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    *Welcome To*
    About us
    Farlands District Prison is new and improved server with all new prison blocks rebuilt for maximum enjoyment.
    We've got all you need with Mines, Shops, Rank ups, PvP, Events and much more
    we want you to join in on the fun of becoming the badist of bad prisoner out there, that know one will ever
    attempt to steal all your valuables ever again.


    $5-Nick name and $5,000 in game prison cash
    $10-Nick name and Exclusive access to DONOR-BLOCK and $10,000 in game prison cash
    $20-Nick name and Exclusive access to DONOR-BLOCK and $25,000 in game prison cash

    Your background for the server
    You have been placed in Farlands district Prison for crimes unimaginable for human nature, you have been placed in
    C Block where the lowest of low go to spend the rest of there lifes festering away. Fear not though you may have been given a second chance at life, though hard working at mining and other resources you maybe able to get yourself FREE!

    Ranking information
    C-Prisoner:C-Prisoner is the default group, where you will spend the start of your lifetime in jail so grab your tools and start fighting to become the best prisoner out there!

    B-Prisoner:B-Prisoner Costs $20,000 but once upgraded you can start living a little bit more comfortable, with a little less PvP and more mines to dig into for that cash!

    A-Prisoner:A-Prisoner Costs $35,000 when you reach this rank there is hardly any PvP, but it comes with a mob arena so the fighting isn't over yet. Also comes with a new mine to explore to grab all that lovely cash.

    Elite-Prisoner:Elite-prisoner Costs $70,000 reaching this amazing rank you will be just one more step closer to that sweet freedom! You will find all you need in this prison block, along with the peace of mind that know one will stab you in the back seen as though there is no PvP.

    :Free Costs $110,000 but you have reached your ultimate goal FREEDOM you can do what ever you want! Be on your guard though working around the wilderness fellow free players may attack you on site, however you can always come back to the prison whenever you want.

    Trainee Guard:Application required a few good application will be selected for the rank of Trainee Guard good luck with your submission.

    :Application required once you've learn't the ropes threw Trainee Guard you will be accepted to Guard so get out there and stop the scum from taking over the prison!

    Alpha Guard:Application required threw hard work protecting the prison from scum you will be accepted as a. Alpha Guard you will have the ability to Kick/Mute players with in good reason use it wisely.

    these users are here to protect the server and to maintain the mines and other resources of the prison to supply endless fun.

    Explains for its self.
    Do not abuse the store signs to scam.
    No modding, this includes xRay'ing, Flying & PvP hacking.
    Do not spam the chat.
    Do not glitch outside the prison!
    Do not sneak into higher Ranks!
    Do not camp in any part of the prison waiting for a kill!
    Do not grief inside or outside the map!

    No weapons! If caught with a weapon, a Guard will ask you to hand it over.
    Do not PvP abuse, this means attacking users from a NON-PvP zone.
    Do not attempt to escape the jail, Guard's will hunt you down and arrest you.
    Do not abuse item dropping, for example; don't drop random items everywhere!
    Arguing with staff is not tolerated, staff have the last say.


    1. You are not allowed to kill anyone unless the prisoner in question attacks another prison or yourself, if a prisoner is being attacked but the user that's being hit does not fight back, do not kill both of them unless they've hit you or someone else.

    2. If a item that's not allowed in the server(i.e; a weapon, drugs etc..) you're obligated to ask them for it, if they do not respond please give them a five second countdown, this countdown once ended gives you permission to jail them, but only if they don't comply and give you their items or don't respond, only in NON-PvP areas. If a prisoner is in a area with PvP enabled you have permission to kill them if they don't comply.
    PLACE "Farlands" in a random area of your application for showage of you reading the rules!

    3. You have the ability to use /kit guard for all your armour and food, please don't abuse this as if you do it might result into a firing of you from the guard team.

    4. Jail players with /jail <name> <time>. Of course time's in minutes, so please be careful when giving time.

    5. Do not use hacking clients that give you the upper hand of users, for example; PvP hacking clients, griefing clients or any modified clients of the matter.

    6. Do not jail players for infinite amount of time! Contact a member of the staff team if they continue to abuse.

    7. Respect all players, this means do not swear at users.

    Application Age:
    Past Experience:
    Info About yourself:
    Other stuff


    Will be finished shortly


    If you are [Free] in the servers Kilion or Convicted
    you will be sent back one block so you will be placed as an Elite-Prisoner
    also effect A-Prisoner to B-Prisoner.


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    posted a message on SMP Private youtube server
    Want the chance to play a non griefed survival server with many other respectable minecrafters? I'm now starting a private whitelisted survival servers for a exclusive group of my friends/commentators. We will all go on this regularly generated minecraft world and bascially build up towns and worlds and get mob farms and play as we would but we would be playing on the server. We will be playing on hard difficulty with the newest snapshot. If you are worried about little kids and such coming on the server dont worry. This is a group of people that I think have the chance of being helpful towards me and the server and having alot of fun. The server is hosted on a 6gb ram server and can hold approx 70 people without lag so you wont have to worry about that we will have roughly 20 people max. If you are wondering how you would play once we go on the server. The way you would play is bascially we would all go on the server and then we would have a base town on which we would call "Spawn Town" and there will be simply things there such as player run stores and there will be places where people can have other things such as events or challenges and different stuff. People can choose to build their houses right on the roads of the town but for the first few months you can ONLY BUILD your house away from spawn town if you can see it on normal distance. There will be home inspectors that come around and check and make sure nobody has any problems and they will make sure your house isnt lava filled and looking ugly. All the houses much look exceptionally nice and have alot of cool features. There will be multiple farms all around the world such as mob systems and grinders and rail systems and the whole nine yards. There will be no plugins/mods on the server and NOBODY will be op'd except ill have console access incase I need to whitelist or unwhitelist anyone. If you steal/grief anyones items/houses or creations you will be questioned and most likely removed from the whitelist. At first for the first week or so the nether/end will be disabled so people cant get too far ahead but if we are going to the end we will need atleast 5 people on just so its not 1 person getting 100 xp levels and it would be really unfair. So if you are interested in joining please message me back and even feel free to give me any info you would like me to know about yourself. Thank you and have a nice day -Instant

    Whitelist Application:

    Minecraft username:
    Info about yourself:
    pics of past work:

    Im also looking for multiple people that are looking to do this for their youtube channels. (Im going to be recording)
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    posted a message on Cannot connect
    I cant join any server and no servers are gaining players
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    pretty pleasE?
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    posted a message on Spellbound Caves
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    posted a message on Survival island ALPHA V0.1
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    posted a message on Spellbound Caves
    Hey guys, I'm sure most of you are familiar with vechs super hostile series, Well today im giving you the opportunity to play spellbound caves with me! Im going to be recording and commentating on it so I'm looking for someone that is going to be doing the same as me. Inorder for us to contact eachother I would like to use skype. Im looking for someone that is atleast 15 years old.
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    posted a message on Anyone wanna play spellbound caves?
    Im 15 just bought a new turtle beach x21 and im looking for someone to do a spellbound caves lets play with I have played every other super hostile map except 2 and I really wanna play this one and record it, im looking for someone with atleast 50 subs on youtube and has skype/mic and is looking to professionally record. We will be playing for a few hours tonight so if you would like to do this with me and 1 or 2 other friends then reply in the comments
    Seen anything bout this map b4?:
    Youtube channel-
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    posted a message on Others can hear my music
    When im skyping i have my speaks/mic set to my turtle beaches and im listening to music and they can hear it clearly as if it was open on their computer. Can anyone help?

    -Turtle beach px21
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    Any way to remove this feature? Really hate it
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    posted a message on Can hear myself through new headset
    Just went out and bought a turtlebeach x21 and when i talk I can hear myself through it, Even when its plugged it but my comp is off. When I mute the mic I cannot hear myself. I would REALLY like to find a solution please reply with answer/suggestion
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    posted a message on Paying 5$ for a uTube Intro,Background and Profile pic
    Paying 5$ on paypal for someone to make me a real professional background,info and profile picture. If you are interested show me past work and ill have you make me one. I have skype and a mic so you can add me

    Skype- Coreyegan7
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    posted a message on What version of minecraft do you want a LP on
    thx keep suggestions coming
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    posted a message on What version of minecraft do you want a LP on
    Ive been trying to find different version of the game that are fun to do a daily lp on, Vote above and ill do whatever version gets most amount of votes
    (Also looking for someone to help with video/audio editing)
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    makes it look like ur graphics are ****ed up
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