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    This is my suggestion for all the people who ask "What should I build?" here on the Forums.
    Make a gigantic wool dinosaur, preferably a velociraptor or an allosaurus.
    Line the inside of it with stone, and then put lava inside that.
    Make a rail line into its open mouth, and cart animals/Villagers inside as a sacrifice to the Dinosaur God.

    Then, build a gigantic, elaborate temple around the dinosaur and make the Church of Dinosauria.
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    Quote from Venari

    What is a dungeon precisely? What blocks are present? Is it simply just a cave you find while you mine? A Ravine? A dark hole anywhere?

    A dungeon is a generated structure found underground. It's a square cobblestone room with a couple of chests and a monster spawner inside. It also has mossy cobblestone floors.
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    Quote from Tffen

    Is there anywhere on the wiki I can read about this? This is completely new to me, as I haven't been playing mc for a long time.

    Try this: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Spawning#Animal_spawning
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    Passive mobs very rarely respawn when you reload chunks. Don't rely on this, is barely ever happens.
    Otherwise, the only way to get more mobs is by breeding the ones you have or bringing more in.

    In other words, it's a bad idea to kill all the animals in your survival island.
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    Quote from Kholdstare

    Personally, I think the witch is the wood structure.

    You see, wood floats and ducks float. If ducks float, ducks are made of wood. If witches burn, they must also be made of wood. If ducks and witches are both made of wood, they both float.

    So, toss the wood structure in a lake and see if it floats. If it does, it's a witch.

    I enjoy this logic far more than it is healthy for me.
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    Well, I've had this idea for a week or so, and I was just wondering if anyone else has thought/heard/seen/tried it.

    The idea is like this:

    We have two players with iron swords and armor riding on saddled pigs.
    They would be separated by a line of fences, like actual jousting.
    Each player would have a partner holding wheat a Carrot on a Stick, who each run down their side of the fence leading the pigs.
    And, while the pigs are being led down the track the players on them would be trying to kill each other.
    Obviously, first player to die loses.

    EDIT-NESS: Looking at the new Carrot on a Stick in the Snapshots, pig jousting is suddenly a more feasible idea. This idea still stands, and should work, but if anyone has any other ideas or thoughts about this, please leave a comment-thingy. Anything helps here in our quest to make this game-thing a reality.
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    posted a message on techniques for getting "down"
    Go for it like Zisteau.
    Yell "AIEHUYAYAHAHAHAYA" and jump down while spam-clicking with a sign. Problem solved, as you're most likely dead.

    Another great idea is to just /gamemode 1 yourself. Then just fly down, and harvest the block. Grab yourself some diamonds from the creative inventory while you're at it.

    Also, last I checked you can go up cobwebs, it's just slow.
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    posted a message on Hollowed Mountain
    Make a giant wool dinosaur or a giant wool dragon. Coat his insides with smoothstone, then inside that put lava in there. Pimp out the rest of the area like a giant, dark, moody cave or lair.

    Then make a minecart track and cart Villagers into the dinosaur/dragon's mouth, where they will be sacrificed in it's lava innards to appease the great beast.
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    posted a message on Some help with understanding snapshots.
    1. My understanding on this is that Jeb and Dinnerbone are more focused on making, big, good updates instead of Notch's style of updating that were much more common but added very little in each one.
    2. From my understanding, all you have to do is replace your current minecraft.jar with the one you've downloaded for the snapshot.
    3. No. However, depending on the snapshot you might want to load new chunks to get some of the new terrain features, such as carrots and potatoes appearing in jungles.
    4. There are drawbacks for snapshots - most of the time they're buggier than the regular game. Jeb's using the Snapshots as pretty much a public bugtest, as well as showing the new features they're adding.
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    Well, what I do is I
    Gather wood! (LIKE A BOSS)
    Make a workbench! (LIKE A BOSS)
    Mine some stone! (LIKE A BOSS)
    Make a furnace! (LIKE A BOSS)
    Get more wood! (LIKE A BOSS)
    Make stone tools! (LIKE A BOSS)
    Find a cave! (LIKE A BOSS)
    Get iron! (LIKE A BOSS)
    Die by creeper! (LIKE A BOSS)
    Start over! (LIKE A BOSS)

    And that's the first day in the life of me.
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