About Me
Sup, the names Jack as my user name may suggest. All depends on how perceptive you are.
As of right now I am majoring in Business Management and am also getting my Realtor License and Appraisals Licenses.
I normally don't have a temper but you may catch me on those days that I'm just moody for whatever reasons and sometimes I just click and snap and just get pissy.
I've been big into Minecraft for around almost 3 and a half years now. I've always been a gamer since as long as I can remember with Starcraft being the first game I actually started playing.
I'm good with plugins and other things so if you need help always feel free to HMU.
My Interests

- Creating some basic but nice banners.

- I like to help people start up there servers and get it going.

- I absolutely love strategy games with Starcraft being my favorite

- I'm a fanatic for Minecraft PvP

- I like to build and take apart computers in my spare time

and lastly but not least

Location Under Your Bed

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Minecraft jackbooz

Contact Methods

Skype jack.booz