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    If you could make one mod, what would be your dream mod?
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    As we all know we can build flying ships etc. etc. with the Zeppelin mod and all of us who have tried the zeppelin mod have grown quite fairly to this mod to. but I had this idea that is pretty much the same idea as the Zeppelin mod with a twist, instead of just building one block that allows you to fly, why isn't there a mod that contains engines, fuel, power and all these stuffs to make it feel like when you are building an flying aircraft, you're actually building something and not just one block... I would love to play with a mod that had the same function as the Zeppelin mod but with an technology part to so that I can really enjoy it!

    Let's say we have an engine, one engine alone can move.. 32 block? maybe 16 or 64, that way if you keep on adding engines you can make larger aircrafts!

    I don't know if this has been done before but I think it would be cool, and maybe it shouldn't be so easy to create an engine, look at RedPower2 as an example, it takes time to make the things you'll need to make other things, that is something I'd like to see.

    Note: If you have the skills to actually do this mod I'd like you to contact me on PM! if not I still want recognition! I will keep an eye open for mods that are similar to this one I've came up with. I've also made sketches, ideas and many other tools that would make this mod as interesting as I want it to become.

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    Quote from duckanitor

    why does no ppl understand that is they had a skin editior then 4j wouldnt get the extra money then they whould not be able to bring updates fast.But i wish that we could pay for induvual skinsin a pack cuz i dont use half of the skins in a pack.But yet again what i said.

    Why would they let us download mods when they can charge us

    Why should they charge you for something they didnt make?
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