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    Nope. Although the block IS receiving power, that power is NOT transferred to the next block to turn off the torch.
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    posted a message on Do you want invisibility?
    This wont ruin PvP in the slightest. If anything, it will add an extra spark to pvp servers for a few reasons.

    1: Invisible players can still be seen, due to the potion particles. If you have your particles on minimal, that is your own fault, seeing as particles give off very little lag, unless the entire terrain is covered in torches.

    2: All armor and weapons are still shown. This will severely limit the usefulness in PvP. Players cannot use a weapon in attacking, and without armor are VERY vulnerable. Before attacking a player, the potion effects will be slightly less than noticeable, but when a player is attacked by an invisible player, it will be quite easy to find the attacker, so long as you have particle effects ON.

    3: The attacker isn't the ONLY one who can use invisibility potions. You can remove all weapons/ armor to attack an unwary player. Therefore, the defending player can also use another potion to evade the attacker.

    4: Who's to say that Jeb won't add an item which let's players see other invisible players? Even if this doesnt happen, i believe it is still very possible to create a pluggin which does this, when wearing, say, a diamond helmet.

    There is no cause for alarm. People are simply looking too deep into the situation (or not deep enough), and causing an unnecessary panic, just as they did with the ender chest.
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    posted a message on Horses soon?
    Horses would be the only reasonable mount for minecraft. any sort of technology more advanced than a minecart wouldn't really fit into the game. Horses would be a nice way to more quickly get from place to place, while still retaining the rustic feeling of minecraft.
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    you might consider re-making the video w/o errors lol... also, FRENCH WUT WUT WUT
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    posted a message on Are strongholds going to have imperishable walls?
    Quote from SirLeeuwenKlauw

    Not going to happen, no block except for bedrock is indestructible.

    Have you ever played the Aether mod? There are dungeons that are indestructible, until you defeat the boss inside. Before you go saying "DURR THAT'S A MOD AND MODS AREN'T MINECRAFT", think; If it is possible in a mod, it is possible in minecraft.

    @thread, I sure hope he does. it's hard to fight the temptation of cheating, when it's right there in front of you lol
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    posted a message on Is there a ufficial modding support?
    Quote from AXELTOPOLINO

    I'm studying java and mc files to finish my mod, but I've got some small questions and problems.
    I'd like to know if there is an ufficial irc channel (or anything else) to have some help in modding.

    In particular, I'd like to know how spawn a block in front of the player using an Item.


    the grammar/ spelling in the title makes me want to cry...
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