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    Awesome work! Will definitely be a useful tool for resourcepack creators and power users :)

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    Quote from a2937
    How do I use the Iking`s mod division utilities that come bundled with this Dalek mod update? I can understand how the model creator`s primitives are created, (I used Valve`s Source Engine and sucked at it badly for a year. I did what I did not with this name.) but I don`t understand how to make textures for the .m2f files. Is there some paintdotnet plugin and Texture file editor(like .vtf edit. I never made models with those though.) available for download somewhere? Lastly may someone please make a video tutorial for this?

    I'm the current maintainer of the ingame modeler, and that's a known issue. Right now, you need to go to .minecraft/config/mdc/meim/uvmaps/####.png. That's the texture file, so grab a random one and paste it into /meim/textures. Then edit it and load it into the modeler using Load Texture.
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    PMC Post: http://www.planetmin...into-your-mods/
    Source: https://github.com/G...maticReaderTest
    Download (obfuscated): http://www.creeperre...1.1.2_1.6.2.zip

    Hello! This is my new mod. Basically, it allows for you (the modder) to load a schematic file directly into your world. This saves space, and is great for small structures such as houses, villages, or ore gen. This is not meant for vast areas, such as biomes or other large block formations. Schematics should have void around them (not be on a ground, otherwise it will render the ground).

    Usage (Modders)
    Simply either download the source code, or decompile with MCP. (Not recommended, as it is forge. Just go ahead and directly add the source). Adding schematics to the loading list is easy enough, just requires two lines. (A test mod is included in the download). Simply add these two lines, one is a declaration of the schematic, the other is localizing the schematic.

    In your initialization/main file :

    public static Schematic localSchemName;

    localSchemName= new Schematic("/ModPackage/schemFileName.schematic");

    generatedSchematics = new SchematicForGeneration[]{
    new SchematicForGeneration(localSchemName);

    Source code on Github (with comments)

    I have now added support for chests with NBT. Basically, you need to call the chests your file where you are calling SchematicForGeneration. You just use default chest methods to do so.

    Schematic can call two different arguements, either a string (file path), or pre-created Schematic.

    You are allowed to include this mod in your mod download, as long as you provide a link to this mod.
    You can not post this mod alone on another site without my permission. You may not make money with just this mod, another forge mod must be attached for adf.ly links to be allowed. You may distribute this mod privately among a few people, but no mass-distribution.

    Drag into the 'mods' folder. Requires Minecraft 1.6.2 and Forge Universal.

    Mods using this mod:
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    Welcome to the official post of The Avatarian Mod!


    This mod is based on the popular 2009 movie Avatar by James Cameron. It creates a new world known as Pandora with many wonders and dangers. It is planned to be an RPG Style mod, but as of now we wish to make it entertaining and playable for the user. This mod is currently still in development and will most likely not be 100% finished for a while. Please be patient with bugs and issues, as we have lives and cannot work on this mod at all times. If you do encouter a bug/issue, please PM me or comment here so I can see it and mark it down. This way we can fix bugs and make it better.



    1. download Minecraft Forge from www.minecraftforge.net (the Universal version).
    2. Un-zip it and open the minecraft.jar
    3. Drag the minecraftforge files into the minecraft.jar
    4. Run Minecraft, start it, and log out.
    5. Go to your .minecraft folder and find the 'mods' folder.
    6. Drag Avatarmod.zip into the mods folder.

    Please keep in mind this download was due to everyone asking and the amount of PM's. It is buggy and glitchy as bugs are not the main issue/focus right now.

    World Generation

    A large tree, which Na'vi live in. This is an early beta version of the Hometree, and we are currently working on improving it.

    RDA Bases
    RDA bases are still in the work, as we are trying to find ways to have them generate with minimal lag and increased awesomeness. Ideas on these are welcome :)

    Viperwolf Dens
    These are holes in the ground in which Viperwolves live. They have a 50% chance of spawning under hometree's, so be careful around them.
    http://imgur.com/a/hepCN (Imgur gallery)

    Alters are ways to s


    This mod currently adds 9 entities, but we plan to add a lot more. We are constantly updating the mob animations, model sizes, AI, health, etc. so please be patient if something is wrong. We are making our own AI which is very hard, so we hope they will be smart, amazing mobs.

    Banshee's are one of the main inhabitants of Pandora. They are known to be ridden by Na'vi and have strong wings for flying. As of Alpha .6, they are not tameable, but do plan on it for the initial release.
    Model: Banshee

    Dire Horses

    These are the main land animal of Pandora. They are interactive animals, which are rideable. They are the horses of pandora. With six strong, powerful legs, these creatures are
    the fastest land animals out there.

    Thanators are one of the worst, most fearsome animals on Pandora. It takes multiple bullets and stab wounds to just slow it down, and it moves with incredible speed. It is thought to be the 'mother' of the Viperwolves, so be sure to be properly equipped when you fight it.

    The Leonopteryx (Toruk) is another one of the big beasts on Pandora. Its fast, strong, and has health. We gave it the boss health display and have it display smoke particles so you know how dangerous it is. I recommend using a spear and arrows against it .

    Thanks KarryBird for the amazing texture/model!
    Hammerhead Titanothere
    The Hammerhead Titanothere is the largest land animal on all of Pandora. It is a territorial animal with the head similar to that of a hammerhead shark and with charge at its enemies at an incredible speed.

    The Hexapede is the deer of Pandora. It is about 5 feet long and 2-3 feet high.
    It is harmless and will run away quickly if spotted. With an acute sense of hearing and smell,
    its near impossible to catch.


    The Viperwolf is the child of the Titanothere. Its small and sleek and fast like a cheetah. They often hunt in packs and surround the target. They have relatively low health and are close ranged, so they are easy to kill, but if theres a lot of them then run.

    The Viperwolf model, the map is now done but i can not get a full picture just yet.


    The Na'vi are the humanoids of Pandora. They have strong bones can be up to three meters tall. They are well trained and intelligent, and are able to ride most animals on Pandora such as the Banshees and Direhorses.

    Sneak Peak

    Pandorican Boar
    The Pandorican Boar is, as in its name, the boar of Pandora. With its large tusks,
    it is a worthy opponent in battle. They are often bred by the Na'vi for food
    and Ivory.

    - IMAGES -



    Because there are going to/there are a lot of items and blocks, I will not list them all here. For the recipes, I recommend using Not Enough Items. Eventually, all recipes will be on the Wiki.
    An extensive list of images can be found here - http://imgur.com/a/XlZAn


    Pandora is the planet this mod focuses on. It is a land of danger and wonder.
    The Ship

    To spawn the ship, you must craft the items necessary. These items can be found on the wiki page here.


    AvatarTech is a large portion of the mod. It is part of our add-on system, meaning you have the power to enable and disable it.
    Modules are for adding and expanding upon current engines. This means you can add more heat capacity, energy output, storage, speed, etc.

    The 'Infometer' (name TBD). Point the item at a mob/block and you will now have access to it. At first, it shows just the basics. The more time you have one near you, the more info is unlocked. The gui is WIP, so buttons and all will be much nicer in the finished project.

    Here is the Advanced Mechanical Engine GUI. In AvatarTech, there are 2 types of engines, Mechanical and Electrical. More info can be found in the post. It takes two fuels, lava and water. You can move these into the engine with a bucket or waterproof piping. While it has no chance of exploding, it can overheat and stop working. To stop overheating, either A) make sure there is plenty of water or B) add a heat-module.

    Compressor + Two Basic Mechanical Engines
    In this one, you can see two basic mechanical engines powering a compressor. Compressors (texture is temporary) compress metals into a finer form, allowing for them to have greater uses. One compressed metal can be turned into a different metal of the same type. More info on this can be provided later.

    Liquid Storage
    Here you can see the Liquid Containement Unit. It is a multiblock structure. (If it is 3x3xy, then it is a unit). If it is anything less then 3x3 (x and z), then it is simply a Liquid Container. This is how we store liquids. Iron containers can hold lava and any other liquid, while Copper Containers will melt if lava is stored in them. Wooden containers are capable of holding small amounts of water, and are therefore inefficient.


    Magic, same as technology, is not in the current release of the mod. It is also still a WIP and will be updated and changed often. It will run off of faith, which is the power source. You gain faith by doing quests (future addition) and other similar things. Spells will be similar to summoning lightning, a pack of viperwolves, and healing yourself. Feel free to post ideas below!

    It uses the system of faith, which can be gained and stored at Altars.


    [center]1. Q. May i help this mod in its development phase?
    A. Yes, please fill out the form below and we'll see.[/center]
    2. Q. I have a suggestion for this mod, may i post it?
    A. of course you can! We are open to suggestions 24/7! :P[/center]
    3. Q. Where can we contact you with questions/comments?
    A. Feel free to email me at [email protected] or PM me on these forums!

    Distribution (Modpacks)

    You may NOT put this mod in ANY modpack unless you request and are granted permission by me. You may not distribute download links to this mod, but can make posts on another site linking back to this or the Planetminecraft post. Any adf.ly links that go to the MCF or PMC posts are not allowed, as you are making money. We, Cube Modding, are gaining no money by doing this, so I dont believe you should by distributing our hard work.

    Feel free to distribute this privately to a few friends, but please keep in mind money from the ads on the creeperhost link go to charity.


    Jdembo/Giraffestock - Project Leader/Coder
    Namore77 - WorldGen Code
    Karrybird - Head Modeler
    Stronghold527 - Textures
    3D - Banners
    Reec3ty - Modeling/Textures/Cod
    EscTheCtrl - Modeler/Textures
    Psanko - Head Texture Creator
    Valeax - Textures
    Dracolith - Dimension Code
    cr3wp - Code
    Jtank - Textures


    MOD - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.
    MOJANG - Mojang AB
    OWNER - Jdembo, Original author(s) of the MOD. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft ([a href='http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp' class='bbc_url' title='' rel='nofollow']http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp[/a]) the OWNER has full rights over their MOD despite use of MOJANG code.
    USER - End user of the mod, person installing the mod.


    2. USE
    Use of this MOD to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.

    This MOD may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of this mod must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of this MOD (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.

    This mod is provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of this MOD require advance written permission of the OWNER and may be subject to certain terms.

    If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to comment below or email me at G[email protected]
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    Quote from RussianZombeh

    Holy ­ 2 years in and only at Closed Alpha.

    This mod is never going to see the light of day. Loads of people have already started to lose interest. Other Dr.Who mods are coming out with similar features (TARDIS, Daleks, Sonic Screwdrivers) and yours is taking forever. You can say you're building a "whole new game", but I think practically everyone would rather have a stable version of the mod with just core elements such as the TARDIS etc rather than having to wait another year before they could possibly be picked for a closed beta.

    I can guarantee that no other Doctor Who mods will match up to this. They may be more exciting in certain ways, but we want this mod to be of high quality. If we released a version now, the amount of hatemail and questions we would get would be horrible.
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    Quote from BluePhoenix911

    Will you please send a 1.5.2 download link to [email protected] I am making a youtube series but my other mods are on 1.5.2 since they are not updated yet, please send me a 1.5.2 download I really need it :)

    Sure thing, just remember its glitchy and is missing a large amount of textures, be sure to send me links to the videos when they're uploaded!

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    posted a message on Doctor Who Client Mod - Open Alpha Now Available to play NOW! (Bigger on the Inside, TARDIS Flight, Planets, Sonics & way MORE!)
    Quote from EatMyWords

    So if i have a low computer the mod will adjust itself?

    Yep! As TheiKing said, take the vortex as an example. Say it moves at 100 ticks at 200 FPS. At 100 FPS it would go 50 ticks. (not anywhere near accurate)
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    MCModelerv2.4 --
    The original post can be found here.

    Showing I have permission to re-continue this project:

    *Basic Info -
    Creating Mobs can be one of the most frustrating processes in making a minecraft mod. One of the hardest parts in the process is creating a mobs model. It takes a lot of trial-and-error to code a basic model, and it can take a long time to create an advanced one. This is the reason programs such as Techne and MCModeler were created. They are made to make modding easier.
    This program differs from Techne because it is written in Java, so it works with multiple platforms (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows).

    Thank you so much to Apples_R_Tasty for making a Mac launcher for this! It is included in the download.
    **Features -
    - Easy to use GUI
    - Userfriendly
    - In-Program Texture Previewing
    - Mutli-Platform Support
    - Copy/Paste
    - Code Generation

    New in v1.3 -
    - Fixed LinuxGUI
    - Redo/Undo buttons
    - Downloadable Texturemap

    Whats Next -
    - Techne Model Support
    - In-Program Updating
    - More Backgrounds/Grids
    - Automated Installer
    - Complete Mob Code Support
    - Option to export as .obj
    Suggest Ideas in the comments below.

    Download -
    Download v1.2 Here: Version 1.2
    Download v1.2 Source Code Here: Coming Soon
    Download v1.3 Here: Version Beta 1.3
    Download v.2.4 Here: Version 2.4
    (Skipped ahead due to a lot of non-public releases)

    Download, Unzip, and run MCModeler.jar.

    Note: Requires Java3D API. You can locate that here: Java3D v1.5.1

    How To Use

    What does it all mean?!?!
    Let me explain the fields and buttons:
    Box List Manipulators
    • Name -
      • [*:20sjqv6b]The name of the new box you want to add. Please keep this name a valid Java identifier, as this is what the code generator uses as the identifiers for the boxes in the code it generates.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Add New Box (Button)
      • [*:20sjqv6b]Adds a new box with the name specified in the Name field.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Boxes
      • [*:20sjqv6b]A list of the boxes in your model.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Delete box (Button)
      • [*:20sjqv6b]Deletes the selected box (This is irreversable! Careful!).
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Rename box (Button)
      • [*:20sjqv6b]Renames the selected box to the name of your choice (asks you for a new name, doesn't use the Name field).
    Texture Manipulators
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Texture URL
      • [*:20sjqv6b]The URL of the texture you want to apply to the model.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Browse (Button)
      • [*:20sjqv6b]Lets you select an image to use for the texture. Does not load the texture but simply puts the texture's location into the Texture URL field.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Load (Button)
      • [*:20sjqv6b]Loads the texture specified by the Texture URL field.
    Selected Box Values
    **Note that with the following fields you need to press Enter to finalize your change.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]X/Y/Z size
      • [*:20sjqv6b]Specify the size of this box in pixels.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]X/Y/Z center
      • [*:20sjqv6b]Specify how many pixels the rotational center of the box should be from the geometric center of the box. This is the point around which the box rotates.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]X/Y/Z offset
      • [*:20sjqv6b]Specify how many pixels the box should be from the center of the model.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]X/Y/Z rotation
      • [*:20sjqv6b]Specify to what angle the box should rotate to, in degrees. Note that the rotations are applied in Z-Y-X order.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]X/Y Texture Offsets
      • [*:20sjqv6b]Specify the offset of this particular box's texture within the texture image, in pixels from the top left corner of the image.
    File Menu
    I won't explain the generic ones.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Generate Code
      • [*:20sjqv6b]Generates the model code and puts it in the file specified.
    Edit Menu
    Copy/Cut/Paste are self-explanatory. (They also only work with boxes. )

    View Menu
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Display XY/YZ/ZX grid
      • [*:20sjqv6b]These are guides to help you build your model. You can turn them on or off here.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Display center point
      • [*:20sjqv6b]This option tells the previewer whether or not to draw the center point of the box.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Display unselected boxes as...
      • [*:20sjqv6b]This option tells the previewer how to draw boxes you aren't currently working with. The options are self-explanatory, but keep in mind that you cannot mouse-select unselected boxes if this option is set to 'Invisible'.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Reload texture file
      • [*:20sjqv6b]If you've made changes to your texture file, this reloads them and reapplies them to your model.
    View Controls
    View controls are pretty natural:
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Left-click on a box to select that box.
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Left-click and drag to rotate your view of the model
    • [*:20sjqv6b]Scroll with the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
    Thanks, and feel free to leave feedback/suggestions
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    Mod Installer Maker

    It is a easy and quick tool to make an installer for your Minecraft Mods. It builds an installer for you with a config file for you to run it. YOU NEED TO EXTRACT THE CONFIG FILE for the installer to install or else it will not work.

    Would appreciate if you make a mod review of my Installer.

    Hard Work Put on this tool

    2 days
    15,000 Lines of code; to be precise 15,236 lines of code


    Simple and Easy Interface
    Can display logo of your mod
    Can skin the installer for a neat elegant look
    Quick and Intelligent Installer
    Free to Download and Distribute ONLY YOUR CREATED INSTALLERS


    No longer need to install manually but can install instantly with Mod Installer Maker's Installer.
    Saves tons of time

    .net Framework 3.5 or 4.0
    Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8
    Dropbox Account For Hosting Your Mod for Direct Link
    If you don't have click here
    Not Mac Compatible
    Current Version - 1.0.0 Pre-Release - Stable


    Report Please

    Support only zip and jar files not rar files. So upload your mod into a zip

    Features yet to come
    Image of the mod
    Texture Pack Installer
    Multi-function Installer
    Launcher for MC

    Download for ALL VERSIONS

    Disclaimer and Rules

    This mod is a result of hard work, and i forbid you from claiming it as your own. As you are allowed to use it, my name must be somewhere on the mod ( in the post or README ).

    Thanks for using this mod!
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