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    posted a message on [1.7.10] [Forge] [OpenSource] [Beta] Code Lyoko Mod - v1.6.0.0
    The Code Lyoko Mod for Minecraft is a mod created by the Cortex Modders team. We have worked to create the most complete Code Lyoko mod out there to date. We have been working on this since Minecraft 1.2.5, and have kept doing it despite being very busy with life from time to time. This mod used to be maintained at another thread, here.

    The features we have implemented thus far are as follows:

    • Scanner
    • Super Computer
    • Super Computer Console
    • Weapons
    • Sectors, with Desert Sector worldgen completed
    • Existing vehicles (though you can't drive them)
    • Armor
    • XANA creatures (AI and Models are awful, that's on the TODO)
    • Tower world gen

    There is still a lot to do. We need more more help as there is only one active developer at this time. See below to see how you can help.

    Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Twitch to get progress updates and dev streams!


    Version (for Minecraft 1.7.10)
    Download from GitHub



    Code Lyoko Mod is licensed under the MIT License. That means you can use this on your mod pack with no worries!


    To install the mod, simply install Minecraft Forge first, launch the game at least once, and drag the jar into the mods/ folder.


    Right now we need some more developers and/or texture artists. If you feel you can help on either of these, you can do one of two things depending on how you want to help.

    Texture artists: You can make and post textures here. I can't guarentee that I will use them, so maybe bounce ideas off this thread and also post progress screenshots.

    Mod developers: If you feel you can contribute code, please don't hesitate to submit a pull request. To contribute code, first fork the GitHub repository, then make your changes, and submit a pull request. Due note that unnessary refactors, bad code, and such will not be merged. We want this to be a good experience for our users. Please make sure your changes work. :)


    If require assistance please post here or open an issue on GitHub.

    Getting Started

    First you're going to want to get a Super Computer, some cables, and a Scanner. I recommend to use creative mode, because we haven't really thought out recipes fully yet. Stack the Scanner 5 blocks high. After you are finished it should look like this.
    Next you want to add a few cables to the back.
    Next add a super computer. The super computer is a multi-block structure that goes like this.
    Don't forget to cool it! If you don't it will overheat and blow up!
    Finish off the cable job
    Add a console!
    Add some power to the Super Computer

    Type in a sector name, go into the scanner, and close the doors! (right click)

    Go to Lyoko and explore!

    I know this is a really lacking "Getting Started" but I have tons to do so I hope you can figure some of it out on your own. Have fun!
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    posted a message on [1.7.x][Library][Forge] Developer Capes - HD Cape Support!
    I don't want to give a timeframe for the 1.7 update but HOPEFULLY within the next week or two. And grab the latest version, we fixed some stuff. See if it helps
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    posted a message on [1.7.x][Library][Forge] Developer Capes - HD Cape Support!
    So I'm thinking about the 1.7 update for DeveloperCapes. I think I'm going to change the version system to a Major.Minor.Revision.Build like Forge does. On top of that, DeveloperCapes now uses Reflection to access the fields it needs to, so we can package this as a Jar and put it on a Maven repository. Forge changed and now you pretty much have to use Gradle. (Which is a change for the better, IMO.) So in your build.gradle file you'll add DeveloperCapes as a dependency.

    On another note, with this upcoming major release, I'm thinking of moving to a JSON based cape config system. An example can be found here. What I want to know is how other people feel about that change and any suggestions you may have.
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    posted a message on [1.7.x][Library][Forge] Developer Capes - HD Cape Support!
    Quote from MomnopTheDwarf

    Ok i've done as said. Now i'm getting an error: http://pastebin.com/bFTRScgJ

    Any ideas on why?

    Ya you didn't change the fields in AbstractClientPlayer to public.
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    posted a message on [1.7.x][Library][Forge] Developer Capes - HD Cape Support!
    Quote from MomnopTheDwarf

    Hello, good job on this library, but i'm having a few problems. Whenever I load it up it will not show my cape.
    Here is my Main Class: http://pastebin.com/7B0QFg2B

    Here is my capes.txt a well: http://pastebin.com/dYpZTZkA
    Both the cape and .txt are uploaded through Dropbox. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

    This is using Forge and running with Eclipse IDE.
    No errors, and this is after re-obfuscation.
    I am 100% sure that I have set-up your library correctly. But, i'm not too sure about the main classes section and the .txt and everything.
    Thanks, momnop.

    Edit: Here is my cape, completely forgot: https://www.dropbox....ke/testcape.png

    Looks like you don't have the correct txt and cape image links. Test them in your browser. They go to a site that wraps the files with a Dropbox wrapper. You need a direct link to the media. Right click the file, in the public folder, and click "Copy Public Link" or go to that site you had before, right click Download->Direct Download and copy the link. Paste it to whatever and trim off everything after the '?dl=1' part. Then use that URL in the txt and code.
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    posted a message on Custom mob is invisible[PLEASE HELP]
    Quote from josh103

    thanks ill try it out next chance i get, but im not using forge.

    It's pretty cool, a growing number of mods are using it.
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    posted a message on Forge 1.5 Doesn't generate Eclipse files
    MCP ships with an eclipse workspace, if you ran the install forge batch when it was not in a current MCP directory, it'll be in forge\mcp\eclipse
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    posted a message on [1.7.x][Library][Forge] Developer Capes - HD Cape Support!
    Developer Capes is used to add developer/tester only capes to your mod!

    Notice: Usage changed in version 3. Please refer below to see how to set up DevCapes now.

    Note: Previously called DeveloperCapesAPI, DeveloperCapes was renamed because Jadar realized he was stupid. And that this is a library.

    It does all the work of adding capes while trying to minimize conflict between mods. It works by reading a JSON file that is hosted somewhere on the internet, i.e Dropbox, that contains the URL of the cape image and all the players to get that cape. Players are stored in groups and groups are given a cape. You can have as many groups as you want.

    Current Version

    Version (compatible with 1.7.x)
    Download from GitHub (adf,ly, helps support me. :D )

    Download Standalone Mod (used for modpacks, see usage below)

    A star on the GitHub page would be appreciated if this helps you! :D Also, if your mod uses this library, leave a post below saying so and I'll add it up here.

    Getting Started

    To start using Developer Capes, see "Set Up" below. See "Usage" below to find out how to implement the library in your mod.

    Setting Up the Development Environment

    1. Download source code as a zip by clicking "Download Zip" on the right.
    2. Unzip to a tempory directory. You can delete this once the source is copied.
    3. Copy everything in src/main/java/ to the root of your mod source code.


    Once Developer Capes is in your classpath somehow, you are going to want to add this to your mod when it initialized.
    *Note: The note that was previously that said DevCapes didn't have to go in a client proxy has been redacted. You need to put it in the client proxy again

    DevCapes.getInstance().registerConfig($CAPES_JSON, $IDENTIFIER);

    $CAPES_JSON is the URL (in Object or String form,) InputStream, or File to a text file hosted on a server, Dropbox, or GitHub, that has all the data Developer Capes needs to add your capes formatted in JSON.$IDENTIFIER is a unique mod identifier so DevCapes can keep one mod's groups separate from the other.
    The JSON for the config looks like this:

    "$CAPES_TXT_URL" is the URL to a text file hosted on a server, Dropbox, or GitHub that has all the players, groups, and capes in it. The layout looks like this:
    "Group1": {
    "capeUrl": "http://www.example.com/group1_cape.png",
    "users": [
    "Captain_Shadows": "http://www.example.com/captain_cape.png"

    You are going to want to make sure there is a comma after every element in the array, or string, etc, -except- when it is the last one in it's scope. If you do the logs will make this very clear.

    The cape image files are 22x17, and should be of the PNG format. Additionally, Developer Capes supports high definition capes. Those must be of the size that is divisible by 16. The height must be half of the width. So 1024x512, 2048x1024, and so on. Host them on a server, Dropbox, or GitHub.

    Standalone Mod
    * Download mod JAR. Open the jar in a ZIP viewer like 7-Zip.
    * Create a config file called anything you want. Guide here. Host it as plain text on the internet.
    * Extract the "capesInfo.json" file from the JAR you downloaded. Open in in a text editor.
    * Change the value for key "capeConfigUrl" to the URL for your config file.
    * Put the file back into the JAR. Save the JAR.
    * Distribute the JAR.

    Building and Packaging your Mod
    When you build and package your mod, you're going to want to make sure you build with the Developer Capes classes.

    Thats it! If you have any trouble, make a post here in the Minecraft Forums post or make an issue on GitHub.


    In the end, your mod will look like this.

    // Init method in main mod class
    public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) {

    public void initCapes()

    public void initCapes()
    DevCapes.getInstance().registerConfig("html://www.example.com/cape.txt", "ExampleMod")

    HD Capes

    Thanks to MinebookUK we now have HD Cape support! To use it, just make an HD Cape. It needs to be the size of the resolution it is in. For example, the basic cape is normally 64x32, but it only uses the top left 22x17 for the cape. Increasing the total size of the image will make it work properly. So 512x256, 1024x512, 2048x1028, and so on. Here are some templates for different sizes (courtesy of MinebookUK.)

    * Put the file back into the JAR. Save the JAR.
    * Distribute the JAR.


    1. How do I get a Dropbox public folder?

    2. I'm getting a NullPointerException when starting a dedicated server:

    You're calling a @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) class on a server. STOP IT. Put it in a ClientProxy.

    3. I'm getting a NoClassDefFoundError and/or a RuntimeExcption (related to an invalid side) on a dedicated server:

    See answer to question 2.

    4. Do I have permission to use DeveloperCapes Standalone in my modpack?:

    Of course! That's what DevCapes Standalone was made for. Plus DevCapes is licensed on the MIT License, which is an open source license. As long as you don't remove the license, you may do whatever you want with DevCapes Standalone.


    DeveloperCapes is licensed under the MIT License.

    You may re-distribute this content but only in your mod
    You may change the source code of this library.
    You may re-use code found in this project.
    You may not hold me liable for any damages
    You must include the license and copyright with all copies of code whether compiled or not.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Capes! [Multiplayer Capes/Cloaks][www.MCCapes.com][Cape Gallery] + Transparent/Animated!
    cjz__: The mod's almost done, sorry I keep telling you its ready. Just a little bug that makes the capes disappear when someone dies.. What is all this about animated capes?
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