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    posted a message on Add "Can Wear Armor" Option for Slimes

    My suggestion is to let Slimes wear Armor. To be a bit more precise, I am suggesting that Slimes be given the ability to wear HELMETS.

    This could be an option that is toggled on and off, and would read as "can wear armor=(0 or 1)".

    It would be OFF by default, but would give the option to spawn in special slimes that HAVE helms on. This would open up a LOT of possibilities.

    Slimes with Helmets. Meh. Boring?

    Players being chased around by INVISIBLE SLIMES WEARING SKULLS!?! WHAT!?! AWESOME!

    Or even Invisible Slimes disguised as a CHEST hiding in a temple... Just WAITING for the players to happen upon them.

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    posted a message on Decoy System Idea! An NEW use for Chicken Eggs!

    Ever throw Chicken Eggs at mobs? I have! And of course, when you throw a
    Chicken Egg at a mob there is a slight chance of a Baby Chicken popping
    into existence!

    My suggestion is to, when this happens, have the mob then TARGET the Baby Chicken!

    This could give the player a chance to escape from touch situations... or just set off a Creeper!

    Put your self in the following scenario...

    You have a hoard of mixed Hostile Mobs following you... including a Creeper or two.

    All you need to do now is throw a few Chicken Eggs at the Creepers and HOPE that a Baby Chicken or FOUR pops into existence!

    Then, run! Before you know what happened... well... lets just say 'Boom goes the dynamite.'

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    posted a message on Playing this game is pointless because of cheaters

    Your best bet is to find a small server where every body has known each other for a long time. Those are usually good servers.

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    posted a message on guns - flintlocks and muskets
    I don't see this happening.

    But, I am indifferent. I don't care if they are ever added or not.

    That being said, some of the reasons WHY that have been mentioned just don't seem to work.

    'It wouldn't fit'

    WHY would it not fit?

    Are they too complex? No. We have pistons, hoppers, droppers, and dispensers, which could all be considered a bit complex.

    Are they too violent? No. We have combat. Bows, Swords, Fire Charges, TNT can ALL be used to dismember mobs.

    It would ruin the gameplay!!! No. Unless you USE the gun, it won't effect game play in any way what so ever.

    I personally feel that guns would fit very well into the minecraft world.

    We have Gunpowder. We can craft fireworks and TNT.

    Guns would fit just fine. They are NOT a bad idea... Just a bit over stated.

    Will they be added? No. They will most likely NEVER be added, and I'm fine with that.
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    posted a message on Custom Armor
    Here is what is listed in the concept.

    Each player can create a 'Unique Armor Design' or UAD

    They can then Upload the armor design to a database

    Other players will then be able to see the players UAD with out having to switch resource packs

    In addition, there could be an option to NOT see UAD's in case players are worried that others may use the option to trick others into thinking that they either have better armor than they do, or no armor at all.

    Some people feel that all of this can be solved by the creation and subsequent use of Resource Packs.

    Sadly, Resource Packs(RPs) only let you see the armor set that is included in the pack it's self. What I am suggesting is an option for every one who wants to, to have a Unique Armor Design that others can also see while in game, regardless of the RP that they are making use of at the time.


    My Avitar is a Skeleton with a Spider Face. As such, standard armor does not quite look right on my Avi's head.

    I can edit the armor sprites in the resource pack to fix that for myself, but what I would like to suggest is that each player have the option to upload an armor set similar to the way that we can upload our Player Models.

    Then, anytime I put on a new helmet, it would appear as the one I designed. And not just to me, but to every one who viewed me wearing it. But when another individual put on the helmet, it would appear as thier design. If they did not upload one, it would revert to the default design.

    Resource packs wouldn't be effected since people with the default set would see the resource pack armor sets.

    Just think. You could have a grand variety of armored individuals running about...The entire Marval (or DC) Universe if ya'll like... who could then remove thier 'discguises' by simply removing thier armor.
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    posted a message on Useing 'Setblock' command to place custom spawners
    I'm attempting to use the /setblock command to place custom spawners, but with very little success.

    The following command places a pig spawner:
    /setblock ~5 ~ ~ 52

    Now. After that, I'm stuck.

    I've tried:
    /setblock ~5 ~ ~ 52 {EntityId:Skeleton}
    /setblock ~5 ~ ~ 52 [EntityId:Skeleton]
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    posted a message on If aliens invaded, do we have any weapons in development that would stand a chance?
    Lets approach this properly.

    First question is WHY would extraterrestrials visit the Earth.

    Resources is out of the question. Any thing they would be able to acquire from Earth could most likely be found:
    With in a closer proximity of their home
    or in the case of a 'Wandering Civilization':
    Found on uninhabited worlds.

    If that is the case then they are most likely NON-hostile. They may simple be curious about native species and be making a database of said species.

    War Games?
    Perhaps the species in question enjoy testing their skills against other species in simulated combat. If that was the case, then they would get very little satisfaction from our attempt at defense. They just travels across the galaxy, maybe the universe. They will win.

    It would be much simpler for them to either build autonomous machines or clones. Less resources than are necessary for enslaving a new species.

    They need a new home and ours is compatible?
    No. Once again, they have been traveling through space from a great distance away. We are most likely even dealing with a first or second generation of a space borne species. They may have been traveling the universe for MANY generations. They are most likely more at home on their ships than they would be on a planet.

    They liked the scenery and decided to stop for a quick break. Earth is a nice place to visit, but the stars are home.

    Any other ideas for them visiting?
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    posted a message on [1.2] The Village Guardian Challenge!
    I'm surprised that so many people want a closer look at my work!

    The walls and towers are very basic -

    Here is the beginning phase of the wall

    Here are a couple of views, one from Mine Town and the other from Krosis -

    And yes, Mine Town entrance is ALSO the entrance to my mine / quarry

    I had to gate off the lower levels. Too many of the villagers were getting lost down there.
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    posted a message on [1.2] The Village Guardian Challenge!

    I now have TWO towns.

    Here is the latest upgrade to Krosis -

    Closer look at the first exspanion -

    And the second Village, built along the coast where my mine is located -

    I've settled on a house design and it seems to be quite effective at allowing villager to breed.

    First level is 5x5 cobble frame with a wood plank floor (grass level normally)

    Next, I do another 5x5 cobble frame (I feel that this is the key... the cobble next to the door seems to be what the system is looking for)

    And the rest is built of Planks, though you can change this part up if you like.

    But with a cobble generator and a tree farm, you TOO could have your own city.

    *it was a bit difficult getting the villagers over to mine town. I had to 'flush' a couple there through a dirt hallway with several 'locks' to keep them from returning. I may try a cart system next time.
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    posted a message on [1.2] The Village Guardian Challenge!
    I accept.

    The Challange Begins - Discovering the village of Krosis.

    Found a chest in the BlackSmith shop -

    I quickly slip into the steel pants.
    I then decide that it would serve me well in the future if I plant the saplings.

    Using what tools I have, I begin to work out the best set of defenses for Krosis - I build a dirt wall.

    Having finished the simple dirt barricade, I spent the night patrolling... I wanted to be certain that no enemies were able to find a breach.

    While patroling, I notice that my trees were starting to grow.
    I spend the next few days growing and harvesting my small forest. Thanks to the bones dropped by the skeletons, I was able to gather the materials I need quickly.

    Oh! What a nice reward for my hard work. ^-^ (this image was from later, but it seemed relevant.)

    I use the Wood to make Planks, Sticks, some basic Tools, and Charcoal! I can finally put together some torches.

    It is now time to upgrade the defenses.


    Creeper snuck into town.

    The Librarian seems to be just fine though.

    I finally get around to doing repairs (after gathering up some sand)

    - Quite a while later -

    I've finished the first major upgrade to the Village of Krosis. I feel that the Villagers are very well protected at this point, and I am now planning on an expansion of the village.

    Full Wood Upgrade phase One

    The next phase (expansion) is going to require LOTS of material. Mostly, Stone and Gravel.

    Time to create a Quarry and Mine.

    Lets start the mine right here...

    The current Mine

    Some of the spoils from my work. I decided to go for the bedrock.

    Time to make some nice tools.

    Now that I've gathered more materials, I can begin the expansion project.

    Now that more housing is available, more villagers are being 'produced'.

    And a Golem has appeared.

    I plan on doing a bit more work with the Village.

    Here is a current image.

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