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    This minecraft mod was made by me. My friend XB360GAMERXX came up with the ideas and i did the textures and stuff.

    The foods in this mod are milkshakes as of version 1.0. Caramel, strawberry and chocolate shakes. The mod is in Canadian English and Canadian French.


    Crafting Recipes


    All shakes

    In the grid put glass in a "U" shape.

    Then put a snowball in the center

    Then add in a certain dye = Caramel shake would use an orange dye and strawberry would use a rose red... Chocolate has no recipe... when i was coding i was so tired i saved it and the next night uploaded it...

    Legend for crafting grid below = Glass = G, Snowball = S, Dye = D

    {G} {D} {G}

    {G} {S} {G}

    {G} {G} {G}
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