About Me
Well, dododododo. Anyways, JTHM is what I LOVE, I also like minecraft, music, art, and acting. I've been to 3 different schools so far and am hoping to have a career in ANIMATION!!! I am VERY into animated movies and cartoons! YEAH! I absolutely love the anime show "Attack on Titan", and also love the movie "Where the Red Fern Grows"

I'm not into extree popularity, meaning like those crazy YouTubers out there. I mean, having people know you is cool :3

I hope there is more me's out there! Also I hope there are some Johnnys and Jennys out there! (Meaning like the comic JTHM)

Interests Minecraft, comics, rock music (such as Black veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, etc.), Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, art, YouTube, people, scary movies, when people RageQuit on games, when people rage, purple things, greek food, old people, mangas, animations, romance movies, animated movies, SkyDoesMinecraft, mlghwnt, tobuscus, Jhonen Vasquez, Invader Zim (particularly GIR), Big Bang Theory, science, technology, TIGERS!!! XD, lions, babies, funny stuff, ME XD, Jeff the Killer, CREEPY STUFF, SCAR STUFF, horror minecraft maps + games, Slenderman, evil people(such as Slenderman, JTHM, etc.) Harry Potter, JK Rowling, and yellow stuff, lemons, and the scent of fresh parchment paper.

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Minecraft EnderGirl128