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    posted a message on make the glow squid glow without dynamic lightning

    So it detects where an entity is and creates a light source in that spot. Isn't that what dynamic lighting is?

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    posted a message on Sports items are needed for minecraft

    Footballs in a survival-based gamemode don't seem fitting. Minecraft's updates are going down the "if you want something, you have the tools to make it" path. You could make a bow shooting grounds using minecarts. You could put a spleef arena over lava. There are options for minigames aside from adding real-world sports items.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.17 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from YMbrothers»

    I'll start. Everyone's crazy about the new cave generations, new ores and new mobs.

    But as a map maker, did you see the new mapmaking mechanics shown in the livestream? I feel like another revolutionary era of mapmaking is on its way to 1.17.

    I can't find anything about mapmaking features anywhere. What was revealed?

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    I finished the second part of my colored storage system, and I made the connecting tunnel. I ended up using white and light grey concrete for the walls over another type of 1.8 stone, and I'm happy with the result.

    I also swapped out the torches for redstone lamps and added three double chests for sand/gravel and terracotta. What's the point of having a storage for colored materials if you don't have the materials to color?


    Since my color storage floor is smooth stone and the walls of my potion room are also smooth stone, I didn't want another smooth stone floor for the main chamber. So I opted in for a checker-pattern made of diorite and blackstone.


    The middle space is empty at the moment, but I have a fun plan for it that may or may not loosely involve ender pearls.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    After many months of not knowing what to do with it, I finally expanded down the staircase of my storage room. I plan to put several bits of expanded storage designed with my OCD in mind. Namely, I'm setting up a color-specific storage system so I can dump all of my dyed blocks into chests with others of the same color. And today, I finished the first one.

    This room is for terracotta and the dyes themselves. Concrete/powder, wool, carpets and glass will go in the other on the other side of the hall.

    The issue is, I dug into the wall and broke part of my auto-smelter's redstone. It's built specially around corner furnaces and the shape of my storage system, and it already took me two whole days just tweaking so I could make it work, so I can't just rebuild it to not get in the way. Instead, I decided to place the other colored storage beside the terracotta room and replace the painting with a small hallway to connect the two.

    But there was still some room under the auto-smelter, so I built a basic potion room.



    It's a simple setup. I only need to press the buttons for them to enter the stream and end up in a hopper. At the moment, I manually insert the ingredients into the brewing stand itself. That'll change at some point. But I've always planned on manually inserting the bottles themselves.

    Due to limited space, I chose the five ingredients I thought I'd use the most and added an additional space for anything that I couldn't fit to be sent into the system. I considered replacing the magma cream with ghast tears (especially since I have 56 due to that snapshot bug), but I decided against it since I already have glistering melons in, and in my opinion, splash healing potions are better than regeneration potions. Especially in singleplayer.

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    posted a message on why did i get absorption hearts?

    The only Absorption sources are golden apples and Totems of Undying, so I'd think you had a Totem of Undying in the offhand and just didn't notice. That'd make even more sense if you weren't wearing enough armor to avoid dying to the creeper.

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    posted a message on Pigs Reworked
    Quote from Saiph2»

    So all animals should be equal? The problem is, that some animals are more equal than others. Especially the pigs. ;-)

    Not necessarily. I personally believe animals designed to be farmed should be more rewarding based on how hard they are to farm. Take rabbits for example: they are very small and will run away unless you're holding a carrot. But they can give you leather (via rabbit hides), a Jump Boost potion ingredient and meat. There's also hoglins which drop at least four porkchops (in my experience) but are hard to kill.

    With this mindset, cows are the outlier. They're tall enough to be unable to move through one-block spaces (yet their youth can) but are very rewarding to farm and can do so via wheat. Pigs need carrots, potatoes or beetroot, all of which are much rarer, and they are one-block tall, so conventional methods for separating the parent from the child wouldn't work.

    Mojang has already denied all forms of bodily fluids, so manure isn't likely to happen.

    "Body fluids (including animal ones): Not a fit for Minecraft." (reference)
    "All forms of poop and bodily fluids have already been rejected from being put in the base game, too - sorry!"

    However, given how difficult it can be at times to obtain mushrooms, pigs could be a fine in-between. Rather than them sniffing out mushrooms, I'd rather they randomly dug them up. Take the sheep grass animation and add it to pigs. Make pigs spawn mushrooms rather than destroying the block. Or it could be limited to dirt/change the grass into dirt.
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    posted a message on 1.16.2 or 1.17 IDEA
    Quote from silveroug2»

    From what I've seen there's still a cooldown between attacks but it's been shortened significantly.

    The cooldown was already existent in the form of invincibility frames. Testing has shown the difference between invincibility frames ending (allowing the target to be damaged again) and the sword cooldown ending is in the tenth of seconds. The number 0.1 seconds keeps popping up in my head over and over, and while I do believe it to be correct, I do have a bad memory, so it's likely some other number.

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    posted a message on Omeletts for cooking eggs

    The problem is that eggs are infinitely renewable and take very little effort to farm. All you need is a single hopper, and you can theoretically gain infinite amounts of food with no player intervention. This can be balanced by reducing an omelette's hunger yield down to near-minimum (like what kelp does), but then it won't be worth using in the first place. It's a slippery slope.

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    posted a message on List of farms

    There are certainly a lot of farms. There are your typical food and plant farms, but then you move onto the complicated ones:

    • Blaze farms
    • Wither Skeleton farms
    • Raid farms (may not be complicated, I've never made one)
    • Slime farms
    • Mob grinders (as opposed to mob XP farms)
    • Iron farms
    • Gold farms
    • Witch farms
    • Endermen XP farms

    Then there's also the very complicated farms.

    • AFK tree farms
    • Fully-automatic food farms
    • Wither killers
    • Fully-automatic cobblestone farm

    If you're looking to make every type of farm, I'd look at the Wiki's list of farm tutorials and see which ones you want to go through with. Alternatively, you could search for farm tutorials on Youtube. I'm personally a fan of Rays Works.

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