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    posted a message on 1.2.5 Hunger Games
    All above added, except the guy who didn't post an IGN.
    Spots left: 19
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    posted a message on 1.2.5 Hunger Games
    This is only a beta match, we're looking for critism and feedback!

    Offline for major maintenance

    Once you join, you're free to choose one of the launch pads and enter one.
    When we have enough people (24) we will start a countdown, your pad will be raised and you are free to do whatever you want. In the middle of the arena is chests filled with various items, which will make it easier to survive.
    Even if you use the common tactic of running away and get to safety, you still have a chance to get gear and food. You're able to chop wood and harvest mushrooms. You can also mine ores, but most of them requires good pickaxes which can only be found in spawn or in one of the old ruins scattered around the map.
    You're unable to break most blocks and you can't place any kinds of blocks at all.
    The server is in beta, and we're working to make more maps and having more variation.


    No hacking or exploiting of any kind.
    Once the games has begun, you're not permitted to log off. If you do, you will have to wait for the next match.
    Do not use glitches that gives you an advantage.
    Use common sense.
    Excessive racism, swearing and stupidity will get you muted or banned.
    Do not ask for OP or free items.
    If you find a cave or an exploit, tell an admin.

    Do you accept the rules:
    Why do you want to join:

    There's no hidden symbol or phrase to put into the application. I don't care if you read the rules or not.

    This is our first match and we have only made one map for now. We'll run a few matches on this map just to test it and see how good it works before making more of them.
    The first map's theme is a snowy forest. The map size is large.

    3 US dollars or deciding what theme the next map will be.
    Note: this only applies for the beta match.
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    posted a message on Hunger Games Server
    IGN: Jextremes
    Age: 14
    MC Exp: A lot.
    Reason For Applying: Seeing a lot of Hunger Games servers and want to try out one, but all the ones I've found has been cancelled or just outright shitty.
    Will you follow the rules given by Admins/GameMakers?: Yes
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    posted a message on Anyone hate the new sounds?
    The new sounds are much better in my opinion
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    posted a message on If zombies became real, would you still use this forum?
    Quote from IAMURHUSBAND

    No, but they can destroy them. (Zombies ain't weak)

    Can you destroy a door? Probably not. And why would you become stronger by dying? I think we're pretty safe
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    posted a message on Survive the Above User's Attack
    My character gets raped by enderdragons while I'm sitting alive at my computer. No harm done.

    The next user is about to be executed, but no dragons shows up
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    posted a message on [In Dev] Lost Space: A futuristic space/diesel punk serious Roleplaying server, looking for Builder, Artist, and more! BB code f
    In game name: Jextremes
    Age: 17
    Country or timezone: Norway
    Have you played any Fallout Game? Which one: Fallout 3 and New Vegas
    Have you read The rules?: Yes

    Why do you want to play on this server?: I love Fallout and I wanna try out roleplay.

    Name: Jordan Bane

    RP Example: His vision is slowly adjusting to the darkness, making him able to spot two heavily armed enclave soldiers scouting from the catwalk. He slowly reaches down into his backpack and find his box with 308. armor piercing rounds. He loads a magazine into his rifle, which makes a loud clicking noise.

    "Who's there?" one of the guards say, right before Bane plants a shot in his throat. He instantly drops dead with a slight gargling noise while the other guards draw their weapons. Wait there was more guards? Jordan had obviously not thought this through. He pulled the bolt and let the empty cartridge hit the ground while finding a frag grenade in his bag. Assault rifle rounds is piercing the crate he is hiding behind, but he eventually pulls out a grenade, pulls the pin and throws it against the sounds. An explosion and a few reassuring screams later, Jordan pulls out his revolver and finishes off the injured soldiers before making a run for it.

    Age: 27
    Character biography: Jordan grew up in Chicago with his brother. Their parent's fate were unknown to them, and he tried not to bother. They lived together with one of their father's friends, who doesn't know what happened to their parents. He owned a shop and would sometimes teach him and Kane's brother how to use and maintain guns and other equipment. At 18, he and his brother started a small gang with some locals. They would travel in the outskirts of Chicago, looking for people to rob or kill. Kane didn't care much about morals, but once his brother insisted on executing a caravan with unarmed settlers, Kane stood up against him and said it was wrong. A disagreement broke out between the members, and soon a fight began which resulted in his brother's death. The remaining members agreed to split up and never talk about it again. As thanks, one of the settlers gave Kane his scoped hunting rifle, which he still keeps as a reminder of how easily people can get corrupted by the wasteland.
    Sorry for the grammatical errors :Diamond:
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] ShatteredMc.com [No Lag]] [Custom Pvp Plugins] [Factions] [No Whitelist!][Mcmmo]
    Great pvp server with a nice choice of plugins
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    posted a message on Bottomless Pit out of Nowhere
    Seems like some kind of glitch, there's no natural explanation for it.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] ShatteredMc.com [No Lag]] [Custom Pvp Plugins] [Factions] [No Whitelist!][Mcmmo]
    When me and my friend tries to log on, our minecraft crashes for some reason. I've tried 5 times, have reset my minecraft folder twice and tried it in 1.2.4, yet it happens. Happened sometimes yesterday too. What do?

    EDIT: It worked
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    posted a message on What is your killing style?
    On most mobs like skeletons, zombies and badly armed players I just walk up to them and kill them with fast and precise blows.
    With creepers I run, hit and back up until it dies. On decent equipped players I use stealth.
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    posted a message on What is your least favorite type of underground structure when mining?
    1. Strongholds
    2. Dungeons
    3. Caves
    4. Gravel
    5. Lava
    6. Ravines
    7. Mineshafts (There's a lot of them and they're buggy and ugly as ****.)
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