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    Quote from Doci007

    Are you adding custom sounds since the texture packs are now resources packs? I'd like retro style sounds :3

    Completely agree with this. Please do this.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6.1 Server [Survival][Whitelisted][No-PVP][No Fire Spread][No Mob Griefing][35 Slots][Fresh World]
    Did you read the rules?:
    NO Hacking
    NO Griefing
    NO Stealing
    NO Racism or Insults
    Respect all players
    Keep Swearing to minimum
    NO unnecessary phrases OR actions (e.g. yolo, swag, budder, killing players squids, stealing player's gold, etc)

    Have Fun
    Zero-Tolerance policy applies to all of these rules to keep away those who are just here to troll
    Why join this server?:I want a good surivial server to play on
    Other Info:Im a 20 year old casual gamer
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    Quote from JoeTheCat

    am I the only one who thinks this is foolish? theyre taking the same path that jagex took with RuneScape: Kept adding stupid stuff to a game that was already really successful and made it an awful game. With mojang adding all this crap (Wolves, horses, redstone update, etc) i fear this is going to happen...

    Remember, this is Minecraft, many people on the forums literally fap to ponies. But yea. Horses, really disappointing.
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    Notch defense force go! No criticism allowed here! Har Har Har...
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    posted a message on 1.0 is out what do you do first?
    I played Skyrim
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    Fail 1: New Thread
    Fail 2: New Admin and new thread
    Fail 3: No players, oh snapz we need a new thread
    Fail 4: Waiting

    Seriously what idiotic logic you guys have.
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    wrong thread guys!
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    Im guessing everyone was misinformed.

    Bacon tried to delete Salt Lake city, he deleted part of the NCR base, He deleted the Legion base, and im pretty sure he deleted a lot more. So stop supporting him.

    Congrats on White Knighting your way into losing your powers.

    It does seem quite odd that you would rage so hard then 5 min after you would run to the forums and "ask for a ban" and that you did it "4 teh gud of duh servor bcuz u tired of dis shiet."

    Also quit fapping the NCR, you messed up their base as well. So now you have a good chunk of the server believing your nonsense. Now we have to educate them.
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    The only problem I have noticed is that the mods are a little too young. On the server I was an admin on we only had 1 mod that was 12 and not a lot of power was given to him, just enough to help out. On this server 75% of the mods are 15 or younger which I guess is the reason for the horseplay and general not knowing what to do with the powers they have kind of thing. I hope you read this Swiss. It took 2 of the mods 5 min just to find out if someone had accessed my chest. Also when I needed help on teamspeak I had to listen to this stupid song before anything was done.

    That is the only issue I am having at the moment. This is also contributing to the lack of originality for the cities. Again, on the server I was an admin on we called buildings made out of generic materials and shapes, creative 2.0 since they lacked originality. In the example I will use here, I have noticed mods abusing world edit to make quick cities. Bloodsworth is just four circles together, and the bank that was made I noticed that Bacon just used the cylinder command to make it in 1 min.

    I am not trying to be mean but I noticed that things like this turn people away in the end.
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    both the .zip and .rar downloads are .rar
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