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    posted a message on [1.2.5] ThaumCraft 2.1.6d (OUTDATED)
    Quote from BeTheMac

    DON'T CHANGE THE NAME!!!! It's not copy right infringement, it's more like tribute to one of the greatest authors ever. Who cares if people can't pronounce it? This gives them the opportunity to learn proper pronunciation, so let 'em whine if they can't figure it out, 'cause it's never too late to go back over elementary school lessons about what noises letters make when put together.

    Agree. Even if you changed the name, what's that power called? Still Thaum.
    If people can't pronounce Thaumcraft, they can't pronounce Thaum.

    So, either you change the whole thing, or leave it there :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.1.0] Tale of Kingdoms Ver. 1.3.0
    To be honest, the guild is very large content on itself, it can even made into a standalone mod, imo. :cool.gif:

    This "guild", providing NPC quests (I heard this is planned) which give coin reward,
    allow players to buy stuff and recruit a hunter just like now and fend off mobs... nice...
    A little suggestion is that, a very small area inside the guild should be not included in the guild repair, allowing players to create their own built structures, like a small hut or similar stuff for players to enjoy other installed mods that requires new blocks (Er...Buildcraft, Thaumcraft, PortalGun just to name a few).

    A completely live-able guild? Would be cool enough :Pig:

    Another suggestion:
    When higher tiers come, why not build another guild INSIDE our city? A small one without the shop, just NPC quests and the guild master, erm......more sparing matches :laugh.gif:

    May be more random events, like the guildmaster visiting you.

    Guildmaster: "Greetings, my apprentice. As a king, your kingdom goes quite well!"

    When given a wooden sword ==>

    "So you want a sparing match? Get ready!"

    Of course, this old man would be difficult to defeat.
    He would drop some super-uber anti-reficule weapons as a reward.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Titans Revived v1.2.1 - no more crashing
    Wow, whats that compass causing explosions? :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on The Evil (No Good Yet) Mod 1.7.3 Mob Fixes :) WIP
    Nice mod, just not for me (I don't install extra ores) , treat this as a bump :iapprove:

    Btw, just edit your thread, don't keep making new ones, it makes it hard for you to keep track of comments
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