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    waiting for an update ;-;

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    Ye olde tales of Brazil.
    This is going to spark heavy controversy, I can smell it

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    Everything changed when the fire nation attacked

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    In all seriousness, cant wait to see the rest of it and all that you have remembered lol

    dis is gonna be a roller coaster for the nether

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    2/10 fanfic

    not enough bad grammar

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    Nations list has been updated

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    A planned system to help support the server get on its feet will be set up soon.
    Currently I dont have the cash to get it started (biggest set back at the moment)
    So be sure to stay tuned to the thread and forums.

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    We now have a release date!
    July 28th 2017

    There is no set in stone open BETA launch date, but we are planning for mid-late April.

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    The Great War is a server that will take place between the years of 1914 and 1948. After the western front bogs down into trench warfare, the game opens up to take any path at all. The timeline extends to 1948 to give plenty of time for a 'rebuilding' phase as well as a build up for a second world war. After 1948, the server gets reset back to 1914 and you get to enjoy it all again. During war time, each IRL week will act as one month in game. During peace, one week will act as one year.

    The server is in pre production, but is planned to enter the production phase in two weeks.

    The Great War update 1.0!

    As we head further into pre-production, and near the end of it, I would like to share with you what you can expect from the server when we open our doors this summer.

    While work on many things has not been started, there are only a few mechanics of the game that we are working out. Below is a complete list of what you can expect when you play The Great War.

    Trench Warfare


    Trench warfare will work like it did in World War One. While the server will use factions to manage land and claims. However, it wouldn’t be trench warfare without the slow and small gains of land that could easily be lost, to do this, we will be using a plugin that uses the towny system of claiming (with war flags) to claim new chunks, or over enemy chunks. However, a new plugin will be developed that will make it so that if enough people that are part of a nation die in a chunk, that nation will lose the chunk to the wilderness. It can only be reclaimed by placing a war flag. When advancing on enemy trenches, beware: Going past their border claims will cause you to be ‘executed’ by the enemy after 10 seconds.

    Flame Throwers


    The Flame Thrower will be available to the German army starting in 1914. It will not be available to other nations until mid-1916. As the name states, it will “throw” a steady stream of fire several blocks in front of the user, lighting the ground and other blocks on fire. It is a great device to clear out enemy trenches quickly.

    Faction Mobs


    You can’t fight a war without men, lots of men. To add more troops to the war, we will be using the faction mobs plugin which allows for the use of NPC troops to be used by anyone in the faction. This will allow for armies to be organized and used on the different fronts of the war. As the war progresses, each nations’ ‘manpower’ will slowly dwindle and its capacity of faction mobs will dwindle.



    Starting in mid-late 1915, the Entente will be able to produce tanks and send them to the front. The Central Powers will not have this ability until 1917. However, the Central Powers may use captured tanks. While the Entente can produce tanks, Russia will not be able to do so and will instead need them shipped to them. Tanks will have the ability to bust through barbed wire, wooden fortifications, and easy glide over enemy trenches. They will be out fitted with cannons and machine guns to break through the enemy defenses.

    Gas Attacks


    Gas, something of a symbol of the first world war, while people still debate which nation was the first to use it, we know it was first used in 1914 and had devastating effects. Gas in the server will work much the same way. The highly lethal ‘Mustard gas’ will not be out until late 1917, before that gas will be non-lethal. Starting with a variant of tear gas, it will, over the years, go from a minor irritancy to a lethal weapon of war. Proper gas masks will not be available until mid-1915, they will severely limit your POV, but will keep you safe from the attacks.

    Naval Blockades

    During World War One, Britain and France both used their naval might to blockade the German ports. The effect of this was the slow choking of the Central Powers resources, and played a major role in the complete collapse of the German military in 1918. We hope to incorporate a blockade system in the server which will badly damage the German economic might. While this will greatly help the entente overall, to properly execute the blockade, the entente must keep their ships ready to react to any attempt by the German navy to break the blockade. Germany can properly make the blockade ineffective if it can properly set up puppet governments in the east (if they defeat Russia) it will, however, take a good year for the blockade to be ineffective after this.

    Submarine Warfare

    In World War One the German navy used what it could to attack British shipping: Submarines.

    As will be the case in the server. Submarines will have the ability to travel out to sea, hunting British naval ships as well as merchants. Doing so, however, will create tensions between the USA and Germany, which will contribute to the eventual outcome of the USA and their entrance to the war.


    World War One saw the first major use of aircraft in military operations. While the Balkan war saw the first arial bombing of a city, World War One would see the first major use of aircraft in military operations. From scouting enemy positons to guide artillery to attacking ground units. Between 1914 and 1918 the world saw massive advancements in aviation. The first aircraft carriers made their debut in World War One. Aircraft will progress on the server just like in the war, starting out with simple scouting planes, eventually advancing to the Fokker DR 1 triplane and the sopwith camel.


    Zeppelins are lighter than air craft, and while Britain and France historically had them incorporated into their armies, they failed to properly make use of them. As such Germany will be the only nation to be able to produce these behemoths of the sky. They will be big, slow, have long range, and will be able to bomb the enemy with a greater number of bombs. They are lightly armored, and will be easily shot down by incendiary and explosive ammunition. Their armaments will consist of several machine gun placements to defend against enemy aircraft, as well as an area to launch bombs from. They will become available to all nations in 1918.

    The Nations.

    WWI, a war of both man to man fighting, and diplomatic chess. Although the game will follow WWI historically all the way up to when trench warfare kicked into high gear, after that its anyone’s game, or, er, war. Because each nation was so different, from the reason it was pulled into the war, to the industrial and political make up of it at the time, we will be giving each nation its own special modifiers, both good and bad. For example, Germany, which was historically very focused on its military, will have different discounts on military equipment, it will also have better submarines and slightly better trenches. However, it suffers from lack of food, as well as other materials vital for the war effort. Each nation has a manpower pool, a working economy that can be effected by blockades and bombing, as well as working factories that produce your gun, aircraft, and tanks.

    Currently we have the following nations, I will post the current player that will be taking charge of it if there is one. I am using a list of nations based of the date in which we will be starting, which will be around early October of 1914.

    Nations like Mexico are available due to the high historical probability that they could have joined the war.

    Nations like Montenegro, Portugal, Australia ETC are left out, while they did play a major part in the war, they are either A: Too small or B: would create too much difficulty for the staff to properly incorporate.

    If you want to apply for leadership of a nation, go to the forums.

    Central Powers:

    Germany - vacant, I will probably take this role.

    Austro-Hungaria - vacant

    Triple Entente:

    France - vacant

    Russia - vacant

    Britain - vacant

    Serbia - vacant

    Neutral Powers:

    Greece - claimed, Masouri

    Romania - vacant

    Ottoman Empire** -claimed, Steffbeard

    Bulgaria** - vacant

    Mexico* - vacant

    Japan* - vacant

    USA - vacant

    Italy** - vacant

    *May not be implemented

    ** May not be neutral and instead go along their historical path.

    Important National Modifiers and Events

    Germany: Blockade! Several resources, like food, will see a steady increase in price while the national income drops.

    Austro-Hungaria: Ethnic Tensions! As the war drags on and the empire becomes unstable, rebellions start to become easier to start.

    Russia: Revolution! After March of 1916, if the C. Powers control Poland and are advancing further east, the Russian Revolution may fire.

    Serbia: Protect Belgrade! Serbian troops have access to better fortifications, and taking Serbian land takes longer

    France: Mutiny! In 1914 and 1915, if France is suffering heavy losses, several French military groups can mutiny and refuse to fight, if the French dont do something about it, it will spread, incapacitating the military.

    Britain: Professional Army! British troops in the early war (1914) have access to guns with better accuracy and fire rate, at the expense of not having many troops.

    Greece: A nation divided! The Greek nation is split, 50/50, on which side to join. Whichever side they join could spark a massive civil war.

    Thats a few events a modifiers I have right now, basically one from each nation that has them currently. I am still working out nations such as Italy, Romania, USA, Mexico, and Bulgaria.

    If you have a suggestion, put it below!

    A quick Q&A:

    Q: How will warfare work?

    A: Battles will rage all across Europe, from the Western front to the Eastern front, from the Italian to Galipian. It will be a slow advancment trench warfare system that is based on kills and deaths in chunks. Navies and aircraft will play important roles as well. Blockades, submarince warfare, scouting, tacting bombing, and stratigic bombing. It will be alternate history, so anything can happen

    Q: Will we need to fill out a Character Application to play?

    A: Not at all! But it is highly reccomended. Their are many opportunites that await you if you do, such as applying to lead a new nation, ranking up to an officer, or becoming a political leader.

    Q: What nations are you able to apply for? Can players lead nations?

    A: Currently we have the following nations planned: The Major nations, such as Russia, Germany, France Britain, the Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. The planned minor nations are Serbia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Greece, and Romainia. A more detailed list will be coming out shortly, which will detail nations and their perks. While staff, for now at the very least, will be the heads of the major nations, players can apply to lead any minor nation. Staff will review and accept these applications at their discretion.

    Q: Will there be a functioning economy?

    A: Yes, you cant run a war without money, can you? While we are still working this out, we plan to have a fully functioning economy for each nation, which can be effected by pro-longed warfare, bombing, naval blockades, and submarine warfare.

    Q: Who owns the server?

    A: IronWolf16 owns The Great War. He has taken his love for history and 3-4 years experience with server development and administration to create a server never seen before.

    Q: Is the server out yet?

    A: Not yet, a closed Alpha is planned to start within a couple months. A full release is 'planned' for June or July, no promises, however.

    Q: Are you in need of Staff and Builders?

    A: Yes! Please feel free to drop us a staff application, we will review it and get back to you as soon as we can!

    As the server is in pre production, there are many updates to be had. So be sure to join the official forums http://thegreatwar-official.enjin.com/ to keep on top of all the changes coming to The Great War.

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    posted a message on Role-Play 1.9 MoveCraft/Medieval Server (1:1500 scale World Map) Cannons!

    come join a setup community of Movecraft players in the Medieval age, make you're own faction, hire npcs, attack any online faction (blow up walls, faction lands etc) until you are victorious! Join TOTAL WAR!

    Server Version: 1.9

    Website: http://totalwar-official.enjin.com

    Relive the medieval age in this one of a kind server!
    Build your castles, train your troops, and vanquish your foes on the field of battle!
    With movecraft, you can now have siege rams, and catapults. As well as a fleet of mighty ships to rule the waves!
    Watch out! you can die of hunger and now thirst!

    As your empire grows, watch out for the rebels, who control several cities. The NPC garrisons and armies are out to cause mayhem and chaos!

    Build up your economy by trading between server cities such as Munster, Buenos Aires, Hawaii, Alexandria, and Sydney!

    Server is an all Medieval Server Craft list includes:

    Ram (can go through walls of enemys)
    Plow (can harvest crops into chests while you drive over them)
    Hand cannon (just what is sounds like, a portable craft, with cannons allowed on it)

    firepot (ammo for catapult)

    Enchants, potions, and the ability to teleport around the map using anything other than /f home has been disabled.

    Minecraft vanilla boats are only able to be purchased at spawn, they may not be crafted.

    Forge your own destiny, defeat your foes, and craft your empire on

    Total war

    Come check us out!

    The map is identical to the real world map, 1:1500 in scale. The goal is to let the players create their own world, their nations, their empire. To build their own cities and for them to decide their destiny.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]

    also, I got the 1.6.4 version and I was trying to spawn in some fortresses to take a look at yet none came up on the list?

    Can I get some help and some pointers as to what I should do?

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]

    Is this compatible with factions? like not that the mod works per say, but that it is playable and isnt just a wild mess with NPCs not knowing who they are against

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    posted a message on How to disable players being able to go to a faction allies faction home?

    How can I disable teleporting to a faction allies home?

    On my server supplies and such play a huge part, so being able to just ally a faction near a base in need of supplies and easily get there is really destroying that aspect of the game.

    How can I disable the players permission to teleport to their faction allies f home?

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    Guns fixed, heavy rehaul of most plugins.

    Cannons run better, craft are better, and guns work realistically.

    custom plugins that enhance factions are planned on being added within the month

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