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    Age - 14

    Channel name - ItsJakobK

    Youtube Chanel Link - I'm redoing my current channel but its: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP6mg_ParWgpMLUyomOeG6A

    Discord - iPG | ItsJakobK#0137

    Timezone - NZT (New Zealand)

    Extra Notes - I do Graphic Design, animation and am really bad at drawing, i need friends. I like to play minecraft and want to start uploading videos <3

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    Chur Bros my name is ItsJakobK or Jakob for short. I want to have a group of people on discord (More like a discord server) where we can just sit down and ask if anyone wants to record a video and boom easy video. I also need some good friends who are pretty active as i want to start my YouTube channel off but i don't want to do it solo.

    What you need:

    -Have discord

    -Have a youtube channel (Or if you just wanna be in a video thats chill)

    -Have a mic


    Age :

    Youtube Chanel :

    Discord :

    Timezone :

    My Example Template:

    Age : 14

    Youtube Chanel : Its coming once i make friends...

    Discord : iPG | ItsJakobK#0137

    Timezone : NZT (New Zealand, but im pretty active)

    Thanks for reading this, i want to make a little community where we can chill and make videos, plus i need friends ;(

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    posted a message on i need friends hahahhaahahahahah

    I shall be ur friend <3 i dm'ed u on twitter.

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    posted a message on Looking For Friends/Some people to do a Lets Play With!!!

    Hey, my name is Jakob, I'm currently in the process of making a YouTube channel and I thought to start it off I will make a Minecraft Lets Play!

    I was thinking of doing a Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Lets Play as no many YouTubers have done that and it has new amazing features. I can pay for the realm or if we want for free just connecting to the world! Please fill out the template down below and send me a message on discord or reply to this thread <3 <3

    Name/Nick[/b]: (So I know what to call you)
    Short Desc[/b]:(Just to know you a little better)
    Discord:[/b](your discord name and #)
    How Active You Can Be: [/b](Scale 1-10)

    [b]My One:[/b]
    Name/Nick: Jakob
    Age: 14
    Short Desc: I'm a pretty chill guy and like to have a bit of a joke around
    Discord: iPixelGraphics#0137
    [b]TimeZone: [/b]NZT (New Zealand)
    [b]How Active You Can Be: [/b]8-9
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