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    posted a message on Are you popular/social at your school?
    I have a group of six friends I hang around with at school, but I'm on good terms with most people in my class.
    It's mostly because my class views me as some kind of quiet genius, while I'm actually just some douchebag who doesn't want to make an ass out of himself by talking. In the end, everyone's pretty neutral against me.
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    posted a message on Have you guys gone through puberty?
    No. I don't have facial hair yet, and my body height is still increasing.
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    posted a message on Scary Moments
    When I can't find the sharp object I accidentally dropped
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    posted a message on Zombie Apocalypse: Can You Survive It?
    Question 1: Do you own a firearm of any kind?
    Yes: +2
    You have the gun but no ammo, or you have the ammo but no gun: +1
    No: +0

    Question 2: Do you have a heavy vehicle that can plow through many zombies without being thrown or damaged?
    Yes: +1
    No: +0

    Question 3: Do you own a TV (Television) or Radio?
    Yes: +2
    No: -2

    Question 4: Do you watch/listen to the news channel/station?
    Daily: +2
    Weekly: +1
    Rarely: +0

    Question 5: If you have a cell phone how many contacts do you have on it?
    Fifty and up: +4
    25-49: +3
    10-24: +2
    less than 10: +1
    No cell phone: +0

    No contacts, I just use the recent calls function. +1

    Question 6: Do you live in a heavily populated are?
    Yes: -3
    Mildly populated: -2
    Sparse/No one around: -1

    Question 7: Do you have a healty body? (No bad injuries, being able to walk, etc.)
    Yes: +2
    Sick: +1
    Paralyzed/Handicapped: +0

    Question 8: There's no options. +0

    Question 9: Do you know how to use a melee weapon? (You must know how to use it, you can't just swing it around wildly.)
    Yes: +2 (I've never used a machete or a baseball bat, but it's pretty obvious how you should use them)
    No: +1

    Question 10: Do you know any Martial Arts?
    Yes: +1
    No: +0

    Question 11: Do you own a boat and live near a large body of water?
    Yes: +3 (My dad owns a resturant-boat thingy. It's in a lake.)
    Just the boat, or just the water: +1
    No: +0

    Question 12: Do you have a secure and stabilized area to store food, supplies, etc.? ((With something to keep it stabilized) Electricity won't last long, some examples are a generator, and engine, etc.)
    Yes: +3 (On the boat)
    Secure but not stabilized, or stabilized but not secure: +2
    No: +1

    Question 13: Do you have supplies to create, and/or destroy barriers?\
    Yes: +2 (Don't see the point if I'm going to live on a boat)
    Half the supplies: +1
    No: +0

    Question 14: Do you work efficiently in groups?
    Yes +1
    No +1

    Question 15: Do you own a private island?
    Yes: +4
    Kind of: +4 (why do I have to own it? It's an apocalypse)
    No: +0

    Question 16: Do you have a large food source? (Farm, market, etc.)
    Yes: +2
    No: +0

    Question 17: Have you been bitten by a zombie?
    No: Good the world is safe for today.

    Score: 21
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    posted a message on Skyrim: your favorite stuff!
    npc: Paarthurnax
    enemy: Dragons
    gem: Black Star
    ingredient: Daedra Heart
    giant camp: ... What?
    dragon species: Legendary
    annoying foe: Cicero
    weapon: Ebony Blade
    cow: What I said to question 5
    dragon claw: Diamond
    dungeon: Labyrinthian
    city: Windhelm
    dragon priest: I don't know... Probably the one in the College of Winterhold questline.
    apple color: I couldn't care less, but I guess I like the color red more than green
    food: Cheese wheels/sweetrolls
    staff: Wabbajack
    House: Windhelm
    Faction: Dawguard/Thieves' Guild
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    posted a message on The Skyrim class challenge!
    I went Jack-of-all-trades on my first playthrough, but when I play it now, I always use one combat style exclusively. Yeah, it's much easier.
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    posted a message on If you don't cook, what do you eat?
    Quote from tandil

    parents, other than that usually hot pockets or frozen pizzas. I also have about 10 bags of chicken nuggets that i throw in a toaster oven.

    I like eating parents too
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    posted a message on Arma2 DayZ mod
    Quote from FillyRarity

    Isn't it going standalone?

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    posted a message on Iron Arrows in 1.5
    Make flint more common, regular arrows weaker, make iron arrow recipe only give you 2 arrows instead of 4 and this would work fine.
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    posted a message on Apocalypse Survival Gear
    Quote from TheEvanCat

    I also wouldn't be scared of a guy with a katana.

    Not even if he looked Japanese?
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    posted a message on Scariest, Saddest, And longest you've spent on a game?
    Scariest: "The House". I only get scared by jumpscares, which is why Amnesia don't scare me too much.
    Saddest: I'd say Heavy Rain, but only saw a walkthrough, haven't played it. Red Dead Redemption.
    Longest: Runescape... It was so addicting it's almost scary.
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    posted a message on Halo vs CoD: Which Is Better?
    I really dislike both games, but I'll have to go with CoD. I've only played Halo once, at my friend's place, and I became bored after the first five minutes. CoD was really addicting.
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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!
    It will literally take us thirteen thousand years to reach our goal if we keep this pace...
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    posted a message on Dead in a day!
    Erase all traces of my online existence before trying to rob a gas station armed with a cucumber.
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