About Me
I'm Jeear, I'm from Asia so don't expect me to have a good English because that's not my native language.
And if I ever became harsh to you, I am sorry, I'm trying to be nice but sometimes I can't just control it
I am also a Ninja, Wizard and I am known as "The Majestic king of king of emperor of king of king of emperor of the kings of king of Emperor at My Imperial and Royal Majesty Anthony the Great, by the Grace of God, Cascadian Emperor and King of Washington, Margrave of Renton, Burgrave of Auburn, Count of Seattle, Duke of Kent and of the County of King, Grand Duke of the Cascadian Empire"
I tamed the Kraken and the Chimera and Circe is my best friend.

Yes, I love Pokémon! (Obviously) and I really like Leafeon, well it's kind of cute and has a good stats (attack and defense) although it's not as strong as the others, I like leafeon because of it's cuteness.

My other favorite Pokémons:

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Interests Dragons, Minecraft and Pokemon, Books, Cats, Dogs, Mysteries, Adventure, Fiction.

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