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    Quote from EnderCreeper727

    I hate how everybody is getting so angry over a single post about a different game. First of all, it looks like a good game. Second of all, the guy who makes this is friends with the people at Mojang. Third of all, it's inspired by Minecraft. Fourth of all, what's the harm of having a game other than Minecraft in the spotlight?

    Even if it is good, even if the guy who made it is friends with the people at Mojang, even if it is inspired by Minecraft, it is not Minecraft related, thus should not be in the Minecraft News sub-section of the Minecraft Discussion of the Minecraft Forums. Other games go in the Other Games Sub-section of the Off-Topic Section.

    Quote from Spiritbolt202

    But back to the topic, stop hating. This game WAS inspired by Minecraft, so...it's like saying a Runescape mod can't be on the forums, because it isn't "Minecraft related" *sigh*

    Runescape is an MMO, congratulations on not understanding that you can't mod an MMO. Also, if the impossible-to-make-but-let's-just-ignore-that-logical-failure mod is trying to recreate features from Minecraft and it's creator refers to it as being an attempt to recreate Minecraft within Runescape, then it is Minecraft Related.
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    Quote from hastypixels

    Has anyone else noticed that the horses break nearly every established rule for mobs in Minecraft?

    Screenshot: https://dl.dropboxus...raft_Horses.jpg

    1. They have flexible legs (Steve once had these, but they were abolished because they didn't fit with the game style)
    2. Random Skins (skin overlays are a great idea, though)
    3. Too-complex texture maps and models (the dragon is scarcely more complex)
    4. Pre-attached interactive objects (example, saddles aren't in pig skin textures)

    Here's me looking beyond the fact that they resemble dogs more than horses.

    It's not that Minecraft can't change the rules along the way - the revamped resource system has re-ordered the entire texture structure into something far more logical. Everything is now properly named, eliminating guesswork.

    If they're going to change the rules, can we expect cows with random skins and uniquely colored creepers in the future? Should we?

    This is a change in the expected behavior of an established experience, and always carries with it risks. In my opinion this adds confusion from a design perspective. The change has to be worthwhile, otherwise players will be quietly estranged and put off.

    Especially those who know horses.

    Where is your source? (I'm going to assume the same source that defines what "Minecrafty" is, www.imadeitup.com)
    Because, as far as I know, there is no official documentation of how a mob should look. Also, you mentioned the dragon has only slightly more textural fidelity, so there for, it also breaks your false rules and horses don't have flexible legs, that is a fabrication in every sense of the word. Finally, pre-attached interactive objects is pretty much an entirely internal thing that has no effect on visual design. and what would improve horses by spiting off the saddle texture into it's own texture file anyways?
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    Quote from The_catmaker

    Also, explain the defenition "Minecraft-ey".

    Soohpaid Arr Pay Gee Pwoo Liek Howrzerz!!!
    Source: www.pulledouttamahbum.com
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    Quote from Phycozz

    Yes, the fans do get a say in it. They're the people that are giving you your money. They shouldn't add everything that the community wants, but they're the people that are playing the game and therefor they should listen to them at certain times. There hundreds of absolutely horrid suggestions, but you can't ignore the community.

    No, you do not get a say in a game's post release development because you paid for a copy, nor anyone else who bought it. You are giving them your money for what they have already made, not for what you want them to add.
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    Quote from Strikesmash1000

    Congrats :D This idea is going into the texture pack if you keep comin up with great ideas :D but bullets(arrows) are used in the gun though....Got any other name for "Dart"? I would like it to be the name of an actual gun, so that its not simply "Dart Gun" or "Rifle". Like in Hypixel's map, he used the names of actual guns for the bows. I would like this.

    I got one, "H-12 Dart Rifle", sounds approprietly official enough to me. (Just made the name up.)
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    The "It would be too OP if it was craftable." argument falls flat on its face when you opponents of craftable saddles are also saying "Saddles can be found in any generated chest/bought en-mass from villagers.". If saddles are found in any old generated chest or bought from villagers, then it is only slightly harder to find than some iron and leather to craft a saddle.
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    Quote from Santiago3

    Hey guys, I really have to apologize for my long absence.

    It's a combination of things:

    New games (omg Bioshock Infinite!), crazy busy Real Life ™ schedule, and some other personal pixel projects I'm doing as well. I'm humbled to see so many people still so interested in this pack.

    I'll tell you what. After May, when I get free time once again, I'll work to getting an update out for this pack. What do you say?

    *Ghorsp for breath*
    Ok, so now I can not go cray-cray and try to go dokucraft (that is, community maintained herpy-derpy-doo.) on this pack. (Couldn't have done it untill I translated the legal-stuff to see if it was possibru.)

    So... uh... I'll just leave the crazy fruits of my crazy labor here...

    (Yes, the entire icons.png. Ignore the text, it was a personal boredom killing project to turn the writing shown in this into an MC font.)
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    It's a term developed by nostalgia-blinded players to go against any change they don't agree with.
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    Quote from MacModder

    I haven't paid for an account, but the 1.5 launcher lets me play offline. (Is that cracked?) But it won't let me do that in the new launcher. Is there any way to run the 1.6 snapshot in the old launcher? I really want to update to this snapshot but can't unless this feature is added.

    1. The new launcher is very early in development, that will probably be in the finished new launcher.
    2. Stahp playing until you buy it, ya bum.
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    Quote from firesflame4

    there is already a topic here about this.

    please post in this thread.

    also please use the search function before posting topics.

    going to ask a mod to close this

    Please learn that this topic is about his video ON THE SNAPSHOT.

    Better luck next time.
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