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    posted a message on I'm trying to remember this one mod's name...

    There was this one mod long ago that changed the way Minecraft's worlds worked...

    Basically, it allows you to dig way beyond the limit of the world: digging straight down would now eventually lead to The Nether, and digging even deeper would lead you to the supposed other side of the world, back to the surface where'd you'd be flipped upside so you can walk there. It also included a new world type where it'd have that other side right above the normal surface too...

    Does anyone here know the mod I'm talking about?? I swear this was a mod that existed, and I wanna find it again.

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    posted a message on Challenge me!

    Be a pacifist.

    No killing.

    At all.


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    posted a message on Just curious.

    Who amongst the Minecraft community would enjoy to see Steve? as a playable character in Super Smash Brothers for Switch?

    Do you think he has a chance, moveset potential, enough of a following?

    Or if you're against it, any (valid) reason to it? I'd love to hear* your* opinions.

    I've got nothing else better to do so...

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    posted a message on Did the version selection option split up the community?

    This is more or less a theory I have, that the version selection option tab split up, and continues to split up, the Minecraft community. I say this because of the option it gives, for players to stay behind the newest updates because they just don't like the latest version's changes. Of course, there are logical reasons to stay behind, such as to get access to mods that have been abandoned and left stuck on that version, but sadly I don't think many people use it for that. I feel like I'm seeing a lot of players use it just to avoid change, which splits up the community into like 4 or 5+ different types. As much as I hate to say it, being someone who mainly sticks to 1.7.10 and 1.8, I feel as though this option just never allows the community the game has to progress. Sure, the newest updates may bring in new players, but the old ones who never allow change will still be there, sometimes harassing the newer players and acting like old people saying things like "Well back in the original version of..." Now please keep in mind I'm not saying everyone is like this. As I said, there are logical reasons for this option and even mature players who keep personal preference in mind, I just feel like their in the minority though.

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    posted a message on What would you consider to be the Classic version of Minecraft: Java Edition?
    Quote from Herb_»

    Well... there is a version actually called "Classic". It was before indev, infdev, alpha and beta.

    Other than that, it depends what you mean. If you mean the best, I think the latest one is the best.

    I assume you want us to choose an older one, but what do you consider old? I'd choose the most recent one you permitted; if you say "before 1.10" I'd say 1.9.4, if you say "before 1.5" I'd say 1.4.7.

    But, trying to give you a good answer... I'd have to suggest 1.64. That might be partly because it's the one I played on the most, because I had a potato PC that couldn't get beyond it; but also, it played a lot of excellent modpacks. And it was very stable too.

    Quote from SmugSmirk»

    By definition, wouldn't it be Minecraft 1.0?

    Quote from Badprenup»

    For me, unless I am playing on a specific server or with a specific mod pack (both incredibly rare for me, I'm mostly used to single player vanilla) I am always on the latest version. I don't consider any one version to be classic, to me it keeps improving.

    Hm... Okay yeah, I could've worded that better.
    I guess what I'm trying to ask is basically, what is the first version of Minecraft you've ever played?
    When you made your first world, where you just relaxed, built a house, and tried hard to get those diamonds, before all these new fancy blocks and what-not.

    The most nostalgic version to you. If you started with console, then that's okay too, if you can remember what version it was on.
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    posted a message on What would you consider to be the Classic version of Minecraft: Java Edition?

    I'm talking about game versions you can choose within the launcher.
    I'm asking this as I'm working on a project that requires this question answered.
    Thanks in advance.

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    posted a message on Web Displays - Browse On the Internet in Minecraft!
    Quote from spannerman79»

    That is utter BS

    To users;
    For now best to use the following mods specifically (1.7.10)
    MCEF-1.7.10-0.6 & WebDisplays-0.11

    NB: You will need to kill jcef_helper.exe once you close/end your minecraft session though. The "fix" was resolved with 0.7 MCEF but that has issues running.

    Again BS. Log in spoiler proving otherwise. Timestamps are UTC+11

    [09:15:14] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Detected platform: win64

    [09:15:14] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Checking for missing resources...

    [09:15:14] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Found 15 missing resources. Downloading...

    [09:15:14] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Mirror kindly provided by montoyo.net

    [09:15:14] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading cef.pak"

    [09:15:18] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading cef_100_percent.pak"

    [09:15:19] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading cef_200_percent.pak"

    [09:15:20] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading d3dcompiler_43.dll"

    [09:15:26] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading d3dcompiler_46.dll"

    [09:15:38] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading devtools_resources.pak"

    [09:15:55] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading ffmpegsumo.dll"

    [09:15:57] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading icudtl.dat"

    [09:16:21] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading jcef.dll"

    [09:16:22] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading jcef_helper.exe"

    [09:16:23] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading libcef.dll"

    [09:17:28] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading libEGL.dll"

    [09:17:29] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading libGLESv2.dll"

    [09:17:30] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading pdf.dll"

    [09:17:51] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Downloading locales.zip"

    [09:17:51] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Task changed to "Extracting locales.zip"

    [09:17:52] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Done; all resources were downloaded.

    [09:17:52] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Now adding "C:/Users/<REMOVED>/MultiMC/instances/WebDisplays/minecraft" to java.library.path

    [09:17:52] [Client thread/INFO] [MCEF]: Done without errors.

    This was all done in a new fresh MutiMC instance. Forge 1614, Java 8u121

    I'm confused?
    Is this the fix for the screen not appearing on the in-game screen? If so, then I already have WebDisplays 0.11 and MCEF 1.7.10-0.6.

    And I'm not sure what this jcef_helper.exe is.
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    posted a message on Mariculture ~ Updated 21/04/2015

    Download doesn't work. :/

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    posted a message on The Twilight Forest (v2.3.5: Wrecking Block)

    Is this mod dead?

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    posted a message on SCP Craft 2: Reincarnation

    So. . . Are all SCP mods dead?...

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    posted a message on Web Displays - Browse On the Internet in Minecraft!

    So... this is a recent problem for me, the screen doesn't show up on the, well, in-game screen. I have MCEF, and this WAS working about a month ago, but now it doesn't work.

    I have Optifine, I'm on MC version 1.7.10, I have flash updated (I think), and I don't know what you mean by 'log.'

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    posted a message on More Planets v2.0.8 - Galacticraft Add-on

    Can you still have the link for the 1.7.10 version?
    I get it's discontinued, but I still use 1.7.10 cause that's where most of the cool mods still are.
    I recently miss-placed my 1.7 version of this and I came back here to re-download it, but it's not here.

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    posted a message on KAGIC v1.9 [MC 1.11] – STEVEN UNIVERSE MOD [30000+ DLs]

    Now I can have an A R M Y of Peridots!


    You could probably guess who my favorite gem is.

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    posted a message on Extended Workbench v1.4.2

    Dropbox download doesn't work, file not found.

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    posted a message on Mowzie's Mobs: Powerful overworld enemies and more! - Version 1.5.4: Down below and up above!

    I don't know if this is a problem with my game, Optifine, your mod, or some other mod I have, but the Wroughtnaut Helm and one of the Barakoa mask's don't have textures or models. They just come up as either pink squares or black and pink squares, it's different every time I load the game. Could you know what's going on here?

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