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    posted a message on New MindCrack Inspired Survival Server: [18+] [24/7] [Whitelist] [Vanilla] [Friendly Community] [See More Inside!]
    Why you want to join: looking for a nice mindcrack like server to join and become a solid active member on

    Age: 23

    (Minimum:15 years)

    Years of Playing Minecraft: since alpha haha taking me back now but over a year ;)

    (Minimum: 1 year)

    How Mature Are You: scale of 1-10... id have to say maybe 9 xD grew up fast.. take things serious needed but can also handle jokes

    (Rate on a scale of 1-10 and why you think so)

    Little about yourself: little bit about myself.. well im 23 love vanilla smp watched all of bdubs etho's and generiks lp's

    Plans for the server: well that depends.. spawn house for sure fancy nether path (: but as far as base goes that would depend maybe a massive underground build like etho is using or go with my typical of half surface half underground

    Post some pictures of your builds here:


    just a few xD currently back to using default texturepack however.
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    posted a message on "The MineShaft" [Whitelisted] 16+ [7 Slots Left] 100% "Vanilla Server" 24/7 "Small Community" [1.4.6 + Snapshots]
    IRL Name: (Real name) - Nate
    IGN Name: (In game name) Ishrawrz
    Age: 23
    Since of Humor: tell me a joke maybe? ... hmm, not really a funny kind of guy xD but i can take a joke
    Personality: Tell me about yourself .... im 23 currently studying web design and come light coding.. been playing minecraft since alpha love vanilla smp really the only kind i can play
    What are you good at:(Minecraft) .. well lets see here.. designing builds.. redstone to come degree mob traps and possibly aesthetics
    How often do you play: As often as i can somedays for hours on end others a couple of hours
    Building Theme:.. building theme well that depends.. never done a sky build always thought about it.. medievil castles/forts a go or massive underground bases like nebs/etho can potentially even make tree bases ;p
    Mic?: yes i do.
    Location: somewhere in australia ;p

    Grey personalities are boring ;p heh and in all realism no one should have op if its truely vanilla ;)
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    posted a message on New Hermitcraft Style Server
    First of all, id like to say sir you be a legend if you do this :P

    MineCraft Name: Ishrawrz
    Age: 22
    Email: Be willing to give it to you personally apon reply
    Skype: Be willing to give it to you personally apon reply

    Reason why I should pick you: I've personally watched all of generik's lp's and some of the others on hermitcraft quiet enjoy how that servers set up one thing they could change is possibly adding a dynmap for finding a base location easier.. im looking for a good server to settle down on that has regular people but still keeps a traditional game play ethics with a good community not to big but still being free enough to use things such as tnt the nether and that.. problem with serveres now days are they are exactly that either to big or tnt disabled due to greifers -.- or nether disabled its really hard to find a good full game server.. anywho. never been banned been playing since alpha loyal regular player since pretty much all i have is time to waste :P
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