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    posted a message on Minecart + lead + minecart = train
    This is a pretty sweet idea, if I do say so.
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    posted a message on Displaying how much memory a world takes up.
    Fairly simple suggestion. I'm pretty conscious about how much storage space I have left on my computer. I wouldn't mind if their was some kind of indicator of how much space my Minecraft worlds take up. Preferably this indicator would appear below the title of each world while your selecting one. It would show you how much space the world takes up, and how much space is left on the computer. Simple, right?
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    posted a message on Left handedness.
    Quote from turtleagldragon

    guys, it kinda is useless. It makes no difference what so ever to gameplay. My suggestion is that one hand be faster while the other is stronger, that way it will actually make a difference.

    That doesn't make any sense. Not only because it's not fair to left-handed people, but because in real life your primary hand would be both faster and stronger then the secondary one.

    And remember, not everything has to be about gameplay. Sometimes people just like using their other hand.
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    posted a message on Carpethia: The new server on the block.
    (I've tried the new server list feature on the forums. That's not working quite right though, so until my issues with that or sorted out, I've made this to advertise my server.)

    Carpethia is a bit different from the other servers. For one, it doesn't use bukkit. I have a personal distaste in bukkit servers, especially because most of them have ridiculous area protections, and a lot of them have some terrible spawns. I also believe that with the eddition of the command block (and some other new server features), that bukkit has been made obsolete. (These are just my personal views though. Please, don't get you jimmies rustled because you have a strong disagreement with me.)

    Plus, because I don't run bukkit on the server, I am able to update it very quickly.

    The difficulty is set to hard(although that might change in the future), so either be a good fighter, or stay indoors at night.

    The server's default gamemode is adventure mode. You'll have to get switched over to survival mode by me when you come on. (This is simply a precaution to prevent possible griefing.) Don't worry, I'm not gonna ask you to fill out some form to get permission to build. I'll just take a good look at you and then switch you over survival. This system isn't quite working. If the server get's more players, I'll swap back to this system so I can more easily manage things. For now though, the default gamemode is survival.

    My biological clock runs on USA(Eastern Coast) time. If it's midnight over there, then chances are I'm asleep. If your a first-timer, you might want to come by when I'm awake. If you come on the server and I'm not there, you could try coming back tomorrow.

    If your having a good amount of trouble getting a hold of me, you could try sending me a private message. I normally respond to those pretty quickly.

    Also, while the server isn't a roleplay world, I do encourage players to act more emotional and dramatic. I'm not going to force it on you though.


    Griefing:Of course, griefing is not allowed. Specifically, the act of maliciously attacking players or destroying their property. I won't tolerate it if you're out to ruin others' enjoyment. I've caught and banned quite a few griefers in the act on previous servers I've run, and I'm a pretty paranoid guy. Chances are I'll be just a little suspicious of anyone who comes on for the first time.

    Stealing, Thieving, Robbing Players Blind, Etc: To be honest, I'm okay with stealing to an extent. Once in a while, it's okay to be a little sneaky and take a few things. Stealing to much though could get you on my bad side though, so don't make it a habit.

    Also, don't get caught. :P

    Don't Mess with Generated Structures:If you don't need to, don't strip down the generated structures throughout the world for supplies. Other people may want to discover them, and taking them down doesn't make the server look any nicer. Unless you plan on turning the structure into something else specific, don't alter them to much. (Relax though, this is no "leave no trace behind" deal. If there are cobwebs in the way or something like that, you can break those.)

    Don't move or alter other Player's Creations without Permission: There's a difference between being a thief and being Carmen Sandiego. If someone decides they're going to build a giant skyscraper, don't get it in your head that you can move it because it happens to be in the same spot you want your melon kiosk to be.

    Keep the Server Looking Pretty:Don't do anything that would make the server look ugly. This means no noob towers, don't leave floating trees, no strip mining, and no 2x1 tunnels. Try to care about how the server looks.

    Player vs. Player: My policy on PvP is unique. Players are allowed to form rivalries with each other. However, you can not pull anyone into a rivalry if they do not want to. If someone who doesn't want to fight gets hurt, it'll result in me kicking you from the server.


    Server IP:
    Current version: 13w04a

    If you didn't read the server's description or rules, go back up and read it! It's important! Seriously, read the entire post, it's not long!
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    posted a message on Craftable Command Block
    I can not support this, I'd rather not have that on my conscience. The command block is an item so horrendously powerful, not even someone in creative mode is able to get it. The only way you can use the block is if you could use commands in the first place, and it should stay that way. If even a single one of the commands was usable by a non-operator player, then it could spell disaster for an entire server.

    One man could make himself into a god in a single day. This is one item that must never be placed in the hands of just any mere player.
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    posted a message on Slimes - Sucking dropped items/blocks into them
    Quote from Akiiuus

    And if they despawn?

    No support.

    And what happens if a zombie steals your stuff after you die, and it despwans? (Yes, they are capable of doing that now.) Or what happens if you die and the items just despawn by themselves while lying on the ground? Or what if they don't despawn at all because you need to be in the same chunk as something for time to actually flow, thus meaning that if you die and you lose all your stuff then it will be PERFECTLY SAFE.

    Next time, make sure your well informed on how the game actually works.
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    posted a message on Remove the Level Cost to name an item.
    At the very least the cost needs to be low enough that renaming items isn't a huge chore. At most I only ever find myself with maybe one or two levels after about ten ingame days. At that point I have at least one iron pickaxe and maybe an iron sword too. I'd like to be able to get enough ingots to make an anvil, and then name something soon after that. There's a special sort of pride about naming something you know, it makes it feel like that item belongs to you and no one else.

    As for the whole issue with "unwanted messages", such is the endless battleground that is the internet. No matter what you do, it's inevitable that some jerk will name his tools something disgusting just to make you upset, and the only way to avoid it is to grab a group of friends and play on a private server.
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    posted a message on Do You Support Minecraft Username Changing?
    Quote from Saverous4

    ...looking back to it, it now sounds gay.

    For the love of all that is respectable, do not use the term gay to describe things you don't like. I know this is horribly off topic, but really, just please don't do what you just did there. It's offensive, rude, and it can make you look horribly ignorant.
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    posted a message on Bombs and Bomb Arrows
    Quote from 0_Zippy

    Any mob can be easily put down with normal arrows, so explosive arrows would be overpowered. Same thing with the bombs. Stationary TNT traps get the job done just fine. "Entirely optional"? What? This wouldn't be the case on multiplayer, and adding "oh but it can be optional" is a horrible thing to add to a suggestion that can make people hate it more.

    If your suggestion is balanced enough, there's no need for it to be optional...

    There appears to be a misunderstanding. By "optional", I believe he/she meant that the idea was subject to change, not the "this is optional so complaining that you don't want to use it isn't fair" arguement.

    Also, I think the he/she/shklee/it had intended that the bombs be used to attack a large group of mobs, not a single one. While it may be true that the item is overpowered, instead of dismissing the idea, you can simply ask the person who made the idea to change it. Allow me to demonstrate.


    Dear sir/madam, would you be willing to tone down the power of this new item, to better suit the player experience? For example, you could possibly change the recipe to replace leather with iron, or perhaps make bomb arrows take longer to charge then regular ones? Thank you for taking my suggestion to your suggestion into consideration.
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    posted a message on Altar- updated! New effects!
    The main problem I have with this is it blatantly screams religion, and gods, and bibles and religiousy stuff. The inclusion of a church is more subtle, as the game doesn't outright call it a church (keep in mind that we as human beings came to the conclusion that the structure must in fact be a church). That building might not really be a place where testificates worship god and such, and might actually just be a place where they gather to mourn dead people.

    The reason why it's important not to add to many "religious hints" to the game is because religion is sensitive subject in modern society, and there are a good number of radical individuals who would not take kindly at all to even the slightest mention that something might have different beliefs then them.
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