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    posted a message on ABUSING TIMETRAVEL? (I meant using time travel to like visit some old cool nostalgic maps and stuff)

    In the latest episode of my "mod showcase series" (I mean this latest episode we didn't even showcase a mod lol). We use time-traveling abilities to visit some of the most memorable maps in my Minecraft experience. From The ol' cops n robbers map that Sky played on, The original survival games, and Antvenom's Peaceful map. This will be an adventure!

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    posted a message on WAIT - Don't not click

    Alright going live on a little bit on twitch we are starting off with a Minecraft map called "Wait".

    I hope you guys join in we going to run some games in a bit!


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    posted a message on Need some help setting up Minecraft

    Yes, once you have bought the game you can log in and download on any computer. Realms vs Worlds: Worlds in an in-game file so when you load into the game you create a 'world' in order to play, a realm is a Mojang hosted servers. The realm allows you to play with other people as both of you will load into the server. Now, you don't always have to pay to have a server. One option is hosting the server yourself. I assume you don't want to go through the process of this, so my suggestion is this: use a free server host like Alternos or Server.pro to create a server. Each person will have to have a unique account for this, however.

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    posted a message on I can't log in to my old account

    If you can't get access to the original email that you used for the account, then you likely will not be able to do anything.

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    posted a message on Can I get some editing Tips?

    No, the editing is fun. The main thing I think you need to do is practice commentating for video. I know what it's like at first, so just don't be hard on yourself about it. It just takes ALOT of practice to even start feeling comfortable when recording.

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    posted a message on New MineTuber looking for feedback!

    I'll hop over to the channel to give some detailed feedback!

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    posted a message on Collaberation\Youtube\Twitch\Buddy

    Sent a discord, see ya in the dms!

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    posted a message on Looking for Editors, GFX, and Gamers

    Anyways, Hey Im Justin (JayQwery on twitch and youtube), I am proficient at video editing and have been looking for the opportunity to work with someone for a while now. If you want to discuss this more. Contact me at discord: Justinlp#0222

    Name: Justin 
    Timezone: EST
    Discord: Justinlp#0222
    Age: 18
    YouTube/Twitch (if you have one): JayQwery
    Skills/talents: Premiere Pro (video editing).
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    posted a message on GREATEST MINCRAFT VIDEOS EVER? (EP9)

    Odvi the title is kinda of just a joke, I am out here trying to make high-quality Minecraft videos tho.

    Anyways, I just wanted to know what you guys thought about episode 9 of my series Jay's World. It is a Minecraft survival series in which I am creating my own mechanics (slowly, over time) and I am taking the series in another new direction soon.

    Also if you feel like it, I would appreciate if you tore the videos apart, and let me know how I could make better videos in the future! Either way, hope you have a good day!

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    posted a message on Least Fav Tree type (Birch = Worst)

    I love all the wood types in Minecraft, but my least favorite wood type would have to be oak wood since it feels very plain.

    ye, oak gets old.

    Quote from fishg»

    Birch looks nice when stripped, but unstripped I have to agree out with the zebras. I'm also not a huge fan of spruce trees, although I like the design.

    The big trees are a hassle to cut down but look really nice when landscaping. To each is own.

    Huh, yeah I really haven't used stripped trees much yet, but yeah the new textures do look cool!

    Quote from AMPPL50»

    I generally don't like oak trees. Both because I sort of find them the "default" tree (In no small part because most generated structures use oak wood, and it's the oldest wood), which makes them look rather bland to me. On top of that, I find branched oak trees to be the most annoying to cut down compared with the amount of wood I get from them, both due to the branches, and because playing in Fast graphics makes missing some wood blocks quite easy.
    A close second to me are Spruce trees, which are tall enough to require scaffolding to chop down, but don't produce enough wood to be worthwhile. At least they do look good, and large spruce trees are a better alternative at obtaining large amounts of spruce wood.

    Ye Oak trees are the steves of the tree world.
    Quote from Equilor9»

    Birch. Half the time you cant craft with them which makes them useless.


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    posted a message on Least Fav Tree type (Birch = Worst)
    Quote from ST753Mb»

    Birch are my favorite tree because they are always harvestable from the ground, and are relatively consistent growth-wise so if I'm lining a path I don't have to worry about one of the trees randomly being 3x bigger than the others or having leaves too low to walk underneath.

    Oak can be really annoying early game because on one hand you get free food, but on the other there's a small chance of having a huge annoying tree that needs to be climbed and is hard to cut all the way down without accidentally leaving bits behind.

    Spruce not only has the same problem of oak that sometimes leaves need to be broken on the way to the trunk because they grow so low to the ground, but sometimes require pillaring up to take out the last few logs on the top which chews through extra axe durability and is just annoying.

    Jungle and dark oak are pretty nice, because the 2x2 trunks are easy to spiral up and give a ton of wood. Acacia are usually too tall but at least the branches are visible without leaves in the way.

    All in all, I think my least favorite is probably spruce, with oak as a close second.

    Ye, I agree with what you said about Oak. Even though it is more wood (with the large trees) it is always so annoying.

    Yeah, I also don't understand the reasoning behind lowered drop rates of saplings of jungle trees. Is it because they can produce a lot of wood? But what about gigant piceas then? Using them, you can get an unimaginable amount of wood.

    I also don't like that I'm basically forced to deforest jungles. One of the most rarest, beautiful biomes.I don't want to rekt that place (for that I have westland mine).

    Except like... the fact that the produce a lot of wood, from a literatlly standpoint means they should have mare sapplings... but minecraft is not a game abut doing things realistically, in fact, I really enjoy some of the janky unrealistic features.

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    posted a message on Least Fav Tree type (Birch = Worst)

    I haven't mentioned tree farms.

    Do you know, how I harvest wood? As usually, on large scale. I have some part of my land for that very purpose, and I grow trees in 5 by 5 grid there. I plant them, leave to do something else, then harvest it all, replant it, repeat until I have enough logs. Then maybe different tree type.

    Except of jungle trees. Their saplings are like aurum to me, super valuable. So I deforest jungle in some area. So far, it works fine. If I want piceae wood, I plant always the gigant version.

    Niice ye makes sense

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    posted a message on Least Fav Tree type (Birch = Worst)

    Acacia is pretty much the worst for harvesting, big oak trees as well though. Jungle is bad from sustainability standpoint.

    But I like all of them, because if you go big, it's more efficient.

    What are you saying that your tree farms have all tree types in them? That sounds interesting lol.

    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I'd go with birch, mainly because it is my least-used type of wood, not necessarily because I don't like it; I've mainly used oak and spruce (as planks) for building (mainly floors) while I use jungle wood while caving (jungle is the best way to get a lot of wood in 1.6.4 and I use close to a stack of logs per caving session; I do not find the sapling drop rate to be an issue even without using Fortune on the leaves (it does take a while to accumulate a significant surplus though and I bring 16 with me to a new base for this reason). In my modded worlds, which have many more types of trees than 1.7+ has (not additional types of wood), I use 2x2 spruces (based on the ones in 1.7) to get wood for caving, as they are easier to harvest due to a lack of branches, as well as easier to find, than jungle trees.

    Cool Cool! Wait you play in 1.6.4? are you in another version other than java, or do you just like to play older Minecraft versions?
    Quote from TheWesson»

    You can hang cocoa pods on jungle wood for a trippy lantern look. If this is at the top of your wall, spiders cannot get over your wall.

    Ooohoh, spider-proofing. fancy!

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    posted a message on Least Fav Tree type (Birch = Worst)
    Quote from Joey_San»

    This brings up another interesting notion - one that too often gets mulled over due to preconceived impressions about certain building materials. For example, I highly dislike how cobblestone looks. I never use it... except when the style of the build calls for it. What if I am trying to emulate a cobblestone road or an old ruin? There's a place and purpose for every block, even the damned jungle planks, because every aesthetic style is different. What makes a block good for building, therefore, depends on exactly what you're going for (and I never go for jungle planks).

    The very mindset of innovation.

    Ye! Just imagine someone using every type of block in a single build... Now that's Innovation. lel. I just wonder if someone could pull it off,
    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    Interesting that so many of the replies are based on the writer's aesthetic opinion of the various woods…

    I read the question as being one's favorite tree type (and further see the main selection criterion as being ease of logging [YMMV])…

    By that standard birch would be my favorite tree type:

    • the player planted form grows a maximum of seven tall, so it is harvestable from the ground,
    • there are no branches that require attention when harvesting,
    • saplings drop at a rate that natural leaf decay effectively ensures a renewable supply (in contrast to jungle wood that must be grown as singles and needs fairly scrupulous attention to breaking leaf blocks with a Fortune3 tool to be sustainable).

    Based on the utility of the wood, I'd go with oak largely because of the doors: oak is the only easily obtainable door type with a 'peep-hole'. [Acacia and jungle wood doors also have (functionally speaking) this feature, but neither type is particularly likely to be available early when the feature is most useful.]

    Very interesting, that answer is not from a building perspective at all, instead, it's an efficiency decision. I've seen you in a few forum posts your playstyle is very interesting!

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    posted a message on Submerged caves are THE WORST!!
    Quote from TheWesson»

    Well I specifically did it as a survival challenge. I did sneak onto beaches elsewhere for buried treasures.

    It's kind of interesting - you have lots of gold and dark oak planks/fences. Fishing is important. Even dirt is not really a total gimme.

    Leather (for books) is hard to get. Arrows are mostly from skeletons. I gave up to some extent (after getting about 20 books or so) and am raising villagers now - to get bookshelves and some other things.

    Cool! ye spicing about the game with new ideas is, in my opinion, what makes Minecraft awesome.

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