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    posted a message on RagCraft } Need staff/players/builders
    1. IGN- SexySprinkles
    2. Age (not a huge factor) 16
    3. Skype (if u have one) imyourtypewink
    4. What can u bring to the server as a staff member? I am a very talented builder im very good with world edit and I am very good with almost all plugins and I have been staff on many servers before and I left them so if I make it please tell me in game or send me a message on here.
    5. Previous bans? Never
    6. How long have u been playing minecraft? 5 years
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    posted a message on New server needs staff!
    Hi were a friendly server that needs staff members that will receive OP and be able to run the server as an admin, coowner, mod, or builder! I will publicly post the Ip in one week but until then I need people to help me build the server before it goes public! so if you are interested please subscribe to our youtube http://www.youtube.c.../verbalizations and put a reply to this by saying your In game name and we will send u the ip. Also we need 20 staff members so PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND POST YOU IGN! Thanks.
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    posted a message on Looking for staff on the brand new RazeCraftMC
    - Have you ever been in a position like this before? Yes many times but all the servers closed.
    - How old are you? 16
    - Do you got a microphone? YEs but not working at the moment im getting new one this weekend
    - What timezone are you in ( GMT ) eastern standard
    - Are you a person who enjoys to take charge? Yes, I like to make sure people follow rules and make sure they have fun.
    - If you set yourself a goal, do you always finish it? Yes always
    - Are you able to handle pressure? Absolutely
    - Are you online daily to help out moderators if needed? Yes everyday
    - Are you serious about this position? ( Rate yourself from 1-10 ) 11
    - What do you think a Staff needs to be able to do? ( Post below ) gm1, almost all permissions except server stopping and promoting themselves in the ranks.
    My in game name is ImYourType_WINK
    Message me on here if u think I made it! thanks.
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    posted a message on ★★EzFactions! [OP FACTIONS] [mcMMO] [24/7] [RAIDING] [floAuction] [JOIN] [PressurePush] [NEW]★★
    -In Game name: ImYourType_WINK

    -Age: 16

    -Skype? Mic? Yes Yes but I cant Skype call while playing bc of lag purposes. Skype is: imyourtypewink

    - Building experience (1-10) Honestly 9 to 10 because that's my main attribute is building.

    -How long have you been playing EzFactions? For a day or two

    -Are you experienced enough in the moderator position? Absolutly ive played minecraft for 5 years and im very skilled at playing building and moderating.

    -How can you help out EzFactions? Building, pixel art, plugins, and moderating.

    -If your friend were to break a rule, what would you do? Temp-ban and then contact server owner or co owner and ask what to do.

    -Do people know you in game? In your server probably not but around other servers yes because ive played on a lot of servers and im well know on a lot of them.
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    posted a message on bukkit server LOOKING FOR ADMINS,MODS and BUILDERS
    in game name: ImYourType_WINK
    admin,builder,mod: Admin
    steam name: i have skype not steam my skype is imyourtypewink
    when I'm available: 4:20 PM - 10:00Pm on week days and on weekends its all day
    why you think you would fit the job: Because i was admin on several servers that shutdown and now im looking for a new one and i know how to run plugins so i can help out and im fair and good with people!
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    posted a message on New Server in need of Cheif Admin and Builders
    Real name(only first is required):Collen
    Activity(hours per week):7 on week days and more on weekends
    Time Zone:easter standard
    Previous Moderation/reason left:I was admin on serveral small server that shutdown :'(
    Ideas for server Lore:I can use world edit extremely well so i hope to use that to make great things for the server
    Bukkit Plugin ideas(not mainstream ones!):World edit, nicknames, world gaurd
    How all can i get in contact with you(provide the contact info here or in a personal message):
    Etc:Skype is imyourtypewink and i can provide other things is u pm me but i would like to be head admin so please private messase me the ip if you accept me!
    oh and my email is [email protected] but id rather u pm me
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    posted a message on Small Minecraft Server looking for staff
    Name: Kevin
    Age: 16
    Minecraft Name: ImYourType_WINK
    How many hours A DAY can you watch the server: 6 on weekdays and more on weekends
    What spot are you wanting: Admin
    What can you do for the server to benefit it: Ima good builder, i can do anything you want to and i can be fair to the players
    Why are you looking for this spot: Because my old server got shut down and i need another one
    Something about you: I am 16 and i used to own a server but it got shutdown so i am looking for a server to play on EVERY day and be an admin so ya.
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    posted a message on Tekkit Server looking for staff! (Admins Moderators and Builders!)
    IGN: ImYourType_WINK
    What are you applying for?: Administrator
    Experience: I have owned my own server and i have been admin on 3 servers that were shut down :/
    About yourself: I am a good builder that is fair and friendly and i can help the server out alot!
    Age: 16
    Previous work [link, picture IP]: I can email you the pick email me and i will send the pic [email protected]
    Time zone: Eastern standard
    Reason why you want to be in part of this community: Like i said i am a good builder,i can do alot of things with my creativity and build spawns and i am an expert with world edit and i would like to be an admin because i dont have a server to be staff on and im looking for a new one so please pm me if you think i can make the part!

    thanks, ImYourType_WINK
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    posted a message on New server looking for staff
    IGN: ImYourType_WINK
    Age: 16
    Bans: I have no bans from any servers if that what your asking and i know how to ban people.
    Experience: i have alot of experience because i used to run my own server
    Maturity: between 1 and 10 id say 9.5
    Job you Want: I would like Head-Admin but Moderator probably because i have skype just i can video chat
    How can you Help: I am a very good builder and i can do most plugins and im good with people
    Do you have Good Grammar: Yes
    Skype (required for Admin/HeadAdmin): I have one
    Time Zone: eastern standard
    How much will you Dedicate to the Server: i can play at least 7 hours on weekdays and more on weekends
    How Long have you been Playing Minecraft: Since 2009
    How will you Treat New Players: I welcome them and make sure they know their way around the server.
    How will you Treat Rule-Breakers: 1st offence is a kick 2nd is a temp ban and 3rd is a permenant ban
    Anything Else: I am a very trustworthy person and i have been playing since the game came out so i know what i am doing so if you accept me private message me the ip adress :)
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    posted a message on BayouPvp are looking for beta testers and staff
    Name: Kevin
    Age: 16
    Timezone: Eastern
    IGN: ImYourType_WINK
    Skype: ImYourTypeWINK
    Experience: I have alot of experience on several servers and i can record and advertise i just dont do it alot but i can use most plugins i am very good with world edit and i can prove it and i want to be and admin co-owner or head-admin!
    Qualities: I can build EXTREMLY well i can be fair and nice but also funny when i need to be but ya PM me if im accepted or not!!!!!!!And can u update the server to 1.5.2 so players can join????
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    posted a message on Looking for Staff of a newly made server!
    its a whitelist server! whitelist me
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    posted a message on Started New Server...Need Admins!
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    posted a message on Started New Server...Need Admins!
    im here!
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    posted a message on New Server looking for some staff [builders,moderators,admin And more!] Easy to apply!
    Mc Ign: ImYourType_WINK
    Skype: I will give after you message me
    Age: 16
    What you would like to be[builder,mod etc]: Mod or Admin
    How can you help the server: I am a good builder i am fair and i can help alot with plugins and i can run and operate most of them!
    Country: USA

    Message me IF you are interster!!!!!!!!
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    posted a message on FunCraft Survival [1.7.4] [Bukkit] [23Slots] [WorldGuard] [Anti-Grief] [Mobarena] [18+Mature Players only]
    name : ImYourType_WINK
    age: 15
    You have my word!
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