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    mcph, i have a bunch of questions:
    I need hosting for a server.
    i'll have 3-5 builders. we'll be working for a year before opening so our needs are a bit unique, maybe.

    I'm used to spc, where you can type in-game commands to copy-paste blocks.
    unfortunately, spc only supports minecraft1.6.4
    do you guys supply in-game editing tools?
    if not, are there any third-party in-game editing tools which work with your servers?

    what is the pipeline for using mcEdit?
    to make changes, do we have to download a portion of the world, edit it, and re-upload?

    3.) game mode
    we'll need to be able to fly, teleport, and /give ourselves command blocks in creative mode,
    and then when we go live, we'll need to switch the server to adventure mode (with survival zones set by command blocks)
    Is this possible? Easy to do? Secure?

    thanks in advance
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    posted a message on Twelve - a Minecraft map to mark 12.12.12
    probably the hard part on the nether parkour is that you shimmy along the outside of a window a couple of times.

    there's a walkthrough here:

    the nether part starts at about 5:15
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    posted a message on A Texture Artist's Guide to MCPatcher's Features
    sorry. where does the color.properties file go?
    i've tried assets/minecraft/mcpatcher/color.properties and other places
    doesn't work

    the content of my color.properties file is

    but water particles are still blue
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    posted a message on Mapmakers: How Are You Handling 1.7.4?
    is there any indication that spc will be upgraded?
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    posted a message on THIS DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE STOP PM'ING ME
    Fantastic! Totally helped me, and the step-by-step is just awesome. I wish all troubleshooting guides were this good.
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    posted a message on A Star Wars texture pack
    Double chests, torches, and computer looking stuff.

    Movie still, for comparison:
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    posted a message on Mellinnium Falcon build in progress
    I've been doing a lot of work on my Death Star and Star Wars texture pack. But last week the Falcon progressed a bit with exterior greebles.

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    posted a message on New Biome Coloring System in 1.7. (Discussion)

    McSpider, consider submitting that list of coordinates to the wiki.
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    posted a message on More in 1.7: Resource Pack Selection
    Quote from HLRxxKarl

    I mostly get it and see where it can be useful. But I don't get EXACTLY how it's priorities work. Let's say my first pack had sounds, textures, and language files. And then my second pack had lang files that changed the name of something else, texture files for the exact same items, mobs, and blocks; and a different set of sounds. Would it load everything from pack 1, sounds from pack 2, and merge the language files? If so, can I disable the merging of language files without removing them from a pack? Would this mean I'd need multiple language packs to prioritize over each other?

    You could think of it as firstly loading everything from pack 1, and then loading everything from pack 2 and pack 2 stuff will overwrite pack 1 stuff. Since items/mobs/blocks were the same, you wouldn't notice a difference. In fact, you'd get the same result if pack 2 omitted items/mobs/blocks. Yes, the language files would merge, with pack 2 taking presidence, and the sounds would be from pack 2. From the description in the original post, it doesn't look like there will be a pick-and-choose option that allows resources to "not be merged." But that would be a handy feature -- to merge resources by their type, but not necessarily png by png. So to pick one resource pack for wood and use another one for grass would be convoluted. But to pick sounds from one and items from another might not be so difficult.
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    Quote from ventie81

    I have some questions about this:

    Let's say i want the textures of pack A, and the sounds of pack B...
    Do i put A on top to get the textures and B below to get the sounds?
    But what if pack A already has sounds in it?
    How does minecraft know wich part of wich Resourcepack i wanna use?
    It will just pick everything from A except what A misses, that will be take from B right?
    But what if A has everything added but i don'want to use the sky, lava, or sounds but use the ones from B.
    How does minecraft know this??? This is not clear to me from the article, can someone enlighten me?
    ( Alvoria i'm looking at you... where are you?? )
    Because if all it does is filling the missing stuff from A with stuff from B, it seems kinda useless.
    That would mean i would have to take stuff out of A in order to get stuff from B showing, wich is just as tedious as mixing and matching really...
    I only use my own textures nowadays since i'm busy with my own RP, but i'm still curious as to how this is resolved.

    Edited because all that A and B made me mess up...

    Correct in that most resource pack makers are going to need to release their stuff in several packs, like sound in one, textures in another, mob skins in another. As a resource pack maker, I'll definitely be doing this. Another benefit would be combining partial packs. Like one resource pack only has textures but no mob skins. Currently, there are not many texture packs that only modify mob skins, but with this new feature, expect there will be quite a few. I just released a "armor only" texture pack. When 1.7 comes out, then anybody can use my armor with their favorite texture pack. By placing my armor pack above the other texture packs, the armor skins will be overwritten. This "design philosophy" comes right out of programming, where instead of copy-pasting the same code over and over, the code is simply modified by layers and layers.
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    posted a message on More in 1.7: Resource Pack Selection
    Quote from insomniac_lemon

    So you don't see why this is good? Personally, this is one of the few features I'll end up liking since 3D items or tripwires and daylight sensors.

    Practical use for pack artists? How about this:

    The feature will allow pack makers to design packs modularly. They can offer a single pack that's plain and simple just like good ol' times, no bells and whistles, small file size. Then, separately, make different packs that add more features not everyone will benefit from/like: sounds, music, CTM, random mobs, etc.

    Yes, that can be done now, but it's a huge duplication of effort. I you want specific features available separately, you have to make a whole new pack! Not only is that a duplication of effort to keep different versions up-to-date, if users decide they want a different version they will have to redownload much of the same data they already have.

    This actually makes me feel better about the direction of Minecraft, even after those doofy horses (and villager sounds) they added.

    Wow, CTM and animations and stuff... didn't even think of that. This is going to be great.
    Quote from FamousTijmen

    Wouldn't it also be usefull if there was a command block command to put a certain resource pack up the list? I've been thinking of making a Wizard of Oz map, but players would have to change resource packs inbetween, which isn't usefull.

    That's a sweet idea. Both Wizard of Oz map, and switching texture packs by way of command block. This gets my vote for coolest needed feature. We could switch out all the mob skins at different points in the game.
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    posted a message on More in 1.7: Resource Pack Selection
    This is fantastic! I'm making a Star Wars texture pack. With this new system, I can make an upgrade that changes all the mob skins without having to change all the textures and sounds. So, people can load my textures and then load "Cantina texture pack" which replaces all the villager skins to be Cantina creatures. And later, if I come out with a Hoth texture pack, I don't have to redo all the block textures because they will all be the same. Instead, I have another texture pack of just Hoth soldiers for villagers, and Snow Troopers for Skeletons. Brilliant move on Mojang's part.
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    posted a message on A Star Wars texture pack
    Quote from zemasand4

    I NEED A LINK!!!!!!

    Check out the first post.
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    posted a message on A Star Wars texture pack
    The first post in the topic will show the most recent screenshots.
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    posted a message on A Star Wars texture pack
    The last of the five types of armor is complete. Leather Armor becomes Jedi Robe. It can be dyed in an array of colors. By messing around with the dual layers, a sort of "round hood" was fabricated. Below are examples of Jedi and Sith robes.

    For the Jedi, the under armor is dyed light yellow. The Leggings are actually the bottom of the robe.

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