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    posted a message on Jailbreak [Prison Server]IP: [OP Prison Server] [ROLEPLAY] [24/7] [IN THE TOP 5] [OP Prison Server] [OP Donor Rank
    Do you need to share the personal info? I'm not quite comfortable sharing my identity.
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    posted a message on [UpcomingUpdate] What will you mostly do if MCPE 0.9.0 is out?
    I will create a world with flatlands and then I will build a HUGE mansion! Well, maybe some pixel art and stuff. And then I'll get a dog and then on survival mode, my adventures will be MUCH more fun! Shoot, so many things to do. Maybe when I first get it, I will just play around with it on creative mode and when I'm used to it I will start playing survival.

    By the way, does anyone know when the first official release of 0.9.0 pe update comes out for IOS? And can you change Gamemodes? I would really like to start a hunger games with my siblings without using those apps.
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    I've been playing Minecraft PE for a while, and I want to make a PE server. I don't want it to be on Realms, and I want it so that you can access using home network only and my siblings can play on the server even if I'm not there.

    Is there any way to make a non-realms server without hacking or downloading an app or signing up for a website and paying?

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