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    posted a message on you are trapped in a room with other off topic users
    Quote from InfoTeddy

    Open my FETCH 3000 into a quantum portal, go through it, close it from the other side and teleport it through here, and then do my business in my quantum dimension.Hacker!

    /ban Jeheace Stop hacking or I’ll ban your IP.

    Ok. SO all it would take was a little hacking?

    I'd hack until I was banned from the room.
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    posted a message on [Req]Rebirth of the Drakaina[Req]
    The Drakaina refers to the Snake People often referred to as Lamias, one of the most famous being Echidna.

    I know the request or idea is in at LEAST one more topic http://www.minecraft...p?f=25&t=172667 but I feel that this Mob should be created as a stand alone... And I've created a model that can be adapted to make several varieties... Male, Female... Dark.

    I don't think that ALL of the Drakaina should be classified as evil... I think that there should be a random chance for there alignment to be Good, Neutral or Evil... and a skin that matches accordingly.

    Here are the models that I've currently have created. The work was done in Anim8or and the art is done DIRECTLY on the model, and will most likely NOT carry over to different formats. The models are LOW POLY but not Minimal. I Each pixel is a face, them color was added one at a time. I CAN make the model MINIMAL if needed. In fact, I'll do that right now.

    That said, I'd like to offer the images I currently have, and the models to anybody willing to attempt to make this Mob.

    Some Questions and Answers from the old post in Mod Disscussion
    I'll start my reply by listing the Types of Drakaina I'd like to see and their locals in the game world.

    1. Proto Drakaina - That is to say, the Test Drakaina... If no others are made, at the very least one type will roam the MC world. This one should be removed if different species are made. This Drakaina should spawn on grass and smooth stone, day or night. o.O

    2. Grass Drakaina - Spawns in grassy areas

    3. Wood Drakaina - Spawns next to trees... Only near log blocks that are connected to Leaf blocks

    4. Ice Drakaina - Spawns in snowy areas

    5. Cave Drakaina - Spawns in cave like conditions

    Desterrado said:

    I have some questions to ask, which may or may not aid any possible modders for this (myself included :P ) and that I feel are neccessary.

    1) Based on what I can see, is it safe to assume that they are exactly that same height as a general human? If not, what is their height in comparison to a human?

    - Originally I wanted the Drakaina to be roughly the same height as the Character, but when I made the model they ended up about five pixels shorter... o.O

    Desterrado said:

    2) How many polygons are there in the model? The torso is split into two, lengthways, so would that mean the total polygons is 11, or 10 if the torso is actually one box?

    - The Drakaina models are composed of 12 boxes, which are each in turn composed of 6 faces... so that would be 72 polygons. Note that the Female version would have up to 2 more boxes than the male.

    Desterrado said:

    3) What would their health be? 20 is a human, so would a Drakaina have similar health or more or less?

    - The Proto and Grass's health would be 20 like the Character.
    Cave, Ice and Forest would be slightly more rugged, so 25

    Desterrado said:

    4) What would their behaviour be like? Would it vary depending on their type; male, female, evil, other? 5)Would they vary in such a way that some appear with weapons, some appear with armour, some appear with nothing at all?

    -Grass - Simple life, live in small groups, non-hostile unless attacked. If provoked, they use swords. Will protect Livestock from hostile mobs. Occasionally wear leather armor. Weapons on rare occasions. Drop wool, pork or feathers.

    Wood - Non hostile unless attacked. Use bow when hunting other mobs. Iron and Gold armour. Seen with bows. Drop bows, arrows or armor

    Ice - Hostile since resources are more rare in the snowy regions. Attack with sword, hunts pigs and cows. Iron armor and Swords. Drop pork, leather, or weapon

    Cave - VERY hostile. This species can Mine. Attack non-Cave Drakaina mobs they encounter. Wear Iron and Diamond armor, wield Iron and Diamond swords. Drop ores, picks, or weapon.

    Desterrado said:

    6) Other than the tails, do they have any physical difference between themselves and humans?

    - I think that the tail is the only variation and difference.

    Desterrado said:

    Personally, I prefer to have something to base my ideas on, so if I were to take up this mod, (which I may do, it looks like it could be awesone), I'd like to have some more knowledge on them. Answers will determine my possibility of making this.

    -Sorry the response took so long... I've been busy today. Been working on this response off and on since about 6 pm... is now 9:20 pm... o.O

    Here is the current concept art -

    More concept art - Various tribes of the Drakaina People

    Grass - Can be found in small groups on grassy plains and sunny hills.

    Ice - Spawn only under these VERY RARE conditions - Open pools of lava near snow and ice.

    Wood - Live in forests and woodlands in small organized groups

    Cave - Live near lava deep beneath the ground

    Grass Drakaina with Helm and Chest armor -

    Anybody interested in the model are welcome to message me. I can email it to you, just need to know what format you want.
    Options are:
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    posted a message on [REQ] The Drakaina [Custom Art] -Snake People-
    Looking for any other ideas for more Types of Drakaina.
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    posted a message on DrZhark's Mo' Creatures (mod suggestion thread)
    What about Drakaina (Naga)?

    Some model and art ideas for them.
    Drakaina Model breakdown and Height

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    posted a message on The above 2 avatars went to war, and who would win?
    Sharp and Neiot go to war due to a misunderstanding of the interwebs.

    A judge tells Sharp that they are disqualified for only waiting one post to post again, and as Sharp is distracted, Neiot rips their throat out.

    Neiot wins.
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    posted a message on you are trapped in a room with other off topic users
    I type /gamemode creative, and proceed to punch a hole in the nearest wall.

    I then walk out, unleashing unto the world a flood of Off Topicers.
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    posted a message on Recruiting for Xen0 Craft
    Are you over 20 years old? Frustrated playing with kids? Tired of abusive admins? Come join our community of adults!

    I'm Unofficially recruiting for a server I play on run by Xen0!

    It's a great Survival Server that uses MHome and CraftBook, and it is currently running MC Version 1.5.1

    Xen0's Homepage
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w24a Ready For Testing!
    Quote from Nokaaj

    Is it possible to find a Client Jar version of this Snapshot ?
    Because my FPS are devided by twenty when i'm using MinecraftDev...
    (200 FPS on Minecraft, 10 FPS on MinecraftDev) so you understand that it's just unplayable.
    I think i'm not the only one who can't enjoy the last snapshot because of this problem. :(

    Quote from Vaethus

    Did you make sure that the page open with all of the code running was closed after the game started? that can fix a lot of lag.

    Back up your current version of minecraft before doing this...
    Go to Versions folder, find this executable jar file of the version you want, copy it to the original bin bin folder, rename it minecraft.
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    posted a message on Trying to use 'Moving Walkway' /tp command[SOLVED][I DERPED]
    I was intrigued when I saw on the Commnad Block Tutorials a design for a 'Moving Walkway' that uses the command blocks programmed with a form of the /tp command.

    But I am having issues getting it to work with the /r bit, or the radius option.

    This is what they SAY to do...

    /tp @a(or if you want to reserve it for certain people you can change that) <type ~[1 if you want to move along the x axis] ~0 ~[1 if you want to move along the z axis]> [r=(length of sidewalk / 2)

    Ok. I got lost.

    I got the /tp @p ~0 ~1 ~0 part working, but I can figure out how to add the /r or where even to make it work...

    I've tried the following
    /tp @p ~0 ~1 ~0 r=5

    /tp @p ~0 ~1 ~0 5

    /tp @p ~0 ~1 ~0 [r=5]

    /tp @p[~0 ~1 ~0][r=5]

    Any ideas what might work?

    Never mind.

    /tp @p[r=10] ~0 ~1 ~0
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    posted a message on [Tutorial] Customizing a MobSpawner/Villager with an NBT Editor [Trial and Error]
    When editing a spawner multiple times you may want to find the [ListTag] called spawnpotential and delete it.

    It holds the 'default' spawner data from the last time the program was loaded, and may be reverted back to.

    A new one will be created automatically, so no worries!
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    posted a message on [Tutorial] Customizing a MobSpawner/Villager with an NBT Editor [Trial and Error]
    To NBTX Modify a Villager ^-^

    To start, I used a Villager Egg and spawned a Villager, Butcher by Default.
    I located my Villager in NBXT using the ctrl+f feature.

    I open him up and found a LOT of stuff, but I'll get to the stuff that mattered (to me)
    First thing I noticed was the [Int Tag] Profession: 4 and decided to try my luck. I double clicked the tag and changed 4 to 5.
    When I reloaded my world I had a fancy Green Coat Villager.

    Next, I went down the list to see what I could find.
    I see a CustomeName tag... But be sure that if you bother to give a Mob a custom, it is also a good idea to change the following options (further up)
    CustomNameVisisble: From 0 to 1 (Makes the name Visible?)
    invulnerable: From 0 to 1 (Doesn't take damage?)
    PersistenceRequired: From 0 to 1 (Keeps mob from despawning)

    Next, I noticed that Villagers have an Equipment option... I'll mess with that later.
    I messed around with this. I had not luck with it.

    And what I came here for...
    Open that to find Recipes
    Open Recipes
    I now find myself looking at two [IntTags] and two [CompoundTags]
    [int]maxUses: 17 (How many times the trade will be available)
    [int]uses: 0 (How many times the trade has been made)
    [Comp]buy: 3 entries
    [Comp]sell: 3 entries

    [Comp]buy is what the Villager will ACCEPT for what is in [Comp]sell.

    Inside [Comp]buy is a [ByteTag] and two [ShortTag]s
    [Shrt]Damgae: 0
    [Shrt]id: 319

    And inside [Comp]sell are also a [ByteTag] and two [ShortTag]s
    [Byte]Count: 1
    [Shrt]Damage: 0
    [Shrt]id: 388

    So, this villager will TAKE 14 pork chops from the player and give them 1 emerald.

    We can now CHANGE what the villager offers, what he accepts, and even how many times.

    I now have an Immortal, Persistent, Green Villager named Kermit that offers me a Spawner for 64 Rotten Flesh.

    I now have been inspired to delve deeper, and see whether or not I can use some of the extra 'spawndata' to create a spawner that can spawn Wither Skellies.

    Solved! In 'SpawnData' I added an extra [Byte] tag, Named it SkeletonType, and gave it a Value of 1.
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    posted a message on [Tutorial] Customizing a MobSpawner/Villager with an NBT Editor [Trial and Error]
    I have been attempting to create a custom MobSpawner via a(n) NBT Editor, NBTExplorer (NBTX) being the one that I have chosen to work with.

    Thank you jaquadro for the advice! ^-^ NBTExplorer Thread
    NBT Chunk Format Stuff
    Player Fomat NBT Stuff
    Data Values

    The following are the results so far.

    So far, I have found that when working with NBTX it is best to start with a fresh map, flat, on creative, with structures spawning set to OFF.

    Also, I set the mob spawning to off for the time being using (in game) /gamerule doMobSpawning false. I know that this will NOT allow me to have mobs spawning from my Spawner that I am working with, but I can still SEE the mob represented with in.

    SO far, I have learned that to FIND the spawner I wanted by following these steps:

    Open Minecraft
    Log in
    Load world
    Press either T and then /, or alternatively press /
    Type in "give playername 52" (Player name in my case was Jeheace)
    Place spawner
    Exit and Save the world
    Open NBTX
    Navigate to the specific world that you wish to edit the spawner in (LOCATE IT IN NBTX) And click that folder, making sure that it is highlighted.
    Either find 'Search' a the top or press Ctrl+F
    A small window will pop up and it will have two check boxes next to two fields.
    Check BOTH boxes.
    For the first field, which is labeled "Name", type the following:
    For the second field, which is labeled "Value", type the following:
    Click the 'Find' button

    This ought to take you to the MobSpawner.

    Alternatively, you can search for
    From here, I played around a bit, and even watched a video that showed how to change the mob that is spawned.
    Find the String called 'EntityId: Pig' (marked with an 'AA' which denotes it as being a STRING) and double click it to edit. Delete 'Pig' and type in what ever you want to spawn. Note though that spawning conditions must be met for the chosen mob type to spawn.
    In the video, the user changed the EntityId from Pig to Enderman.
    They then clicked on the Compound Tag (denoted with a brown box ?) labled '12 entries' above the short tag (denoted with an 's') that read 'Delay: 434' and then added a new Compound Tag by clicking the brown box or 'add Compound Tag' at the top right of the tool bar.
    Next, they labeled the new Compound Tag SpawnData
    Then, they clicked the Compound Tag 'SpawnData' and then added a new short tag by clicking the box with the small 's' in it on the tool bar. This short tag they labled 'carried'. They then double clicked 'carried' and the 'edit value' window popped up, at which point they typed in 46 and then clicked 'ok'
    Next a new short tag was created under SpawnData and labled carriedData
    This was then edited, changing the defualt 0 to 1, which turned the 'carriedData' from off to on.

    Now, I have done this also as part of the learning proccess and I have a spawner that spawn Endermen with tnt (is there a way to spawn them with PRIMED tnt?)


    I am preparing to start my next attempt. I shall be editing a spawner that spawn Armed Zombies.


    Using Zombie Eggs, I spawned Many Zombies, until I had finally found one with equipment. Gold to be exact, with magical pants. I promptly killed the others. (Remember, natural spawning is turned off)

    Before exiting, I placed a new Spawner (pig at this time) and then Saved and Exited the world.

    Opening up NBTX once more, I searched for:
    Name: id
    Value: Zombie

    Which promptly brought me to the creature in question.
    On a hunch, I clicked on the List entry called 'Equipment: 5 entries' and went into 'edit' and chose 'copy'

    Next, I re-selected the wolrd folder for the wolrd that I am using and ran a search for:

    After locating the spawner, I changed it into a zombie spawner, created a new compound tag called SpawnData, highlighted the new compound tag, went to 'edit' and chose 'paste'.

    I then clicked SAVE (the blue disk... if it isn't blue, then you have not made any changes since your last save)

    This is what is added when I pasted:
    [ListTag]Equipment: 5 entries
    -[CompoundTag] 3 entries
    ----[ByteTag] Count: 1
    ----[ShortTag] Damgae: 0
    ----[ShortTag] id: 268
    -[CompoundTag] 4 entries
    ----[ByteTag] Count: 1
    ----[ShortTag] Damgae: 0
    ----[ShortTag] id: 301
    ----[CompoundTag]tag: 1 entry
    ------[ListTag] ench: 1 entry
    ----------[CompoundTag] 2 entries
    --------------[ShortTag] id: 0
    --------------[ShortTag] lvl: 2
    -[CompoundTag] 3 entries
    ----[ByteTag] Count: 1
    ----[ShortTag] Damgae: 0
    ----[ShortTag] id: 300
    -[CompoundTag] 3 entries
    ----[ByteTag] Count: 1
    ----[ShortTag] Damgae: 0
    ----[ShortTag] id: 299
    -[CompoundTag] 3 entries
    ----[ByteTag] Count: 1
    ----[ShortTag] Damgae: 0
    ----[ShortTag] id: 298

    *NOTE!!! If the number values look off, it is because this was after the equipment change
    *NOTE2! Any of equipment slots that do not have an item can be left empty, As a [CompoundTag]0 entries


    Just loaded the world. ^-^

    My spawner now spits out Gold Clad Zombies with magical pants.


    After a few quick edits under the equipment entry above, I know have a spawner that spawns Zombies with(and this is from the top down entry wise)
    Wood Sword
    Leather Shoes
    Leather Pants (Magical... will attempt to modify this at a later entry)
    Leather Shirt
    Leather Hat

    note!!! Use the numerical values! Not the name of the items!


    The next section will involve Villagers.
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    posted a message on NBTExplorer - NBT Editor for Windows and Mac
    Thank you! ^-^ I will be sure to make full use of those resources.

    I've figured out most of what I was wondering! Trial and Error and Advice ^-^

    My misadventures in NBT Editing

    I have now been able to customize Spawners to spawn Sword wielding Skellies, Armored Zombies, and even WIther-Skellies with Flaming Swords!

    And I've been able to edit Villagers to not only sell me what I want, but to be Invulnerable and Persistent...

    I can now purchase a MobSpawner for 64 Rotten Flesh. ^-^
    Or A full set of Chainmail...
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    posted a message on NBTExplorer - NBT Editor for Windows and Mac
    Hi! I've been playing around with this awesome program! ^-^

    I am attempting to change a spawner to the type to spit out modded zombies...

    I can find the spawners, change the type to Zombie (or other things) and have looked through the posts a bit.

    I've followed the video, went so far as changing the test spawner back from zombie to enderman and followed the video (Giving the endermen tnt) and tested out the same settings for zombies... but to no avail.

    Do you have any idea what I would have to do to tell the spawner to spit out zombies weilding a particular sword or wearing armour?

    I appreceate any assistance that you can afford me!

    Also, I heard mention that there may be a wiki somewhere? I do hope that this is true! ^-^
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    posted a message on I am looking for a superflat overworld (super flat with more than one biome)
    Try using Minecraft World Painter, World Edit, MCEdit, or Biome Painter.

    These may help you get what you're looking for.
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