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    posted a message on Iron Arrows in 1.5
    Make flint more common, regular arrows weaker, make iron arrow recipe only give you 2 arrows instead of 4 and this would work fine.
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    posted a message on Possibly the Best Game Ever...
    And what is the backstory? There's so many versions, it doesn't really make any sense.
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    posted a message on Gaming Companies
    Rockstar and Bethesda. They're not sell-outs and develop/publish awesome games.
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    posted a message on Blood
    I've been on the internet for too long, nothing affects me.
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    posted a message on Notch: Herobrine was never real
    Quote from chase2613

    if you download minecraft, when you go to log in there will be the list of updates, starting in 1.6.6 and 4 other updates including 1.7, 1.8, 1.0 and 1.2 say- Removed herobrine, Don't belive me? check for your self right now, some people might think that notch did that just to get people to stop thinking about it. But he did it multipul times and he skiped some updates! Why? herobrine might be real he might not we don't know for sure.

    I know! I believe notch created Herobrine under Satan's influence, but the pope found out about it and ordered notch to remove him.
    I've seen Herobrine after the updates though, so I guess notch tricked him.
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    posted a message on What monster or Biome would YOU add to Minecraft?
    I wouldn't really want to add any more biomes until the current ones looks less ****ed up.
    But for mobs, I think more hostile ones would be an improvement. Like sharks, yetis and stuff like that.
    Basically most of what Elitesigma listed.
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    posted a message on Please do NOT make leather needed for new book recipe!!
    It's good like this. Making enchanting rooms needs to be challenging.
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    posted a message on 1.2.5 Hunger Games
    This is only a beta match, we're looking for critism and feedback!

    Offline for major maintenance

    Once you join, you're free to choose one of the launch pads and enter one.
    When we have enough people (24) we will start a countdown, your pad will be raised and you are free to do whatever you want. In the middle of the arena is chests filled with various items, which will make it easier to survive.
    Even if you use the common tactic of running away and get to safety, you still have a chance to get gear and food. You're able to chop wood and harvest mushrooms. You can also mine ores, but most of them requires good pickaxes which can only be found in spawn or in one of the old ruins scattered around the map.
    You're unable to break most blocks and you can't place any kinds of blocks at all.
    The server is in beta, and we're working to make more maps and having more variation.


    No hacking or exploiting of any kind.
    Once the games has begun, you're not permitted to log off. If you do, you will have to wait for the next match.
    Do not use glitches that gives you an advantage.
    Use common sense.
    Excessive racism, swearing and stupidity will get you muted or banned.
    Do not ask for OP or free items.
    If you find a cave or an exploit, tell an admin.

    Do you accept the rules:
    Why do you want to join:

    There's no hidden symbol or phrase to put into the application. I don't care if you read the rules or not.

    This is our first match and we have only made one map for now. We'll run a few matches on this map just to test it and see how good it works before making more of them.
    The first map's theme is a snowy forest. The map size is large.

    3 US dollars or deciding what theme the next map will be.
    Note: this only applies for the beta match.
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    posted a message on What would you do with 100 blocks?
    A flying dirt block, just to show people I'm too awesome for gravity
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    posted a message on The Official Gun Thread
    I don't think Minecraft needs anymore long-range weapons at all. If any had to be added, let it be crossbows, staffs or something like that, not guns. The reason bows aren't overpowered is because arrows spend some time reaching their target, making them possible to evade. Guns however, hits their target almost instantly, making them really easy to use. If bullets were slow, guns wouldn't be any different than bows. And if their accuracy would be 5 times as worse as bows, like some people requested, they would be extremely shitty and inefficient to use. It would only be possible to use in close-quarters, which would be a bad idea seeing as the reload time is way too long.

    Solution to make guns useful: Wind. Bullets would curve slightly with the wind. The wind would change once every second. In order to see what direction the wind is going, you can craft a flag with sticks and wool. The flag would point in a similar manner to the compass. If it's raining or snowing the wind should be more aggressive than usual, requiring more skill. There should be 5 stages of wind, where 0 is no wind and 5 is a lot of wind.
    The direction the wind goes is random, but the wind won't change with more than one stage every second. If the wind stage is 1 and the wind is going to your left, the bullet will curve 1 block to the left every 30 blocks it travels. If the stage is 5 it will go a whopping 5 blocks to your left every 30 blocks. The most logical solution when hunting your prey would be waiting until the stage is 0 or 1 before firing. However, if your target is moving towards you or you're trying to hit a fleeing target you would have to depend on your luck by shooting without checking your flag.

    Instead of a musket, it should be more of a mosin-nagant in terms of accuracy and such. You should also be able to place a silencer and scope on it. (No, I'm not wanting to turn Minecraft into call of duty) You can enter scope mode by right clicking, and you'd shoot by left clicking. Silencers would remove the white flash (not the smoke) when shooting. Flags could also be placeable, so people can turn their guard-towers into sniper nests by placing down a flag.

    While this would be cool, I'd rather have more melee weapons or different kinds of bows.
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