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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Obsidian Tools AND ARMOR v1.1
    Finally, a mod that just adds tools for a certain material; no extra blocks or item types. I tested out my new tools and sword, and I have a few possible suggestions that would balance them out and make this mod more acceptable as a good extension to vanilla Minecraft.

    Seeing as how obsidian is much easier to get than Diamond, and virtually infinite once the Nether is accessible, these obsidian items are overpowered. Since obsidian blocks are usually used for their durability, obsidian items should be the same. Maybe 25% or 30% more durable than diamond items, but they perform as slowly/weakly as iron in use. Stone tools can break stone, so obsidian tools should break obsidian, but at the same speed as diamond, because that takes long enough as it is.
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