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    pics please? you'll get more views that way.
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    Melon seeds are very diificult to find when creating a new world. Reason why I said very difficult because sometimes there's that certain circumstance where you explore the abandon mineshafts and you find just one melon seed. You're playing on any difficulty higher than peaceful, and two creepers head toward you. You try to kill them both, but one manages to blow up and kill you. Your stuff is so far away from your spawn point, that you wouldn't make it back to your stuff in time before it were to despawn. Back to subject, pumpkins naturally spawn in new worlds, so why not melons? If I were Jeb, I'd have them naturally spawn in NPC villages, with their own patch, like how NPC villages have wheat farms. Yes, I know, there's that trading feature with NPCs in 1.3, but it would be nice to have more than a few ways to obtain melons. For the color of melons, why not have them green and rename them to watermelon? Hope Mojang uses this idea in the future. Happy Minecrafting.
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    Quote from bell345

    Bug: Ocean Spawn Bug
    Details: On the seed -8293650697393877828, in Creative mode, you spawn in the middle of an ocean and start sinking.
    System: Vista Home Premium SP2 x86

    This happened to me in 1.0.0 actually. It was last week when i had this happen to me. I was mad, and sad.
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