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    Hey guys, I'm just looking for a TNT War server, if there is one. I absolutely love making redstone cannons, and after seeing this great video by BajanCanadian, I really felt like playing this game. Now I'm just wondering if there is a server for this minigame. Here's the video:

    You'll have to watch till the second minute to understand the game. I'm looking for a 24/7 server with a lot if people on it BTW, I don't want to waste my time or your time looking for a server that doesn't even operate when I want it to. Thanks guys, and I hope there is one for this minigame!

    Edit: I have my own now, the updated IP is megacrafter.ddns.net

    Edit 2: IP is now megacrafter.hopto.org - Not 24/7 but you can try logging in whenever :)
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    Quote from Draconzis
    I believe a way around this for servers would be to get a custom mod that adds a cape, but does not use any of the current cape "code". Now, I am no programmer or lawyer, but I do believe this is fine.

    That's be a big problem for us OptiFine donators, I love my cape :'(
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    Well, this is exactly why Mojang released the new EULA
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    Since nobody has a legit TNT Wars server, I am planning to make one myself. It's already a planned server but adding this game would contribute to our success. I'll put the IP up in a separate post once everything is ready, ok guys?

    Edit: Yes it's 24/7 and it's cool. There will be a donor rank too, where you get advantages in some mini games, like kits and the ability to kick others from the server if it's full.
    Quote from Ripplesz

    U r lucky, I am making a minecraft server and accepting staff. I am planning on making tnt wars on the server

    However it is a bukkit server, not 24/7 but it is up every other sat/sun

    Tell me if u want ip

    What plugin will you use? Will you be rolling back the map every time a new game starts? Will you be the one to fill up the chests? If you're using a plugin please send me the link to it. I'd be glad to feature it in a few of my server plugin reviews. I'd also like to review your server if it's turned on consistently.
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    Port Forwarding
    Believe me, port forwarding is not hard at all. It's one of the easiest things to do. Follow this simple guide and your server will be up and running in no time!

    Finding your Router IP
    ‚ÄčThe first thing you want to do is find the local IP of your router. This will be used to access the router settings and port forward. The default IP is but is also commonly used.

    Creating a Static IP
    For Mac, you'll need to go to System Preferences. If you can't find it anywhere, click on Spotlight and search for it. Once you're in System Preferences, click on Network. It should be somewhere in the middle. Click on Airport, then click on Advanced. In Advanced, click on the TCP/IP tab. In the Configure IPv4 area, select 'Using DHCP with manual address'. That should be about it! Check your IPv4 address and we're moving on!

    Forwarding our Ports
    Almost done! Now all we need to do is go to our router page. If you use Linksys, click on Applications and Gaming. Under that tab there will be more tabs. Click on Port Range Forwarding. You'll have to type in the ports, and you'll also need to select both when it asks you for the protocol. Type in the IPv4 address of your computer and we're all set! As for the ports, it's most likely to be 25565 unless you changed it in the server.properties file.

    Why Make a Static IP?
    We need a static IP in order to port forward because if the IP isn't static, our IPv4 address will keep changing. You'll have to make a static IPv4 address to port forward, as this is a very crucial factor. Sorry Windows users, I don't know how to create a static IP on Windows but I'm sure a simple Google search can help you.

    If this post helped you in any way, please 'Thank' us or subscribe to our Youtube channel for more great tutorials on Minecraft!
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