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    Dark blue!

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    Username: Lokiio_

    Discord: Lokiio#0001

    Favorite thing in MC : Building and giving presents to people

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    IGN: Lokiio_

    Discord: Lokiio#0001

    honestly i just want to cause chaos :D

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    Discord: Lokiio#0001
    I have a YT (Lokiio) though no videos yet as I mainly stream on Twitch (lokiioLIVE) and nothing interesting happens haha.

    Been playing MC since 2014 (2012 if you count Xbox 360 Edition) and I'm 15.

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    IGN: Lokiio_

    Age: 15

    Timezone: GMT.

    Your plans on the server: Build a pretty cool base, I'm quite a chaotic person though so I'll probably end up pranking everyone (harmless pranks of course, I'm not mean).

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    IGN: jackofallltrades

    Age: 15

    Time Zone: BST/GMT

    Position applying for: Admin (or mod, it's your choice).

    Why do you want to join: The reason I want to become staff is because I want to help players, there are also going to be many hackers on the server when staff aren't on. I always run into hackers on other servers, and the staff are usually on but sometimes they are busy doing other things and can't assist. I would like to be that staff member that can handle hackers and help in game players. I look up the staff members on servers who always interact with the community and I would very much like to be one of them myself. I can assure you that I don't want staff for power but for helping the community positively and fairly. I am not like a staff member that will be inactive, I will make sure that I strive for being very active on this server as I feel its my duty to help players. You guys might want to know what makes me stand out, well I can tell you that I am a very calm and collected person which loves to have fun with the community and loves to enjoy playing on servers, but am also mature when a problem comes. I would also like to be staff on this upcoming server because improving and making sure people's experiences are good is something I feel strongly about, I feel it is something that needs to be done more as people on other servers aren't always the happiest with the way that things are being ran and making sure when someone needs help that I would be there for assistance.

    What makes you different than the other applicants: I have experience as a moderator and a senior moderator on three other servers, although they were quite small (15 players at peak time) and I have also moderated Discord servers (private ones). I am mature so I won't be involved with little arguments that people will be having. Yes, people do like having fun on servers but they need to understand where the boundaries of that should end, which is why when stuff like that happens, I have been there on other servers to prevent them from getting out of hand. When speaking to someone that is unhappy with either someone on the server or something that has happened within it, I always remain calm and try my best to bring the situation down and bring it to a level where it can be resolved in a manner that everyone is happy with.

    Available times: It depends on schoolwork, though I am availiable most of the day.

    Discord: callmestonks#1806

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    I applied through the form, have you seen it?

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    Discord usernam:[/b]

    What Position are you applying for?:[/b]
    I am applying for the Admin position, although I am also fine with being a Moderator if you think I would fit the role better.

    Why are you applying for this position? (Explain):[/b]

    I really want some experience moderating on smaller servers as I'm looking to staff a larger one someday, and I'd also quite like to use the opportunity to work on my social skills as I can be awkward at times lol (hence the jokes).

    About how much time can you contribute to the server?:[/b]
    A few hours each day, it really does depend on how much schoolwork I have.

    What differentiates you from other applicants? What makes you a better candidate compared to others?:[/b]
    I've always admired the moderators on Minecraft servers that actually listen to the community, and I think I'd love to be just like them. As someone who's been on many larger servers as a member, it's frustrating when the staff team feel distant to the rest of the community and rarely interact, so I like to think that I'd be the staff member you always see in lobbies/games, the one who always answers questions for people and doesn't mind helping them out, etc.

    Do you have experience as staff on other servers?
    (If so, please list the server names, what position you had, how long
    you stayed there.):[/b]
    Unfortunately I have no prior experience, although I have been (and currently am) a moderator for a DIscord server, so I guess I have experience in moderating large groups of people. A friend did show me some moderator commands on Realms, though, but I didn't get to use them at all.

    Have you ever been demoted from a staff team or banned from a server; and if so, why?:[/b]
    I was banned (temp) on Hypixel for hacking a year or so ago, to be honest I don't know what I was thinking and I'm pretty ashamed of it.

    Tell us a bit about yourself!:[/b]
    Hi! I'm Jack, I'm from the UK and I've been playing Minecraft since 2011 and Java edition since 2014. I'm a pretty hyperactive person and I joke around a lot, but I can be serious when needed. I'm quite friendly and I enjoy helping people out (especially on MC servers) and generally being well-known.

    Anything else?:[/b]

    I do have ADHD (unmedicated), so I'm kinda fidgety and sometimes find it hard on focus while in group calls.

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