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    1) Gender markers.
    It would be nice to have an option to be able to mark gender identity next to your name in chat. A simple optional [M], [F], or [NB] in front of or behind the name for those who wish to display it.

    2) A quieter first time spawn.

    I am dyslexic and can get overwhelmed by chat very easily, if we spawned in a muted little pocket dimension with a book that had a friendly and comprehensive walkthrough of the server; community guidelines, commands, ranks, plugins, and FAQ's, that would be super appreciated!!

    3) More engaging secrets at spawn.

    I swam over the side of the ocean and found the flatlands and found CuBe's little hidey hole in spawn but beyond that there doesn't seem to be all that much to reward exploration. Granted, it is large, and I am still looking, so maybe I just haven't found all the secrets yet :P

    4) I just wanted an even number, so uh... A way to register a birthday per player so they can have a fun little annual gift, maybe? I think that would be pretty neat.

    Aighty that is all, love the server almost as much as I love the community! Happy to call this place home~

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