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Hey there everyone J_Dawgs here with a bit of information for you about my Youtube page where I do minecraft video's and a few video's of others games as well. Come check me out as I do a Lets Play of my Vanilla Minecraft Server by the name of SpiritCraft (private whitelisted).

Join me and others while we experience a Vanilla server where we only have 2 plugins and they do not effect the game at all. First I use Core Protect (allows me to do rollbacks and other things to protect against griefing) and second we use World Border (sets a border to the world to keep people from going crazy distances) which is set at 20,000 blocks from spawn.

To check out my channel just click the link below!

I also do Live Streams every Wednesday and Saturday at 5pm Central Time which can last anywhere between 8 to 9 hours on average and have gone as long as 12 hours! Wednesdays we do nothing but Minecraft the entire stream. We also have some pvp games on other servers where we let viewers join towards the later part of the stream (such as Super Craft Brothers or some of the Hypixel server games). On Saturdays we do more Minecraft to start followed by other random games such as League of Legends, More PVP fun, and more coming soon!

To check out my Twitch Live Streams click the link below!

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