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    You say this like I haven't developed my own software or game before.
    I am just asking for features that wouldn't hurt for this mod to help add consistency to vanilla.

    It already adds states of water that do not work in base vanilla.
    Now in the update aquatic alone water logging is a decently big deal.

    If the mod author does not add more types of water logging to keep rivers from being ruined then When someone uses stairs or slabs or fences in the water his unique water states will either convert to air or simply convert to a full sort of water which would still **** up many many rivers aesthetic features.

    I only figured since he would need to no matter what add these new water states of his own types of water to water logged slabs and more but as flowing states, It would not hurt to have fences in a wall of them still allow items to pass through and iron bars to filter items.

    That being said I am more concerned about the actual new water logged states since I fear this could hinder this mod for updating due to the huge changes to water I think he almost might have to redo many parts or redo it all or just recreate many vanilla parts in his mod.
    There is 4 ways he could do this I just am hoping he chooses whatever is best for him but also whatever makes the best sense survival wise and build wise for the terrain.

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    posted a message on Streams - Real Flowing Rivers!

    Not really a heavy mechanic because this mod might deal in structural stuff but many of the water it uses are unique and can be set or presented in vanilla in this way without obviously this mod or a water flowing down a hill or etc.

    That being said If this mod plans to come to the water update that would entail it would include Water Logging blocks I feel like with this users adding unique water layers flowing already he would need to add those flowing waters already to the water log list aka make new ones thus this could possibly be done by the flowing water logged blocks be changing states slowly or similar.

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    posted a message on [Whitelist Only] Furry Survival Server - (Alpha Testing The Server) {Community} {Discord} {1.15.2}

    We are still accepting participants who are interested to join!

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    posted a message on Streams - Real Flowing Rivers!

    Does this have a chance to come to a version after 1.13? Specifically 1.15.2?

    Also I really wish this mod would have been noticed by Mojand during the 1.13 update I was also wishing they would have added water flowing through blocks like fences and iron bars being used as grates as a feature Could that be added to this mod possibly as features promised by Mojang but that they went back on?

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    posted a message on [Whitelist Only] Furry Survival Server - (Alpha Testing The Server) {Community} {Discord} {1.15.2}
    **Survival Aspects**

    ✔️ **HardCore Mode** - You get 10 respawns per day
    ✔️ **Trees Physically Fall Down** Like in real life.
    ✔️ **Realistic Water Physics**
    ✔️ **DynMap**
    ✔️ **Caves Collapse** without proper support
    ✔️ **No Map Resets**
    ✔️ **Player Economy**
    ✔️ **Friendly Community**
    ✔️ **Skill System & Bounty System in the Server**
    ✔️ **LockPicking**
    ✔️ **Discord Integration with the Server.**
    ✔️ **Fire Spreads Realistically**
    ✔️ **Explosions Degrade Blocks & Cause Blocks to get Gravity**
    ✔️ **Day night Cycle is 3x Longer overall +
    ✔️ **14 Minutes for Items to Despawn During the Day Time.**
    ✔️ **36 Minutes for Items to Despawn During the Night Time.**
    ✔️ **Double XP At Night Time.**
    ✔️ **Netherwart requires Lava Sources to grow.**
    ✔️ **Auto Upload Items To Chest Using a Craftable Survival Remote**
    ✔️ **Teleport Runes That need to be Charged to Teleport**
    ✔️ **Liquid Tanks for EXP & Soups & Other Liquids!**
    ✔️ **Cauldrons Can BREW Potions Like Windows 10 Edition & Also Cook Soups and Stews!**
    ✔️ **Parrots Can Be Used As Carrier Pigeons**
    ✔️ **Can Sit on Carpets, Slabs & Stairs.**
    ✔️ **Blue Ice SnowBalls, Packed Snowballs, SlimeBalls and More are New Throwable Toys & Dog Toys!**
    ✔️ **Elite Mobs & New Leveled Mobs & Mthic Mobs and More All on the Server! Even Terraria and stardew Valley mobs!**
    ✔️ **Maps Give Coordinates in the Action Bar! & There is Two Types of
    Compasses Default Points to Spawn & Other Points at Your Home/Bed
    And Gives Coordinates**
    ✔️& Much More :D


    Comment Above Your:

    Age: (Your Exact Age)
    Sex: (Male or Female)
    Gender: (what you prefer to be called--> pronouns)
    Minecraft IGN: ( in game name)
    Orientation: (Straight, Bi, Pan, Gay, Lesbian)
    Relationship Status: (Single, Dating, Taken, Poly Relationship, Open Relationship)
    How Active Will You Be You Be On The Server? (how many hrs a day or week etc details)

    Why You Would Like To Join: ? (What reason do you want to join what intrigues you and more)
    Your Experience In Minecraft: ? (total play time, please explain in loosely based half sentence to paragraph)

    Any Extra Info you provide such as your activity online as proof like:
    Account, Twitter, Steam, Twitch, Those alone are the main we look for
    besides youtube and insta. We review how you act online and see if
    your suitable and healthy for the server we dont look to deep but just
    glance you can ALSO DM this info to me instead or DM the whole app like
    some users due.

    Anything you want to tell us about your self:

    Your Discord Name Can be DM'd to me.

    or you can join the discord server and attempt to do the whitelist in the discord chat for potential entry:
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    posted a message on Minecraft Datapack Creator: An easy way of creating datapacks!

    How do you even launch this or start it or etc?

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    posted a message on ✴ Survival Manor <16+> Adult Server {1.13} {Hard Survival} {Datapacks} {Movie Events} {Custom Achievements} ✴

    Added New Info as new features to the server were added.

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    posted a message on Streams - Real Flowing Rivers!

    I mean you dont need to have new blocks do you just make a flowing water block?
    If you made a World generator for spigot that was a "lite" version of your mod The streams would be zig zag shape perhaps from the streams but atleast it would get the direction in the correct general direction at least! :D

    What i meant by zig zag is that you would need to make water go in a > V > V just to push the correct direction.

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    posted a message on Streams - Real Flowing Rivers!

    Is it possible for you to make a "Spigot" Plugin Verision of this mod?
    I Know "Biome Bundle" is a Forge mod but also works in Spigot alone as a stand alone plugin? So would this also be possible for your plugin?

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    posted a message on Dynmap - Dynamic web-based maps for Minecraft

    Is there a dynamap for 1.13.1?

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