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    posted a message on So, what texture pack do you use regularly?

    My own resource pack, FaithFul

    Its available here


    Make sure to check it, Its 1.8 to 1.12

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    posted a message on is there anything else I can do to keep my minecraft account secure?

    Report to Mojang about this cocern and make sure you have your Transaction ID with yourself always.

    And don't connect your accounts on random websites

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    posted a message on Merge with Roblox

    I can't tell if this is a joke or OP is being serious about this. Roblox and Minecraft are two completely different games. Their designs would not fit at all, Roblox tries to look realistic but Minecraft is a block game.

    Oh, and also completely break both game's scripts, physics, and creations. I'm sure the game developers would not complain at all.

    I'm also sure the people who spent hours of hard work designing a skin would not complain that a game they've probably never even played overwrites their hard work and have to rely on Roblox's (broken) currency system.

    You seriously got a point with the Skin feature and catalog, Mojang can add a catalog feature into the game with a bit of changing anyways.
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    posted a message on Merge with Roblox

    1- Minecraft and Roblox cannot be merged together anyways, Minecraft is coded in Java while Roblox used a different coding language, Its not Java at all nor even 1%

    And even though They have a tough competition with Minecraft anyways and I don't think they wanted to merge + None of them will see this idea on this forums, Lol.

    Also post this on Roblox Forums as well.

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    posted a message on Starting Minecraft Build Team | Need Builders/Helpers/Redstoners! [PAID]
    About Us

    NAME is a Professional Minecraft Build Team. Our team build some craziest & awesome maps while making sure that everyone has the fun as we do when creating it.
    This Team was started in April 2016, In Order to create custom maps.


    A Good Community, Is everything, All Members in our Team wants the community to be great have lots of members & a lot of stuff, We want everyone to follow our Rules & obey them. Some people don't follow the rules & we sadly have to ban them.

    Experience Required

    If you want to Join us, we need to know a few stuff about you..

    Builder : Past Builds Required [Imgur Album], A 1 Day Trial will be given to every new builder recruit to test if they are great for us.

    Redstoner: Past Experience Required, A 2 Hour Trial Will Be Given To Test Him/Her.

    Voice Actor : Good Voice, Merged into any Character that we are looking into, Noise free Background REQUIRED

    Block Modeler : You need to have some good Experience in using Mr Crayfish's Model Creator or any other program.

    Why We Accepted You?

    Make sure that you answer every question from its beginning means the more you add the effort into it the more chance of being Accepted.

    What we are looking For?

    We are looking for Professionals & Good Experience Members.

    Application Forms:

    IGN (minecraft username) -

    Previous IGN (If changed in name changes) -

    Say YES if you understand that asking any staff member about your application means instant rejection of your application -

    Age - (NOTE: You must be 15 to apply)

    What position are you applying for? (CHOOSE ONLY ONE)

    Timezone -

    Do you have a microphone, do you use it? -

    Link to twitter account (if you have one) -

    Discord -

    How much time you can contribute to the team per day? (At least 2-3 hours) -

    What time are you most often on? (your time) -

    When did you first play Minecraft, how often do you play? -

    Have you ever been on a build team before?? -

    What is your previous experience in being a Voice Actor/Builder/Modelor/Helper/Rdstoner? -

    Anything else you want to tell us? -

    Note 1: Make you answer every question correctly, if you do you will be accepted as one of our staff member view it.

    If we need any more information other than what we ask in the questions above we will ask for it in a private message.

    Note 2: Asking a staff member to review your application or to write it for you will result in instant rejection.


    Thanks for reading, Voraxe.
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    posted a message on [NEW] Looking For ~~~ Minecraft Amazing Artist

    I am looking for a minecraft artist that can make 3 logos for BuyCraft

    The Logo Must Need A Name Tag

    1. VIP
    3. MYSTIC

    The logo need to be nice

    The Logo of 100x100 pixels The Logo need to be like this

    Submit me your logo in the comments section down below or you can PM me!

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    posted a message on Hunt for the Diamond Minecart! [Made for DanTDM]

    Than in my view this map is 100/100% GOOD!

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    posted a message on Hunt for the Diamond Minecart! [Made for DanTDM]
    Quote from TeamWooloo»

    Really cool map, great work!! Hopefully you will continue making awesome maps like these, keep up the good work!

    Also this was his first minecraft map i hope he didn't use WorldEDIT!
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    posted a message on Hunt for the Diamond Minecart! [Made for DanTDM]

    Nice map but how did you get the holografhics numbers telling the levels?

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    posted a message on What to do with beds...😱

    1.go to nether 2. make a house 3.craft a bed 4.sleep on the bed 5.FUNNY THING WILL HAPPEND!

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