Skeleton using an egg or the spawner. Then, once it has been spawned, open up it's NBTEdit.
    6. Change the Skeleton Type to 1. This makes it a Wither Skeleton.
    7. Save.
    8. Next, copy that Skeleton's entire ROOT folder. Save.
    9. Now, go into the Spawner again, and highlight the spawner's ROOT folder.
    10. Past the ROOT of the Skeleton you just copied into it.
    11. Go to the new ROOT and rename it to SpawnData.
    12. Then, expand it and delet Rotation, Motion, and POS.
    13. Save and exit.
    You now have a skeleton spawner than makes Wither Skeletons.

    You can edit the items held and equipped onto these, but that is a whole other post.
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    posted a message on The Story of Gilliand. A Minecraft Adventure Series. (Major WIP, 60+ Hrs)
    I have updated the album to include the recent additions to the Graveyard and the house. I am about to start working on the town. The map is roughly 1/3rd of the way there.
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    posted a message on The Story of Gilliand. A Minecraft Adventure Series. (Major WIP, 60+ Hrs)
    Updated the OP to include the story.
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    posted a message on [HORROR][1.7.10] The Monastery [48000+ Downloads] [English & Spanish Avaliable!]
    I will check it out, looks good.
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    posted a message on The Story of Gilliand. A Minecraft Adventure Series. (Major WIP, 60+ Hrs)
    I have begun working on the story to the Map now. I will update the OP to reflect this.
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