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    posted a message on Building new prison server - Need some mods for building!
    1. IGN: Quiet420
    2. Age (optional): 18
    3. Any experience with building? Minor stuff. Mostly on singleplayer, I like messing around with redstone and mixing different blocks to make new looks.
    4. Any experience with prison servers? Nope. But i'm somewhat new to MC, so I'm just looking to gain as much experience with as many servers as possible.
    5. Why do you want to help build the prison? I might be able to add a few new looks to some buildings.
    6. When can you come online at most? Any time after 4-5 GMT. I work Mornings mostly.
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    posted a message on Looking for New Members on a Youtuber Server
    IGN: Quiet420

    Skype: Quiet_Jello

    Age: 18

    Youtube: MrQuiet420

    I love playing MC, I usually mess around in creative to try and figure out new redstone traps, and try mixing the different blocks to make nice looking houses and buildings and such, I try and play as much as humanly possible when I'm not at work.

    I'm okay at building, not exactly the best, but I have fun.

    I've been wanting to start out on a new server, help to turn it into something awesome, I'm always trying to make new friends in minecraft.

    So even if you guys don't add me, we should play together sometime. :D
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