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    I have a complaint about Castaten, as I was just banned for 3 hours over nothing... JakeisBawse was also 1 hour banned for no reason by Castaten also. I don't even see what I did wrong... When she banned JakeisBawse she said it was because he was being an ass, then proceeded to be an ass to everyone in the server. I never understood why Castaten got admin in the first place, she doesn't deserve it. I'm not trying to get admin here, I dont deserve it either. But she is an ass to everyone and hates everyone in the server for some reason. Thank you for reading my post, have a good day! (Unless you're Castaten)

    Edit: As I have no money the creditcard yet, I refuse to get it loaded to donate as I said I would until Castaten is removed from staff. I am not going to donate to a server that has such a horrible admin as her, she needs to learn respect.

    From where I stand, which is pretty neutral.. it seems 95% of the time the admins have been right on this server. I'm personally glad they don't tolerate disrespect.
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