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    --------------------[Server IP]--------------------

    --------------------[Website] --------------------

    --------------------[Crop Town] --------------------
    Welcome to croptown! We are a server that tries to give you a great time! The server started at 19-08-16 and we are not planning on doing world resets.

    --------------------[Plugins] --------------------
    With plugins like Towny, Mcmmo, Chest-shop you will never be bored. Our economy will be community driven. Towny is the most important plugin on the server, so get on. Make a town and show who is the greatest of them all!
    We also have custom plugins made by the owner! Come check them out :D

    --------------------[Custom Plugins] --------------------
    We make our own plugins! The owner is working hard on providing the server with fun custom plugins. Everybody seems to like them!

    --------------------[Voting] --------------------
    Vote for rewards! To help you get on your feet you can vote for rewards and get an town even faster!

    --------------------[Ranking] --------------------
    The longer you play the better rank you get with more homes to set!

    --------------------[Let's go!] --------------------
    Come join and have a good relaxed time, we hope you will have a great stay on the server.

    Lets go!
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