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    Some Content we released on the marketplace: Click here to view

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    Our company Shaliquinn's Schematics has been creating content for the Minecraft Marketplace.
    We offer a starting salary each month to our builders of $500 per month.
    We, however, do have requirements they are listed below.

    Knowledge of your tools world edit and voxel sniper.
    You must be able to hit deadlines, they are reasonable.
    Discord voice chat, a mic is optional, but you must be able to listen.
    You must have a portfolio with some of your best-completed work. (Photos do not have to be fancy or quality, however, the build(s) should be.)
    All of your online content should be for children 10 and up. As you will be required to maintain this reputation while working with our company.
    You will be required to sign an NDA (nondisclosure agreement) or your parents can sign for you if under 18. (This is standard to work with anyone affiliated with Mojang.)

    If you're still interested and meet these requirements please Direct message my manager ItzCrimzon#8682 with a copy of your portfolio. He will get back to you within 48 business hours, to accept or decline your application.

    If accepted a trial build is part of our interview and you will be expected to do this on our servers.

    We currently have one opening, however, each builder will be considered on a case by case basis.

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    Shailquinn’s Schematics, our company is currently seeking builder for monthly projects.
    You will be working side by side with Shaliquinn and a few other builders. We do not run a large team, nor do we plan to, however, We am looking for extremely talented builders to work with.

    No former build team experience needed, however, an application is only accepted with photos of previous works.[/b]

    All builds will be considered company property and not for personal sale or use, however, can be listed in a portfolio as part of a resume after our public release.
    Hours will vary depending on the month and needs of the team to meet our monthly goals for production, pay will not unless you are unavailable to us for work. Bonuses and opportunities to increase pay will be available.

    Skills and Qualifications include:[/b]
    * Working in a team environment.
    * Knowledge and understanding of building tools. (World Edit, Voxel Sniper etc.)
    * Availability to be on call and start a project within 24 hours (Unless otherwise stated at the time of hiring, or prior to a project).
    * Quick production times, meeting deadlines whilst the quality of work is excellent. If a deadline cannot be met, must immediately notify appropriate staff within a reasonable amount of time.
    * Ability to follow instructions.
    * No shortcuts taken in any builds.
    * Maintain a clean and honest reputation with the public face.
    * Be able to sign an NDA (or have your guardian(s) sign it on your behalf).
    * Make edits quickly and without complaints.
    * Able to receive constructive criticism and not be upset.
    * You must speak English and be willing to use Discord voice chat. (It does not have to be good just able to understand and talk with me.)
    * A Trial build will be required to see if you can produce the quality of work we are looking for.
    * Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination from all projects both current and future and result in the current project to be unpaid. If we find you copied what is in your portfolio from another (and we do daily) you will not be eligible to reapply. Take your time and complete a nice book that is your work.

    We are reasonable and understand things happen, it is important (and required) for you to keep in touch with the staff if something should arise that would prevent you from being available.

    You will be paid $500 for the month if you're available regardless.
    Potential to increase monthly payment will depend on your success with our company over time.
    Occasionally, extra bonuses are provided by my management team, for extra pay opportunities.

    The portfolio must include:[/b]
    * photos of work/builds that have been completed by you or, if you did the project with others let us know what parts you did.
    * completed photos of work without shaders or renders
    * (Optional) Renders you have done, including builds and or skins
    * (Optional) Works in addition to your builds such as icons, banners, logos, and videos produced or edited (please ensure to specify if a video was produced or edited).
    * We will be looking at your terrain, structure, interiors, and creativity in your projects.

    All applications and questions are to be sent to ItzCrimzon#8682 on discord.

    A few links for references are listed below:
    Lunar Love Article
    Roman BathHouse Article
    Our Marketplace work

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    posted a message on Official Minecraft Partner offers custom builds

    Shaliquinn has been involved with professional build teams since 2014, began managing a professional build team in 2016, and became an official Minecraft partner in 2018. Since its inception in 2016, her new company, Shaliquinn's Schematics, has had two of their builds, Lunar Love and Roman Bathhouse, featured in articles on Minecraft.net.

    Shaliquinn's Schematics is now offering custom build commissions for clients. Standard pricing can be found here. https://www.shaliquinn.com/prices

    Order requests should include as much detail as possible, including but not limited to:

    - How large would you like the build to be ? (A 100x100 is a standard starting size for most builds.)
    - Is there a theme you'd like for your build? (Fantasy, Medieval, futuristic, etc.)
    - What's your vision for the build? Be specific as possible.
    - What features would you like your build to have? Crates room, animal pens, leader boards, etc.
    - Are there any additional things we should be aware of while working on the build?
    - If you have any photos, even a doodle or a google image, let us see it.

    - We recommend most spawns and hubs have at least a 100x100 footprint.
    - Smaller builds may be less expensive, but larger builds allow for more detail. Don't sacrifice quality at the expense of cost. It's your build, so make it the best one you can.

    After you've agreed to a build's specifics with our commissions manager, you'll be sent an invoice (builds under $100 will be charged up front for the entire build cost, builds over $100 will be charged half up front with the rest due
    upon completion) and the building will begin once it's been paid. Update pictures will be provided at set intervals: completion of layout, 50% of build, and just before delivery. This allows you the opportunity to ensure the build is
    fulfilling your envisioned goal.

    To order a build, or for any questions, please contact our Commissions Manager ItzCrimzon#8682 (On discord or join our discord server here)


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